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Filks are songs which take an existing melody and add fannish lyrics to it. The following filks were submitted by the members of MBB, and are listed by author. Sing 'em loud.

Lisa G

Horseman Pie (tune: American Pie)


Lofty Aspirations (tune: Octopus' Garden)

ResFilk (tune: Surfin' USA)


Sweet Immortal (tune: Sweet Transvestite)


The Methos Ep (tune: The Brady Bunch Theme)

Raw Text (tune: Rawhide)

What Do You Do With a Drunken Scotsman? (tune: Drunken Sailor)

Lillian Wolfe

Blue Faced Horseman or Cassandra’s Song (tune: Yellow Rose of Texas)

Duncan, Where's Your Trewsers? (Tune: Donald, Where's Your Trewsers?)

The Great Immortal Byron (tune: God Bless the Bastard King of England)

Killing Cassandra (tune: Waltzing Mathilda)

MBB Theme (tune: Give Me Some Men)

Watcher Tale (tune: The Marvelous Toy)