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Blue Faced Horseman or Cassandra’s Song
by Lillian Wolfe

tune: Yellow Rose of Texas

There’s a blue-faced horseman in the desert,
That I just gotta see,
No one else blows my hair back,
Not half as much as he,
He raided my village for pleasure
And took me in captivity,
But the blue-faced horseman of the desert
Is the only man for me.

He’s the sexiest of the horsemen,
Just look, I swear it’s true,
His eyes are bright like emeralds
And sparkle with golden hue,
Not Kronos, Silas or Caspian,
Take my breath away in style,
Only the blue-faced horseman of the desert
Drives me absolutely wild.

They came with swords a-waving,
Killing all they saw with joy,
But Methos took me back with him
To be his special toy,
It’s true, he killed me a few times
Just to get his point across,
But the blue-faced horseman of the desert
Has now become my boss.

With higher status in the camp now,
I served my blue-faced lord,
I brought fresh fruit to please him
And kept him from getting bored,
But then my lord betrayed me,
Let Kronos have his way,
And the blue-faced horseman of the desert
Will someday have to pay.

*"blue-faced horseman" can be sung "blue-faced love god"