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Sweet Immortal
by Reggie

tune: Sweet Transvestite

METHOS: How'd you do, I
See you've found my,
Humble apartment, here.

So, Duncan MacLeod
Of the Clan MacLeod,
Sit back and have yourself a beer.

I won't tell you no lies
Adam Pierson's just my
Nom de Plume when I'm undercover.

Just a grad student today,
But the legends all say
That through time I've been one hell of a lover!

I'm just a sweet Immortal

Five thousand years, it's said,
Since I took my first head,
Before that it's all just one big blur.

In that time I've known,
Julius Caesar and the 'Stones,
Keith Richards and I knew the original Ben-Hur!

DUNCAN: I'm glad I found you here,
Because soon, I fear,
Kalas will come 'round looking for Adam.

It'd be a shame to lose
All these historical views,
Before we knew that we even had 'em!

METHOS: You came here to save me?
Well, isn't that sweet?
It's been two hundred years since I took my last head.

I may be rusty, and yet,
I'm a real hard target,
Out of shape, perhaps, but still I'm not dead!

I'm just a sweet Immortal
From sweet, old


I've been a myth and I'd
Been a Watcher to hide,
But just the same, I'm tougher than I look.

I couldn't tell you all the
Sides of my long history,
you can't judge by its cover this book!

I'm just a sweet Immortal-
shake it up, Caspian!
From, Immortal, uh...

I'm just a sweet Immortal
CHORUS: Sweet Immortal!
METHOS: From immemorial

I see you wonder,
"Can he do it?" you ponder,
A look of antici-
CHORUS+DUNCAN: Say it! Say it!
METHOS: -pation!

But don't worry 'bout this guy,
I'll come through or else I
Will go off and...Take a long vacation!