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Under the Influence
by Rachael Sabotini
R Satire/Parody AKA: the "Gay Quickening" story.
The effects of a quickening can be unpredictable at best. Methos' expert opinion is required when MacLeod undergoes a rather unique transformation.

by Illuferret
Not Rated
An end of the Gathering vignette with Duncan and Methos.


Variation in D Minor
by Killashandra
NC-17 DM/M
(Taselby's note, because Killa can clearly no longer be trusted not to undersell her fic: As potent and sweet as 100 Proof schnapps, she can call it "costume slutdom" and slightly-AU all she wants. It packs a wallop. A version of how it should have been post-CaH/R6:8)
Part of Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark. Read more:

Variations on the 23rd Psalm
by Katherine
A biblical favorite, as retold by the Four Horsemen

by Kamil
PG-13 for violence and adult themes
Duncan considers the events of the past week and wonders what might have been.

by FF Calliope
NC-17, Methos/ofc
Methos finds that he is not the only one with a past to atone for as Delphyne's catches up with her. Now it is his turn to help her struggle against inner demons.
Part of the Methos & Delphyne Stories. Read more:

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