Blue Boxers:
a Brief on the Merits of Boxer Shorts
by RuaMor


(Warning: Contains spoilers for several episodes.)

At first, Adam Pierson was a careful, if not conservative dresser. His clothes fit a college student but they seemed to fit. Then Adam became more Methos and for quite a long time, Methos seemed to be forever in clothes that were overlarge, sweaters that hung too long on him, sleeves being pushed up so his hands could be useful and jeans that bagged at the hips. It was, perhaps, a deliberate move to make himself seem smaller, not so threatening-- or maybe he was simply borrowing all of MacLeod's clothes. Rarely was there a glimpse of the lean, muscular body that lurked beneath the clothes.

There was plenty of MacLeod over the years. His sturdy, well-muscled frame was often seen in glorious detail. He was in bed with Tessa, with Anne, with Amanda.... Poor Methos didn't even snuggle on a couch with Alexa! Mac was in the steam room, clad only in a towel. Methos was huddled in an over-sized coat in the cold Paris winters.

Finally, we began to get a hint. First there was the Methos who became Mac's lawyer in Seacover during 'Valkyrie.' The jeans were tighter, suggesting the hidden strength in that tall body. There was the splendidly formed Methos of the Bronze Age, a man whose tall, lanky body stood above those around him, who stood with shoulders back and in command. His lengthy, muscular thighs hinted at the fine body under the breeches.

But the ultimate moment arrived in 'Forgive Us Our Trespasses' as we at last found ourselves in Methos' bedroom at night. Amanda's pounding brought him flying out of bed and we discover, to our delight, that Methos does, indeed, have a body-- and a damn fine one at that! His chest is broad and his shoulders and arms are muscular although lean. But against his hips and bum are wonderfully revealing blue boxer shorts, draping fabric that reveals the roundness of his gluteus maximus and confirms what we always knew. Methos is a damned fine-looking man, as sexy as any Immortal -- or mortal-- needs to be. He moves gracefully, swiftly on legs that are well-shaped and strong, the boxers shifting folds seductively along with him.

Amanda accepts it all so calmly, barely giving him a second glance. Has she seen him like this before? All she remarks about is his crabbiness? Hmmmm, is there something we've missed here? Yet, he's reserved enough in front of Amanda to put a tee shirt on before heading back into bed. One last glimpse of the long legs thrust through the boxers as Methos climbs into the bed and even that is done with panache. I reach for a tissue to wipe my mouth... Long live the boxers!