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The Methos Ep
by Taselby

tune: The Brady Bunch Theme

It’s the story of a shy young Watcher
who was hiding out in dark research archives.
That he was an Immortal was a secret:
the oldest one alive.

It’s the story of a guy named Duncan
who was running ‘round with problems of his own.
A bad man was killing all his friends off,
and he felt all alone.

Then Joe called and sent Duncan to this Watcher,
Mac knew at once just who he must have been.
Everyone was hunting for the legend,
but Methos just let Duncan walk right in.

He tossed a beer, fans gave a cheer,
and Mac knew he’d just found Methos here.

It’s the story of a bad Immortal.
Kalas wanted to kill Mac and all his friends.
He wanted Methos’ head and all his power
as a means to that end.

It’s the story of a famous friendship
that began when Methos found Mac all alone.
At a bridge he tried to make Mac kill him,
“There can be only one.”

But Mac had promised to protect the Old Guy,
to take his head just wasn’t in that plan.
Then because of Methos, Kalas was arrested
and taken off to prison in a van.

Mac heard Methos say: “Fight another day,”
and we knew he’d be back again someday.

Yes Methos said, “Mac keep your head,
“There’s no more guest spots if you wind up dead.”