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by Ashlyn Donnchaid
A list challenge. Kidnap Joe. Anything was allowed, except angst

Killing Time
by Kellan Dane
NC-17 DM/M, M/Alexa, adult themes, violence, sexual content including m/f and m/m sex
Methos wrestles with Alexa's death, and finds love in the arms of his best friend.

Kindred Spirits
by Lillian Wolfe
R, violence and sexual content. Now Complete!
Begins where "Not To Be" ends.  Feeling adrift after MacLeod's celebration on the barge, Methos sets out to tie one on and ends up fighting for his life. Features Methos, MacLeod, Amanda, Joe Dawson and Miles Montgomery.

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A Kiss to Build a Dream On...
by Taselby
NC-17 Methos/f, sexual content
Kimberly thought she was spending her birthday alone, never knowing she'd be spending it with a certain beer-loving grad student.
Read both stories in this series:

by Maxine Mayer
A lighter tale – one of my pre-Christmas stories.
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Kronos' Methos
by Maxine Mayer
NC-17 D/M
Kronos’ thoughts and feelings about Methos, similar in style to Duncan’s Methos.


Last Call
by Merry Lynne
A funny little story about how we get from the Highlander Movie (there IS only one!) to the Highlander Series. Includes: Methos, Duncan, Connor, and Joe.

Lay Down With Demons
by Suze
Every D/M writer has to write a post-Horsemen reconciliation story eventually, it's required by the union. This is mine. Extreme angst alert!

A Laying on of Hands
by Luminosity
NC-17 DM/M
Judgment and comfort come at unlikely times and unlikely places.

Leaving Kronos
by FF Calliope
NC-17, Methos/ofc
Having taken Delphyne as a slave, Methos decides he is not willing to share her with Kronos. He decides to leave the Horsemen for good, taking her with him. Will his feelings for her turn to hatred now that he is on the run?
Part of the Methos & Delphyne Stories. Read more:

by Maxine Mayer
NC-17 D/M
Mac, Methos and Erasmus come to Quentin’s aid one winter when Quen sinks to new depths in the city of New York after losing Lamartin because of Methos’ scheme (in my story "Antonio"). Action and Immortal love set fifteen or so years in the future. (For background, see my story "Antonio.") (See also sequel "Kisses.")

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by FF Calliope
NC-17 M/ofc
An unabashedly kinky Methos finds a kindred spirit at Joe's one night and takes her home for some adventures in BDSM. A peek into the mind of an S&M Master with 5000 years of historical perspective.
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Lessons in Futility
by elynross with Luminosity
A Parody of Highlander Fanfic Cliches.

by Maygra deRhema
PG-13 DM/M, implied m/m sex
Methos reflects on the past, both immediate and far-flung.

Like A Moth To A Flame
by Lillian Wolfe
Filling in the gap in the story between "Methos" and "Finale," this is a bit of speculation of what might have happened. Now published on the web from a fanzine.

Like Chocolate for Strawberries
by Rachael Sabotini
PG-13 DM/M Wallow/Romance
Duncan and Methos need a little magic to set their relationship right.

Lingering Scars
by Taselby with elynross
NC-17 DM/M, Methos/F, violence, language, adult themes, and sexual content
Nine months after reuniting in Paris, unspoken fears and unresolved issues are threatening to drive them apart. Can Duncan and Methos overcome their own misgivings and injured pride long enough to work things out? Sequel to The Causes Remain and Twilight Kingdoms.
From The Cause & Consequence Arc. Read more:

Little Boy Blue
by elynross
From Once Upon A Time. Read more:

A Little Night Music
by Sandi
NC-17 M/K
Who says Kronos isn't romantic?

Live Wire
by Killashandra
NC-17 DM/M mature themes, sexual content
The sequel to Dead Weight, proving that sometimes even I do sequels. Duncan tells what happened the morning after Joe's wedding.
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The Live Wire Series
by Suze
Two tin cans, a piece of string, and Amanda doing her X-rated Dear Abby imitation.

Living the Dream
by Maxine Mayer
NC-17 D/M
Domesticity isn’t easy.

by Maxine Mayer
NC-17 D/M
Around the time of Kalas’ threat we learn that Methos has been watching MacLeod for a long time. He’s also known Amanda for a long time! Flashbacks with Amanda, Rebecca and Darius.
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Luxembourg Gardens
by Maxine Mayer
NC-17 D/M
The price seems too high to Methos and Amanda – and they decide NOT to pay it! With Joe and Anne Lindsey, an unwilling participant in dangerous schemes.

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The Long Walk
by Maxine Mayer
NC-17 D/M
Inspired by Maygra de Rhema’s wonderful novella "Sheathing Fate," this story takes off from the theme of the "fall-out" from Methos’ brush with Mortality. He’s shared his Spirit with Mac – now Mac must live with it. With Joe.

Love Never Fails
by Maxine Mayer
NC-17 D/M, AU
An AU based in a future which is dark and difficult for Immortals and Pre-Immortals.

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