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MBB accepts a wide variety of fiction and creative writing to the archive, with a few simple guidelines. Please read them carefully.


  • Methos needs to be in it. (This is the Methos Boxer Brigade, after all.)
  • It must be YOUR story. Fiction is archived only with the express consent of the author. If it really isn't your story, I will eventually find out.
  • The story should already be edited to a publishable level. (I am not offering beta or editorial services; those are your responsibility.)
  • Any rating or pairing is fine, with one exception. I'm sorry, but I'm not archiving Methos/Richie stories. I can handle rape, torture, OFCs, MarySue, and Joe slash, but I can't go to the Methos/RR place. Please feel free to send me hate mail protesting this outlandish and unfair policy to


  • Essays must be on a topic relevant to MBB. This means Methos, Peter Wingfield, Highlander, beer, history, whisky, etc. etc. Rant, ponder, posit an unusual theory about a point of HL canon. Have fun. Don't send me your term paper on innovative developments in 11th century weaving technology unless you can tie it back to Highlander, Methos, or Peter Wingfield, and make it a compelling read while you're at it. I have the final say on what gets archived.
  • It must be YOUR essay. See above.


  • Filk songs are songs that take an existing melody and place fannish lyrics with it. You can use a traditional folk song or something more modern. Lyrics can be silly good fun or something a little darker and more serious. I once wrote a filk retelling of the episide "Methos" to the tune of the Brady Bunch theme.
  • I like filk. Make it Highlander related. Write it yourself.


  • The MBB is not accepting unsolicited poetry contributions at this time. Please send your hate mail regarding this cruel policy that deprives the world of reading your deathless odes to the Boxer-Clad One to

All policies are dependant on the whims of the archivist (that would be me), and may be flouted, changed, or simply ignored at any time without prior notification.

Now, to actually submit your writing...

  • Please include (see the glossary if you are unfamiliar with any of the terms here, or are unfamiliar with the rating/content system used at MBB)

Title Of Work
your Author Name and reply-to email
rating and type of story (ex: PG-13, Gen, OR Essay, OR Filk)
pairing(s) (or major characters if it is gen fic)
any content warnings you care to give
a brief 2-3 line teaser/synopsis of your story

If you are submitting a filk, please give the name of the song the melody was taken from. (ex: tune: "Livin' La Vida Loca" by Ricky Martin)

  • Format your story, essay, or filk as a plain-text, Word, or HTML document, and attach it with the above information to an email and send to Make sure I can get in touch with you on the off chance that I have questions about your story or translation problems with the file. In other words, don't send it from your old ISP two days before you jump ship to a new email address.
  • Give me a couple of weeks to get the actual work done (hey, I have a life), then tell all your friends to come check out your story!

A Special Word About Warnings/Spoilers...

I hate them. Really. The only content warnings I enforce at MBB are rating, type of story (eg., slash), and pairings if it's not revealing a major plot point to know who lands in bed together. You want to kill off half the series regulars and not tell anyone? Fine by me. Your surprise ending has Methos dumping Duncan and running off with Mary Sue to adopt nearsighted, dyslexic Cambodian orphans? Ok-fine (just don't expect a fan letter from Yours Truly).

Now, go on and get that story, essay or filk all polished up and properly converted, and send it to me.

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