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Acquainted with the Night
by Kamil
Written for the Poetry Wheel Challenge. Duncan thinks about his life, and Methos' place in it.

Action Replay
by Cassidy Collins
NC-17 DM/M
Mac and Methos follow England's progress in the 98 World Cup
Part of the World Cup Series. Read more:

Adam Pierson's Dead
by Maxine Mayer
NC-17 D/M
Methos believes Mac will never forgive his past crimes as a Horseman, so he decides to start a new life with the Tunnel Community (X-over with "Beauty & the Beast the Series") under New York City and says goodbye to Joe. But empathic Vincent has another interpretation of Methos’ future.

After Archangel
by JiM
NC-17 M/J sexual content
A little medicinal comfort on the bleak night following Richie's death. We all need such therapy.

After Hours
by Ashlyn Donnchaid
After Revelation 6:8, Methos goes back to Seacouver to talk to his friend Joe Dawson

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by 'Tilla
NC-17 DM/M, sexual content
So what did happen the morning after that banquet?
Read both stories in this series:

The Age of Chivalry
by Maxine Mayer
NC-17 D/M
Will Amanda survive her despair when Mac and Methos become lovers? We find out in this follow-up story to "Antonio." (This is a sequel to "Antonio.")

Read more in this series:

All Things Being Equal
by Lillian Wolfe
R m/m sexual content
Sequel to Of Sound Mind and Body, wherein all, or most, is revealed...
Read both stories in this series:

by 'Tilla
PG-13 DM/M, adult themes, m/m sexual content
A misundestanding about the real significance of a party leads to confusion and hurt feelings.

by Maxine Mayer
NC-17 D/M
My only story told in Amanda’s voice. Out dancing in Spanish Harlem she meets a very sexy Immortal and becomes a pawn in Methos’ game to help Mac defeat the Demon and save an Immortal’s life. With more than one special twist! With Joe. (See also sequel, "The Age of Chivalry.")

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The Apology
by Rachael Sabotini
R Satire/Parody, implied slash DM/M
Uh, sometimes something occurs to you and you just have to run with it.--Rache) Duncan apologizes.

April 1996
by Lisa Hughes
Following events in the episode "Methuselah's Gift."
Part of The Journal Series. Read more:

The Archangel Series
by Maxine Mayer
Between 5th & 6th Seasons, I wracked my brain to figure out how Mac would defeat the Demon! In this universe, based on the series as shown – but with a twist – Methos goes hands-on and Mac is NOT alone….
Read more in this series:

As Long As You Burn
by Kellie Matthews
NC-17 DM/M graphic homoerotic content
After Alexa's death, Methos goes to Duncan for comfort, and both end up getting more than they bargained for.
Part of The Firebird Suite. Read more:

At the Movies
by Ashlyn Donnchaid
A list challenge. We were given two quotes that had to be included in the scene, and one of them had to be the last line.


Baiting the Trap
by Suze
NC-17 DM/M/A
The second tale of the adventures of Methos, Mac and Amanda. Lots and lots of sex, more intrigue, and powerplay.
Part of The Cat and Mouse Series. Read more:

The Banquet
by 'Tilla with Sandi
NC-17 DM/M, sexual content
The impossible slash? Mac and Methos find time for one another at a dull banquet.
Read both stories in this series:

Be Not Coy
by Chelle
NC-17 DM/M
A little after dinner conversation, souls bared, friendships saved... All this and they do dishes, too.

Beautiful Friendship
by elynross
NC-17 DM/M sexual content
An old acquaintance, a much older friend.... sometimes what we think we want turns out to be something we never expected....

Beauty's Beast
by elynross
From Once Upon A Time. Read more:

Beginner's Lessons
by FF Calliope
NC-17 DM/M/ofc
Duncan discovers that Methos has a new slave, and is curious enough to let Methos taunt him into joining in on the fun. The Old Guy has things to teach that the Highlander never imagined...
Read both stories in this series:

Behind the Scenes: Archangel
by Merry Lynne
PG - 13 implied homoerotica
Something fun that I wrote to make me feel better about the Travesty of the Episode that Should Never Have Been. This one is for Highlander Irregulars everywhere! Includes: Methos, Duncan, Richie, Amanda, and Joe.

Belling the Cat, Chapter One
by Suze
NC-17 DM/M/A
Duncan pounces, Methos ponders, and Amanda leaves a lasting impression. Sorry, this part is mostly D/M sex. I'm sure we'll get to more of the actual story later. Eventually. elyn will probably insist on a plot sooner or later. But I'm making no promises.
Part of The Cat and Mouse Series. Read more:

Belling the Cat, Chapter Two
by Suze
NC-17 DM/M/A
Duncan turns Methos into an oozing puddle of warm goo. Just kidding. Well, actually.... Oh, yeah, before I forget: Angst Alert! And no, Olympia, I'm not going to hurt him. Jeeeez. How can she stand there holding a crowbar covered with Methos' blood, and complain that I'm hurting him? Some people....
Part of The Cat and Mouse Series. Read more:

Big Mac Attack
by Luminosity
NC-17 DM/M
Duncan gets an urge and doesn't know when to quit.

Birthday -- His
by Ashlyn Donnchaid
MacLeod and Methos celebrate the Winter Solstice

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A Bit of Wild Remains
by Maxine Mayer
NC-17 D/M
Duncan MacLeod has stopped carrying his sword! Methos calls in a special Old Immortal this time – a surprise for everyone – to help him change Duncan’s mind! In the process, we learn a lot more about Methos!

Read more in this series:

Blue Boxers: A Brief On the Merits of Boxer Shorts
by RuaMor

Bone White
by elynross
From Once Upon A Time. Read more:

The Book of Lost Days
by Taselby
R DM/M, mature themes, suggested violence, suggested m/m sex
It's a night of hard truths and missed chances as Methos has MacLeod over for dinner.
Part of Reliquiae. Read more:

Breathing Sorrows
by Rachael Sabotini
NC-17 DM/M Drama, Hurt/Comfort Violence Rape
Lies written in ink can never disguise facts written in blood. Blood debts must be repaid in kind. The longer the delay, the greater the interest.

by Maygra deRhema
NC-17 DM/M,
Violence. Rape-partially described and referred to and M/M sex
After Bordeaux, Duncan and Methos try to pick up the pieces.
Part of The Shield Brothers Arc. Read more:

Brought to Heel
by JiM with Piper
NC-17 DM/M violence, sexual content
One of the original "Swords at Sunset" contest entries, this "codpiece-ripper" features Duncan and Methos on a pirate ship. Methos does wonderful, terrible things.

Building a Better Mousetrap
by Suze
NC-17 M/A, M/DM/A
Methos conspires to get into Duncan's bed, but he didn't count on Amanda having a brain! Part of The Cat and Mouse Series. Read more:

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