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Waiting for the Phone
by Taselby
PG, adult themes
During an evening at Joe's, Methos thinks about the past and the nature of change.

Walk in the Park
by Maygra deRhema
NC-17 DM/M
A perfect morning, a beautiful park, some quiet conversation and a whole new spin on the term "public display of affection."
Part of The Shield Brothers Arc. Read more:

Want, Need, and Things in Between
by Chelle
Warning, contains spoilers for the movie. It's not quite tea and sympathy in the aftermath of Highlander:Endgame.

Warmth of the Sun
by Rachael Sabotini
NC-17 Drama/Missing Scene
Mac disappeared at the end of "Not to Be", and Methos finds him again...
Part of the Shattered Souls Trilogy. Read more:

A Warrior's Quest
by Ashlyn Donnchaid
Duncan MacLeod, with Methos' help, searches for answers and a renewal of friendship after Archangel

Read more in the "Friends" Arc:

Welcome Home
by FF Calliope
NC-17, Methos/ofc
A present day Delphyne shows up on Methos' doorstep, unsure of her welcome after 2000 years apart. As a psychotherapist, she has discovered that the physician cannot always heal herself, and so she turns to the one person who may be able to help her in coming to terms with a piece of her past.
Part of the Methos & Delphyne Stories. Read more:

What Do I Do Now, Baby?
by Cassidy Collins
NC-17 DM/M sexual content
Part of The Superstar Series. Read more:

What Do You Want From Me
by JiM
A sequel to "Sorrow" which brings Duncan and Methos together for some painful truths and decision-making.
Read both stories in this series:

What Methos Won't Do For...
by Chelle
NC-17 DM/M
Kamil calls this one a romantic comedy. I like that description.

Where Nobody Can See
by Maxine Mayer
NC-17 D/M
Methos helps Mac defeat the Demon – at a price. With Joe, Amanda and Connor.

Read more in this series:

by Rachael Sabotini
Moonlight and a deserted beach...

Willows Bend
by Lillian Wolfe
R hurt/comfort and m/m sexual content
The sequel to Such Fragile Things. Even though Methos left Duncan on Christmas night, he didn't leave Paris. There are still people to see and he forces himself to visit. But the past decade or so haven't been gentle with the old man and former friends are hard to face. Can Methos come to terms with Duncan's desire for a relationship?
Read more in this series:

Winds of Circumstance
by Rachael Sabotini
NC-17 Drama/Episode-based
Set during the episode "Methos." Mac meets Methos and Methos meets MacLeod.
Part of the Elemental Desires Trilogy. Read more:

With Friends Like These
by Suze
NC-17 DM/M/A
Methos and Amanda teach Mac a little lesson in self discipline.
Read both stories in this series:

With My Shield
by Maygra deRhema
NC-17 DM/M
More challenges and unresolved issues confront Duncan and Methos.
Part of The Shield Brothers Arc. Read more:

Words and a Tune
by Luminosity

NC-17 DM/M
Waiting for the other.

The World Cup Series
by Cassidy Collins
NC-17 DM/M
Mac and Methos follow England's progress in the 98 World Cup

World Enough
by Suze
NC-17 DM/M/Gregor
A slightly different view of Duncan and Methos' relationship, as told by a third party.

Written in the Wind
by Cassidy Collins

Part of The Destiny Series. Read more:


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