Notice: The Stacks page is no longer available, and has been replaced with a page of recent updates to the archive. My apologies for any inconvenience this might cause, but the Stacks were a holdover from older, smaller incarnations of the MBB, and had just gotten too large and unweildy. Fiction is still listed by author name and by title, and newer additions will be listed on the What's New? page.

This page contains a wide variety of stories and ratings, and is not divided by content. Author listings are alphabetical, and all stories are listed by author name. Ratings and teaser lines are provided by the authors whenever possible. Please heed all warnings you encounter, and know your own limits before you proceed. If you are unfamiliar with the rating/content system used here, or with any of the terms or abbreviations you see, please read the glossary provided.

But before the fun stuff: Highlander and all characters, settings, concepts, etc, associated with it are the undisputed property of Rysher: Davis/Panzer Productions. The stories persented here are labors of love and appreciation, and are in no way to be construed as a challenge to that ownership. No one is making any money here, so lighten up, eh?

Note: All "Works In Progress" are, whenever possible, linked directly to the author's page. (Hey, I hate missing updates too!)

Additional note: The MBB has a general fiction policy of "All Methos, All the Time," with certain notable exceptions. Firstly, if a chapter of an otherwise Methos-intensive series is inexplicably Methos-free, it will be included for the sake of continuity. Secondly, if a story moves me to such a degree that I cannot bring myself to exclude it from the MBB (and policy be hanged, it's good to be Chief sometimes), it will be included. This has only happened twice so far, and I highly recommend you read "Darwin's Sonata," by elynross and "Intimations of Destiny," by Merry Lynne. You won't be disappointed.

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