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The Games We Play
by Rachael Sabotini
NC-17 Drama/Horror, Violence, Rape
Kronos' quickening overwhelms Duncan, and Methos must deal with the consequences.

Ghosts and Faeries
by Taselby
NC-17 Methos/F, violence, m/f sex.
A missing scene from The Causes Remain. Methos had died in the ambush. Coming back to life was difficult in more ways than one, especially with a witness.
From The Cause & Consequence Arc. Read more:

The Gift
by chelle
NC-17 DM/M
This is a direct sequel to Kamil's delightfully improbable story "Toeing the Line." Methos loses the other half of his virginity.Read both stories:

Gift of the Raven
by Killashandra
NC-17 DM/M, mature themes, sexual content
Immediately following the episode Not to Be, Duncan seeks out Methos and vows to finally tell him some painful truths. Includes an appearance by Amanda. (It should probably be noted that I wrote this before I'd seen Highlander: The Raven so it's not completely canonical.)

Going the Distance
by Maxine Mayer
NC-17 D/M
Is it possible for two strong-willed – not to say, bull-headed – Immortals to find happiness as lovers, together, in one flat? Methos thinks not. Mac hopes so. Joe saves the day! (This is a sequel to my story "Truths.")

The Good Doctor
by Rachael Sabotini
NC-17 Drama/Horror Methos, Richie. Disturbing Imagery and Implied Violence
Richie fled the states after Duncan's Dark Quickening, only to find more trouble. With MacLeod missing -- or at least unreachable -- Methos tracks down what happened to Mac's student, and tries to put the pieces back together, until his own needs get in the way. I mean it about the warning -- this will be a disturbing story for some.

Gulf of Desire
by Rachael Sabotini
NC-17 Drama/Episode-based
Covers "Take back the Night", "Testimony" and "Mortal Sins." What did Mac and Methos do between "Winds of Circumstance" and the episode "Finale"?
Part of the Elemental Desires Trilogy. Read more:


Handsome and Great One
by elynross
From Once Upon A Time. Read more:

Harm's Way
by Maygra deRhema
NC-17 DM/M
Meeting again in Paris, Duncan and Methos face challenges both personal and Immortal.
Part of The Shield Brothers Arc. Read more:

A Heart For Any Fate
by Maygra deRhema
NC-17 DM/M
A month after The Modern Prometheus, Mac and Methos begin a slow courtship, searching for something deeper than friendship between them.
Part of The Fate & Chance Cycle. Read more:

Hearth and Home
by Rachael Sabotini with Andrea Drummond
NC-17 Wallow/Romance Methos/Joe
Set immediately following the events of "The Modern Prometheus", Methos reflects on the differences between his relationship with Duncan and his relationship with Joe.

Heat Index
by Taselby
NC-17 DM/M, graphic m/m sex
A sequel to Popsicle. MacLeod's air conditioner is still broken, and the heat index is climbing...
Read both stories in this series:

Highlander Anonymous
by Merry Lynne
PG-13 DM/M
This is a shamefully self-indulgent Mary Sue on the part of myself and my fic-sibs, Maygra de Rhema and MacGeorge. Or it would be shameful, if any of the three of us were capable of shame.=) We had a huge amount of fun writing this fantasy "Archangel Fix". Hope you like it! Includes: Methos, Merry, Mac, Maygra, MacGeorge, Richie,and Joe.

Hold Fast to Dreams
by elynross
What do you do when something you didn't know you wanted has already slipped through your fingers?

by Sandi
NC-17 DM/M, sexual content
Mac and Methos at a Country-Western bar.

Hope Chest
by elynross
NC-17 DM/M sexual content
An introspective Duncan inspects the memories of his past and discovers the unexpected possibilities of his future when he opens his Hope Chest.

  • Gospel
    Poem inspired by elynross' Hope Chest, written by Devo

by Luminosity
All this gameplaying is enough to make you stop and think.

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