The Devil You Know
by Suze


Not mine. No money. No plot. No new world views. No revealing characterizations. No redeeming social value at all. Nothing but sex. But it's Duncan/Methos sex-- which is the very best kind. <g>

But even with all the sex, Methos is really pissed.

He didn't want to do a sequel to With Friends Like These. He threatened, he bargained, he bribed, he begged, he pleaded, and yes, elyn-- he whined. He even got down on his knees and groveled. And my Methos muse gives great grovel, even for a bottom! His eyes get all wide and teary, his pouty little lower lip starts to tremble. It's more than a bit nauseating, and kind of touching, too. If he hadn't been kneeling on the cat at the time, I might even have given in.

But I owed Duncan a shot at a little revenge, and nobody does targeted-revenge like the Kiltboy, bless his sneaky little heart. He knows exactly what my Methos muse hates more than anything.

<Sap. Cat hair in the beer is a close second, but sap is definitely in first place this week.>

Shut up, Methos.

But the ROSOB has a point-- I mark this one about a seven on my sap scale.

<Seven point five. And that's after the major desapping rewrite.>

This one's going out to Rachel Sabotini, but none of it's her fault. Hey, Rache-- I found a better title! <eg>

"You keep rope under the bed? My-- we really are the perfect Boy Scout poster boy, aren't we?"

"I told you to shut up, Methos."

"Make me, MacLeod."

"I'm going to, Methos. Count on it."

"Five minutes, MacLeod. You lost by five short minutes. What happened to all that discipline and self-control you're so proud of?"

"You just stay there and don't move. I'll be finished here in a minute."

"I like the ropes-- nice touch. But Amanda doesn't look very happy about the gag."

"Like you care? You moved, Methos. I thought I told you not to do that."

"So? What are you going to do about it, MacLeod?"

Up. Down. Under. Over. Around and through and-- one down.

How does he manage to do that? Why is it that he says things like that to Duncan and I'm the one that ends up tied to a chair? Kinky. I don't really mind the ropes-- I can handle the ropes -- but the gag was unfair, Duncan. Oh, yes, somebody's going to pay for the gag.

Speaking of gags-- I wonder if he's planning to let Methos breathe again? Ever. God, look at that! If a man did that to me without so much as buying me dinner, I'd be tempted to bite it! Once more, proof that men really are different-- Methos certainly doesn't look like he has any objections.

I never thought I'd wish I had a penis, but it does seem to be an effective way to keep the old man quiet. Except for those delicious little slurps and whimpers, of course. God, that's sooooo hot!

Maybe you really did know what you were talking about, Methos. I've never seen this side of him. Correction, I have seen this side-- that cute ass is one of the main attractions, after all -- but I've certainly never seen Duncan act like this.

Do you have any idea how long it took me to get him to play at rough sex with me, Methos? Duncan MacLeod, the ultimate romantic -- God forbid he should ever hurt a woman! Then you come along, flirt with him from under those ridiculously long lashes, twitch your hips a few times, make a few smart-ass remarks and-- Wham! Before you can say 'pass the lube' he's got his hands on your head and he's shoving his cock down your throat, panting and groaning like he's never had a blow job  before! If I wasn't enjoying this so much, I think I'd be insulted. I probably should be, but I know how Duncan feels. I can still feel those soft lips of yours, Methos. And I remember exactly what your tongue can do. Not to mention those talented fingers. Those talented, dangerous, wonderfully long fingers.

Look at that! He's really not worried about hurting you, is he? Is that just because you're a man, or is it because you're Methos? I can understand how the temptation to hurt you must be overwhelming at times.

Why do I think Duncan has been wanting to do this for a long time? I know you've wanted it,  Methos. I've seen the way you look at him, the way your eyes follow and track him. I've watched you watch him-- you always know exactly where he is in the room. I've watched you walk a little too close, stand a little too close, lean over just a little too far....

But maybe I should have been watching Duncan, too. If I'd known he wanted it this much, if I'd guessed it would make him this hot, I might have helped you arrange something like this sooner. If I'd known watching the two of you would make me this hot, I would have done something about it much sooner. If I'd dreamed how sexy you two would look together, the day we met wouldn't have been soon enough.

Oh, yes. Take a deep breath while you can, Methos-- I may not have seen him with you before, but I know more than a little about what Duncan MacLeod likes in bed. Trust me, he's not finished with you yet, hon. Not by a long shot. Now he's going to want you to...uh-huh. Right on schedule.

Yes, lick it Methos. It's delicious, isn't it? Long and hard and sooooo damn tasty! Oh, he likes that. He likes you to lick it and suck it and nip lightly at the tip, and-- damn, Methos! This certainly isn't the first blow job you've given, is it? Of course not! You probably  invented the technique. If not, you've certainly refined it. Maybe practice really does make perfect.

Look at the two of you! Dark and light, Duncan with his hard muscles and you with your sleek, long limbs. God, you're beautiful! And you know it, don't you? You never forget what it looks like from the outside. I could feel it while we were making love-- it's the eyes, Methos. You love the eyes. You absolutely love knowing you're being watched, don't you? Who ever would have guessed that Methos the wallflower, Methos the invisible, Methos the expert at blending into the background-- was an exhibitionist at heart? When and where in your long life did you pick up that tasty little kink? Who taught you to love that, Methos?

You never forgot, not for a moment, that Duncan was watching us. And you haven't forgotten that I'm watching now, have you? The way you turn, the way you hold yourself-- you're checking the angles, aren't you? Making sure that I have a really good view. And I do, Methos, I do. I'll have to remember to thank you for that.

Oh, he loves that, Methos! He loves having his balls sucked and licked like that. You can tell, can't you-- did the groaning give it away? And he's stopped hurting you now, too. He has the most wonderful hands. Strong and hard, rough and callused from the sword. But those rough hands can be so soft, so gentle. And when he touches you like that, stroking, caressing, running his hands over your face, your throat, your shoulders, down over your nipples to the soft, pale skin of your stomach-- doesn't it feel good, Methos? Doesn't it make you want to do anything he wants? Anything he asks for? Anything at all that will keep him touching you like that?

What is Duncan...oh! Oh, that's good! Are you ready for this, Methos?

Concentrate, girl. The sooner you put your mind back on the job, the sooner you can join in.

Up. Down. Under-- three more. Just how many damn knots did Duncan put in this rope? You really didn't have to tie me up, Duncan. I would have loved to help...

Oh, God yesss! Yes, Duncan, don't stop! I knew it would be this good. I knew it. I knew how you would feel, exactly how you would taste. How your hands would touch me, hold me, hurt me. I wanted it, Duncan. I've been waiting for years for you to grab me and push me down and just fucking take  me. I knew that wasn't your usual style, but I knew I could get you to do it, and I knew you would love it. You're surprised, aren't you? You didn't know it would be so good when you let go of being kind and just thought about yourself, did you? I was counting on that.

And I knew you would get off on having Amanda here. She's watching us, Duncan-- can you feel it? She's watching us and she's getting hot. It's turning her on, MacLeod. Every touch, every moan, every muffled gasp of pain. Jesus, MacLeod, I can smell her heat from here, can't you? She's never seen you like this, and she's as hot as hell! I was counting on that, too.

She knows you would never dream of using her like this, of letting go and fucking her mouth like this. And she would never want you to. But she loves watching you do it to me, MacLeod. Yesss, Christ, MacLeod. Harder! I want to take all of you, deep. Fuck my mouth, Duncan, all the way into my throat. I want it. I'm going to suck you so hard, so long-- you're going to be amazed that you ever thought you knew what a blow job was like!

Oh, yesss! Can you see that, Amanda? Can you imagine what it feels like to have him bruise you like that, and not stop? Have him do that to you more than once? Look at you! You're so fucking hot you've forgotten to work on the ropes. What do you want to see next, Amanda? More blow job? A rim job? Would you be surprised to know I even care? But that makes it so much better -- knowing how much this is getting to you, and how much you want to be over here with us, touching us. The ropes weren't my choice. love-- I'd love to have you over here, kissing us, stroking us, then wetting his cock in your mouth and guiding it into me. Oh, no, Amanda. I'm not taking any blame for the ropes. Maybe next time.

I'll make it up to you, though. Do you want to see him fuck me, Amanda? I can make him do it, love. I can make him grab me and push me to my knees and fuck me. Hard and fast. He's been a chivalrous Boy Scout for four hundred years, and I can make him totally lose it, Amanda. No  control, no inhibitions, no limits. I can make him use me in ways he'll still be apologizing for three months from now-- no, this is Duncan MacLeod, after all. Make that six months.

And you're going to get to watch every hot, delicious moment of it.

Oh, he wants me to lick it now, doesn't he, Amanda? You know exactly what he wants me to do, don't you? Lick it, suck it, run my tongue down to his balls and take them into my mouth. Any minute now he's going to have had enough. He's not going to be able to take anymore. He'll have to grab me and fuck me. I wonder if he'll even worry about lube? God, I hope not! You'll like that, won't you Amanda? Watching him push his cock into my ass, hard and fast, over and over. I know you're going to love this, Amanda-- almost as much as I'm going to. I'll even scream for you.

Oh, yes, see his hands, Amanda? I'm going to have bruises there in two minutes. Watch him pull me up, turn me-- he's going to do it, he's going to fuck me now, love.

What is he doing? What...


Oh. Oh, my God.

Oh. Shit. No, please, no! I didn't count on this, Duncan. I didn't know this!

Two more knots, just two more little knots.

Oh, that's so wonderful, Duncan. I love it! The two of you look so beautiful together. So natural. So hot. Sexy as hell. What sane woman could watch this and not get turned on? Those two perfect bodies, those lips, those hands, those two beautiful cocks-- hot and hard, leaking, rubbing against each other, sliding over one another, caressing, almost kissing. God, I want to taste them, lick them-- I want to take your cock in my mouth and know what it tastes like coated with Methos' precum. I want to kiss the salt of your sweat off of his skin while you move inside him.

And the very best part is that you're driving Methos insane. He was so sure he was the one in control, wasn't he? All the moves were his. All the decisions were his. He wrote the script, and he thought he was directing the whole scene.

He should have known better. I would have known better.

But I know you better, Duncan.

Dear God, no. This is going to kill me. I know it is. Don't, please. I can't take it, I can't...

Ooooh. So hot, so strong. Your hands-- they're...they're...

Oh, God. Oooooh. Bloody hell-- it's been so long since anyone touched me like that. Do you know what you're doing to me, Duncan? Do you care?

How did you know, Duncan? How did you find out? I was so damned careful. I was so sure I could pull it off.

Please, don't do this to me. Please!

Stop now. Please. Before it gets any worse. This is much too dangerous. I don't want this, Duncan.

I don't deserve this. Not this.

Not this.

Do it again, Duncan. I want to hear him make those sounds again. I want to hear him moan again, the way he did when you wrapped your hand around his cock. I want to hear him sob the way he did when you held his head in your hands and kissed him the first time. I want to hear the way he whimpered when you ran your hands over his back and pulled him to you, and just held him, close.

Poor Methos. Maybe I should have warned him. I could have warned him. I could have told him what it was like to have Duncan MacLeod's full and undivided attention. Devastating. Mind blowing. I could have told him you wouldn't play his little games for long.

But why spoil the surprise? Besides,  he wouldn't have believed me. He was so damn cocky, so damn sure of himself. So convinced he knew everything. So wrapped up in his testosterone induced I-am-Methos-hear-me-roar delusions. He thought he could tempt you, seduce you, then take anything you gave him, Duncan. Anything. He was prepared for you to fuck him, Duncan. Prepared? Hell-- he was dying for it! He was ready to be taken, used-- even hurt. He wanted you that badly. But he was wrong, Duncan. He wasn't ready for everything.

He wasn't ready for you to make love to him.

You weren't prepared for tenderness, were you, Methos? You don't think you deserve it.

Suffer, Old Man. You've earned it.


 The End