by Luminosity



"Ow, MacLeod! You are causing severe injury here!" Methos slapped his hand on his own backside.

"You said that you liked this. That you were just a guy. Why would you tell the truth now?" MacLeod grunted, punctuating each statement with hard, sure, slick thrusts.

Methos groaned. "Watch what you're doing! Those are my balls there!"

"They're in the way."

"What do you expect me to do with them? Just put them away so you can have just a little more freedom and access? I don't think so, MacLeod." Methos nearly wept as he anticipated Mac's next well-aimed assault.

"Hmmm.. I can do this in several combinations, but I think I like this one best, Old Man." Mac leaned in and grinned evilly. "This is the best position, and even if I stop now, I'll be leaning over you in a couple of seconds, breathing down your neck." He leered as Methos mindlessly rubbed his hand up and down his shaft.

"Give me a chance to catch my breath, will you? I can't even scratch here, you're so close in."

"Sure. Rack 'em up."