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The Great Immortal Byron
by Lillian Wolfe

tune: God Bless the Bastard King of England

Chorus: He was charming and witty and full of kinks,
And he attracted women with just a wink,
How Methos loved the great Immortal Byron.

Now Byron had a talent for lyrical song,
He had music to play all night long,
But he needs a wee fix to help him along,
T’was the downfall of the Great Immortal Byron.

T’was his misfortune to meet Duncan MacLeod,
Should have stayed away from the Scot’s crowd,
Especially the lad Joe held up so proud,
A tragic mistake for the Great Immortal Byron.

In times past Methos loved Byron, it’s true,
And maybe he even trained the poet, too,
But loyal he was to Mac, that’s who,
His pleas couldn’t save the Great Immortal Byron.

So in memory lives dear Byron the dead,
And Methos alone remembers words he said,
The genius of Byron saddens his heart instead,
Since MacLeod beheaded the Great Immortal Byron.