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by Lys

Part of the Coyote challenge to make the world a better place by bringing back Kronos.
tune: Surfin' USA

If everybody had a brother
They'd hung with for some years
Then when he got himself shortened
You'd find yourself in tears
What will I do without Kronos?
How boring life will be
I'm gonna have to repair him
With technology

I had to hide the body
And then attach the head
It's hard for me to accept it
The Horsemen can't be dead
I blew off that Scotsman
I needed room to think
Have to bring back my brother
Before he starts to stink

So I went after that witch
And took her Quickening
I fed it all to Kronos
And let it do its thing
It's a good thing we're old farts
This wouldn't work for most
But I brought back my brother
Who formerly was toast

You could say he was angry
That I would let him die
But I'd miss my creature comforts
Couldn't let the world fry
We're gonna have to make up
With all that that entails
Just check with our Watchers
For the sordid details