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Watcher Tale
by Lillian Wolfe

tune: The Marvelous Toy

When I was just a shy young lass,
Naive as I could be,
An older man approached me then,
And said a Watcher I should be.

A watcher said I, now what is that?
It sounds rude if you ask me,
But he replied, we watch special guys,
And they’re really something to see.

Chorus: They go whack when they meet,
And pop goes the head,
And lightning bolts start too,
Immortals are what they’re called,
And I’ll assign one just to you.

So he gave me a guy who couldn’t die,
Unless someone popped his top,
So I took notes in my little book
And wondered if he could be stopped?

Until one day he met MacLeod,
And it was time to bid adieu,
For the singing sword whizzed around,
And chopped him right in two!

They went whack when they met,
And pop went the head,
An lighting bolts struck too,
Immortals are what they’re called
And I’ll get me a new one soon.