Again, the following links may (or may not, but probably will) take you to sites that contain adult material. Please heed all warnings you encounter, and know your own limits before you proceed.
All of the sites on this page are linked with good intentions, and most are linked with the express permission of their owners. If you see your site linked here at MBB and would rather not, please email me and it will be removed.

Sci-Fi Channel's Highlander Page

The Methos Chronicles
"For 5000 years, one man has witnessed the fall of Empires, love's never-ending turmoil and the extraordinary battles that have secretly occurred throughout the millennia." This is the official fan site, and has all of the features of the official site, plus more pics of Methos, and is without the annoying popup windows. Beware the clumsy framesets, though. The scrollbars are sometimes hard to see.

Look for the Methos Chronicles flash animated web series, voiced by Peter Wingfield, coming soon.

The Highlander Sword Shopper's Guide
They don't sell the swords, but they'll tell you what, where, and how to take care of it before you lay out the plastic. Again, not really official, but they probably should be.

Highlander: the Official Site
Episode synopses, character and actor information, links, etc. Frankly, a well-done fan site has more information and is easier to get around. The pop-up windows here just irritated me.

Official Highlander Endgame Site

The Peter Wingfield Fanclub
Someday the world won't have to ask.

Sword Forum International
Dedicated to the Art, Forging, Collecting, and Practitionary Use of Swords of Various Cultures and Time Periods. Ok, so they're not an official Highlander site, but they're damn useful.
A jumping-off point for many Methos and Peter Wingfield sites.

Unofficial Peter Wingfield Appreciation Guild
Lots of information on Peter and his roles, how to get videotape copies of his work (both PAL and NTSC), and a fairly clean design. I like the logo, but then you already know how I feel about noses.

Peter Wingfield at
I have to tell you, this site made me sit back on my heels for a bit. More information than you ever thought you needed -- magazine articles, convention appearances, television shows, and more, all neatly broken down by date and country.

Chock-full of information-- Immortals from the show, episode synopses, descriptions of the fight scenes from the episodes, what Duncan was wearing, body counts, who had sex with whom, and a look at Seacouver's police blotter. An invaluable resource.

Highlander Timeline
A nicely-done timeline that incorporates the films, series, novels and the Watcher CD, noted to indicate apparent conflicts in canon.

Methos Methos Methos
A Methos-only look at the Highlander timeline, with dates and locations based on Methos' remarks. Also a list of episodes Methos appeared in, a few photos and some older links.

The Methos Chronicles at methos org
Transcripts of Methos' scenes from the series and novels.

Jinjifore's Synopses
Jinjifore was a legend in the Highlander fan community when I was still a newbie. Her episode synopses are still some of the best around.

The Highlander A-Z
This site is pretty, but largely useless to the serious fan. Timeline, episode synopses, list of Immortals, etc, but not a lot of real information. Nice graphics.

The Den of Chaos
Where Entropy is king and god, order is an illusion (lunch orders doubly so), and Tiff the Dark's inner twistedness has free rein. Denizens include Taselby, Kellan Dane, Sandi, Devil Child, and Zee. Fanfiction, original fiction and poetry, essays, images, links and more. Caveat lector.

Maygra's Musings
Contains M/M content (mostly DM/M) and sometimes... okay, usually, heavy violence and angst. This site is password protected. If you do not have a password, you can write to Maygra with an age statement and a polite request and she will probably send you one. Relax... she really doesn't eat newbies for breakfast. Sunday brunch, maybe... but breakfast, never.

Killa's Adventures in Melodrama
I want to be Killa when I grow up. Really. She is indeed a writer's writer, posessing the kind of talent that can keep me enthralled with a grocery list.

The Lunatic Fringe
Pretty much PG-13 implied slash with a few NC-17 bits and pieces. Fluffy good fun.

The Principality of Whimsy
elynross' own home for her delightful fiction. A must-see.

Blood, Love and Rhetoric: Ladonna King
Reading Ladonna's fic is like scratching itches that you never knew you had... it feels so damn good that you never want to stop. Some of her fic is angsty, some is funny, but all of it is wonderful. Go get some dark chocolate and a nice liqueur and savor the experience. It's ok. We'll wait for you.

Worlds Without Boundaries: Destina Fortunato's Fan Fiction
If Destina were a movie, she'd be an instant classic. Her fiction is like that, too. Standing up to endless rereadings, her stories are always revealing some previously undiscovered loveliness.

Monica's GloryBox
Ah, Monica, everything she touched turned to angst. Has anybody not read "Tribal Rituals"? Warning, many of the series are unfinished, and will remain so, but it's still a great time.

Other Oddities of Fiction
There is a lovely series here that begins as Methos/Alexa and moves on to become DM/M.

Wombat's Fic
I don't read X-Files as a general rule, but Wombat came close to winning me over with "Rapture." Plot-driven slash is rare. Hot, plot-driven slash is almost unheard of.

Where the Boys Are
Cassidy Collins is a romantic at heart, and her fic shows it. Even her version of angst is delightfully sticky.

Alexandra's HL Fanfic Page
The fiction here runs the gamut from Deepest Darkest Angst to silly comedy, but all well-written and satisfying to read.

Some very nice romance, some angst, a few recs and links.

Barb G.
Dark fic, pain, and a generous portion of hurt/hurt (we don't need no stinking comfort!) here.

Robin Serrano
Many many stand-alone stories and series.

The Duncan/Methos Mailing List Homepage

Sweet Uncleanness
A male slash writer's personal archive. There is only one Highlander story here so far, but I thought it worth the trip.

Becca Abbot's Home Page
Wherein you will find such wonders as "Helot" and "The Naughty Whore."

Diana Williams' Fiction
Slash stories in a variety of fandoms, including Highlander, X-Files, Star Wars, and Sentinel.

Ashlyn's Highlander Fiction
Lush and detailed fanfic, both slash and gen. "Friends are Worth It" especially is a personal favorite of mine.

Highlander Fan Fiction by Suze
All Duncan/Methos, all the time, with the occasional bit of Amanda for flavor. All NC-17. Well, one little R rated piece snuck in there with the smut. Suze promises it won't happen again.

Rache's Highlander Space
Rachael Sabotini's Highlander fic, recommendations, links, and more.

Suze and Lum's little corner of Slashcity. They have their cardboard boxes insulated against the cold and the heat, and they hope you enjoy your visit to the other side of the tracks.

Kat Allison's Fiction
Kat's fiction is a lot like her homepage: spare and beautiful, turning desolation into a treat for the senses. Some of her fic has me hard-pressed to decide if it's really slash or just very USTy gen, but it's always magnificent.

Reading Methosgrrl's fiction is like sinking your teeth into a sun-warmed pear on a summer evening, utterly transporting.

Green Couch Zone
Green couches held fond associations for me long before I discovered CL Finn's fiction here. Don't miss her "Immortal Beloved" series.

Valentin's Stories
Just when you thought the amnesia story had been done to death, Valentin writes "Brothers and Other Strangers." Go, read, and look at her other wonderful fic while you're there.

Kamil's Mellifluous Malefactions
Kamil just keeps getting better and better. "Vespers" made me ache inside, and "Toeing the Line" was a purely improbable, seat-gripping thrill ride.

Methos: The Horseman of the Apocalypse
A smaller archive of Methos fic, mostly slash, nicely formatted.

Carson Kearns' HL FanFic
What can I say that hasn't already been said by those more eloquent than I? "Lost in the Loving" is where big plot meets intimate character moments, red-hot sex, and more angst per square inch than is probably legal.

Loch Ness
Warning: "And Then Some," the one Highlander Story here, is AU, and it's big, I mean the-fic-that-ate-Seacouver-and-had-room-for-dessert big. And it's still in progress. And none of that will matter once you start reading. Really.

Radio Free Seacouver
Is it really tame slash? Is it just very USTy gen? One thing for certain, Merry Lynne's is some of the best-written fic out there.

Maxine's Magic
Oooh, the angst. The dark future of "Men in Gray Flannel" left an indelible mark on me. So did "Sonata." Even Maxine's lighter stories are touched with a sense of decay, a certainty that there is no "happy ever after" waiting beyond the bottom of the page.

Live, Grow Stronger, Slash Another Day
Zen&nancy. You have to say it like that, all one word. It's the rules. They're probably most famous for the RSM and "Three Little Birds," but I loved them first for "Little Earthquakes."

The Smutgrrls' Archive
Yes! The Smutgrrls are back. Pure plotless smut at your fingertips, day and night.

Morgan's Adult HL Fanfic
Methos/Joe and Methos/Nick Wolfe stories here.

The Unthinkable Alternative Archive
a Duncan/Methos archive. One can never have too much Duncan/Methos.

Homepage for Lisa Hughes' Methos Journals, fanfiction, links and more.

Ashton Press Fan Fiction
Fan fiction based on Highlander, Alias Smith & Jones, Blakes 7 and Beauty & the Beast.

Lillian's Loft
Come on in... pull up a chair, grab a cup and a cookie or two. Welcome to Lilli's mind... You'll find a lot of interests here from her Methos obsession to general fantasy to whimsical poetry.

Highlander Fanfiction Season
As gen as it gets, kids. These stories are plot-driven and written in episode style.

Highlander: The Fic-thology
Previously Highlander: the Anthology, this site is home to some of the first Highlander fic I ever read. While some of the stories are a little OFC-intensive for my taste, there are some vivid, angsty, memorable moments to be found.

Hetskateers Headquarters
Like the title says. This site is truly notable for housing the legendary Bone's one het story. And you were ready to say that het is dead. Yowza.

Maygra's Musings
Yes, Virginia, Maygra writes gen. This link is to the gen and het stories on her site, including the now-legendary "Abomination," and "A Gathering of Angels." Some of the stories are rated NC-17 for violence. Hey, what did you expect? She's still Maygra.

The Gathering Page
A nice, no-frills site designed with text browsers in mind.

Melina's Den of Fine Repute
Some slash here, but Melina's Methos/Scully (HL/XF crossover) is what always comes to mind first when I think of her. Well, that and her cat, but the cat doesn't write, so...

MacGeorge's Homepage
Is it genfic? Is it slashy? Sometimes the lines are a little blurry with MacG, but one thing never in doubt is her ability to tell a compelling story. Slashfic at this site has it own section.

Sharon's Library
Contains her epic work in progress (though nearing the end) "The Song of the Seer" (Methos story..lots of the others plus an OFC) Also some poetry and the first part of an original story..more to come when she gets time to post it to the site.

Ashton Press Fan Fiction
Fan fiction based on Highlander, Alias Smith & Jones, Blakes 7 and Beauty & the Beast.

Timeless - Storybook
All Methos/Alexa stories, all the time.

"Angst-Free Zone"
BBC's "Episodic Sadie" should be required reading for anyone who wants to create an OFC and do it right. At times touching, tense, and laugh-out-loud funny, it is always, as promised, angst-free.

Jen's Methos Obsession Fan Fiction
Mostly PG-13 Duncan & Methos friendship stories, with a little Amanda here and there.

Voices HL Anthology
No crossovers, no slash. The fic is overall pretty good, with on-site reviews and synopses to help the gen impaired among us. They have a few interviews with well-known fan authors, too.

Sylvia Volk
Lush, intensively detailed and painstakingly researched gen fiction. Sylvia jokes that she "eat's nonfiction and spits out fiction," and reading the bittersweet "Lost Horizon," I believe that it's true. If you read nothing else, go read "The Good Student" for a wonderful look at Duncan and Methos' friendship.

MacGeorge's Madness
Plot-driven and Duncan-intensive. There is some slash in the "Under the Boardwalk" section of her site.

Janeen Grohsmeyer
Janeen is a fine purveyor of genfic at its best. Don't miss "Changed Utterly."

The NetCafe
Articles, pictures and stories featuring Highlander: The Series, now also with The X-Files and The Sentinel! Open 24 Hours Day and Night.

Zen & nancy's Internet Homeless Shelter and Soup Kitchen
A multimedia slash archive. Bone, Mairead Triste, Aristide and others hang out here. Not for the faint of heart, but for those bold enough, the fic is well worth it.

The Highlander Quill Club
"Come upstairs and let me show you my etchings, little girl." Just when we think we've seen everything, Eng comes up with new ways to delight and amaze us.  A wonderful HL archive, of course, along with pictures, postcards, contests, screen captures, other assorted Highlander goodies, and topping it all off -- Eng's Etchings.
So it's not really an archive in itself, so what? It's more like a planned subdivision in an artists' colony. Searchable, and the main navigation page will get you almost anywhere you want to go.

Home of the Krell, Futures Without End, and more fine authors than I can recall offhand.

Joe Stories
Hey, we like Joe, too! And Methos is often to be found in the vicinity.

Seventh Dimension: Highlander Fanfiction Archive
One of the biggest and best story archives for Highlander fic. Nicely cross-indexed by author, title, rating and character.

I know, I know. It hasn't been updated in...forever. It's still an essential HL slash site, for the list of authors if nothing else.

Lapsus Linguae Duncan/Methos Archive
Just a slip of the tongue... A very nice assortment of stories featuring Duncan/Methos.

Old HLFIC-L Archive (ftp)
Wow, you better know the title of the story you're looking for if you go here. Lots of stuff, but no help for the unknowledgable.

Highlander Mailing List Archives
This is the new HLFIC Archive. Again, big, and no real help for the uninitiated.

Futures Without End 2: The Web Edition
A full version of the zine online, complete with luscious art by Killashandra.

Futures Without End 3: The Web Edition
The stories! The art! Every time I think they can't possibly match the quality of the previous issue, the FWE team proves me wrong.

Ather's Fiction Archive
So what if it's not a major archive. Some slash, some gen, and the wonderful Beck McLaughlin's Winterbourne are here.

Kamil's Highlander Recs
Updated weekly. Links to individual stories, author's homepages, and a new list of Kamil's absolute favorite fics (because her other list is getting too long).

Killa's Links & Recs
Take a minute to look at what Killa loves to read. You'll probably find some stories there that you already know, and more that you never knew you would love so much.

Rache's World O' Links
Links to tons of stuff... Highlander archives, author pages and lots, lots more. Well-maintained and updated frequently.

Quink's Links
The largest collection of Highlander links around with hundreds of links to sights, sounds, actors, characters, fun stuff and more.

The ROG-L Recommended Reading List
Not an archive, but I'm doing the typing so I get to list it anyway.  Direct links to hundreds of HL stories recommended by the members of the ROG-L.  Granted, all of those people aren't exactly sane, but they do know good fic. This one's a must for Methos fans.

Donan Woods
A site dedicated to the character of Cassandra, the witch of Donan Woods, from Highlander: The Series. From our home page, we've also branched out into an herbal site with articles and links, a page on magic and witchcraft with articles and links, reviews of fan fiction, recommendations and links to some great fan writers, information about fanzines, photos of Tracy Scoggins from personal appearances, more of Leah Rosenthal's cartoons, links to Tracy Scoggins' sites, and our newest feature, an area dedicated to Ancient Egypt.

JR's Parlor: Looking for Something New?
Moderately well-maintained, this page of recommendations spans several fandoms, including Highlander. Hey, JR has the good taste to recommend the stories I like. How can I not list this page?

Fan Fiction on the Net
This is still one of the best resources for finding the fandom you crave. Last updated in August 1999.

Globe of Insanity's Highlander Links
I'm not sure how useful this site really is anymore, as it was last updated in 1998, and some of the links are even older than that. Good luck.
One hundred fandoms. Suze counted them. Not all slash. Not even mostly slash. Barely slash. But an interesting resource.

Ultimate Slash Links
Originally a supplement to Fan Fiction on the Net, there will be some overlap with sites, but if you're looking to feed that slash craving, this is the site to see.

Highlander Links
The name kind of says it all, I think. Again, this site is two years out of date.

ROG Homepage
Archive of the ROG-L discussion group. Links, fiction and more.

Issues of Consent
Rape story recommendations in many fandoms. For when you need that extra kicked-in-the-gut touch of angst. Links Page
Interesting, but not terribly remarkable.

Methos' Links of the Apocalypse
A nice collection of links, divided by category. Well-formatted and easy-to-read.

Lopsided Weevil's Links
There really isn't a lot of Highlander here, but the other links are weird and interesting, and the rest of the site is just priceless.

The Highlander Attic
Links and more links. A great place to revisit an old archive you may have forgotten, or to look for something new.

The Mostly Methos Sound Site
Highlander sound bites. Last updated in 1998, but still a great resource for sounds.

Methosluvr's Sound Page
Sounds from later seasons.

Highlander: Endgame Trailer Screencaps
Just like the title says. Ahh... truth in advertising.

Methos' Toes Page
Weird, fun, and a little scary. Includes a picture of Peter Wingfield's bare feet as taken by Peter himself.

Mostly Methos Image Gallery
Everyone's heard of this site by now, yes? Screen caps of the ROG. Check out the lovely animated gif on the front page.

Nora's Duncan MacLeod/Adrian Paul Page
A startling testament to one woman's obsess... er, devotion.

Methosluvr's Photo Page
Publicity photos and other stills.

Peter Wingfield/Methos
What do you mean, another PW pic site? We all know why we're here. Didn't you check the name on the front of the site before you came in?

Ashton Press
The jumping off point for photo pages (lots of Highlander conventions as well as Blakes 7 conventions of olden days, and soap opera and Trek stars, as well), fan fiction, fanzines (including art and fiction excerpts), reviews, links to other fannish sites, Leah Rosenthal's artwork and cartoons (a new one is spotlighted every few weeks) and more.

X Art
Very nice Duncan/Methos and other art by X. Please note: the art here is of an adult nature, and for looking only. Heed warnings. Do not re-post the art, link to the images, "Fru" them, or otherwise use them for your own purposes.

Arwen's Peter Wingfield Art
Fine art renderings. Please look only.

Screen captures by episode.

Methosluvr's Screen Captures
Nice quality screen caps. This is probably one of the more famous sites to get images from.

The Highlander Lust List Limited
Pretty pictures, actor information, a few links.

Jen's Methos Obsession Photo Gallery
There is no such thing as too many Methos pics.

Renegade Slash Militia
The meanest, most dedicated, most resourceful bunch of slackers I know; talented women that I'm privileged to call friends. The police call them "known associates," but that's another story. This site answers the basic questions of life: what? who are these nuts? why amateurs should not attempt this at home, and what flavor of Ben & Jerry's goes with Dark Angst, anyway?

Donan Woods
A site dedicated to the character of Cassandra, the witch of Donan Woods, from Highlander: The Series. From our home page, we've also branched out into an herbal site with articles and links, a page on magic and witchcraft with articles and links, reviews of fan fiction, recommendations and links to some great fan writers, information about fanzines, photos of Tracy Scoggins from personal appearances, more of Leah Rosenthal's cartoons, links to Tracy Scoggins' sites, and our newest feature, an area dedicated to Ancient Egypt.

Human Rights Campaign
Working toward lesbian and gay equal rights

National Gay Lobby

Henry Jenkins
The man who made fanfiction a noble undertaking. Read some of his academic papers here.

MizPrker's Cold Files
General website for the Canadian series Cold Squad with episode guide, articles, links, and actor information.

Sue's Home Page
Brief intro to herself and her family, with descriptions and links to some of their favorite TV programs, including Highlander and, or course, Methos!
There is fiction here, most notably MacGeorge's, but there is also a wealth of other content including links and essays.

Fanfic Symposium
A wonderful collection of letters and thoughtful essays on fanfiction and fandom in general.

Sci-fi news

Dark Horizons
More Sci-fi news.

The 11th Hour
Sci-fi, fantasy, horror and other stuff chicks dig.

SciFi Now
You can never have too much sci-fi news.

Cool design and lots of really great information.

The Quinkening
Parodies, stories, writing and a page called the shot glass which is devoted to drinking in HL (Quotes, the HL drinking game, a couple fun things and some links).

Welcome to the Watchers
silly good fun. Parodies, poetry, a gallery of fan art, and more.

Dedicated to the ROG
Parody, love songs, poetry, top ten lists, and other assorted weirdness.

Adam's Apartment
I originally had this up in the photo sites, but it's more weird and fun that actually useful.

Kiersey Character Sorter
So... just what kind of a nut are you?

Stick Boy
A site dedicated to that plucky, dirt-encrusted hero of the Bronze Age.

Make Your Own Evil Plan
Kronos could have used this site... On second thought, maybe he did.

Peep Research
Yes, it's true. Peeps are the K'Immies of the candy world.

Barbarian's Online Tests Page
Links to all sorts of test, quizzes, and personality profiling sites. Some serious, some just for laughs.

CABS: Citizens Against Bad Slash
Err, this site tells you in glowing detail how not to write a slash story, and is maintained by two anonymous netizens who claim to be both fanfic writers and professional authors. At least the Slashfic Hall of Shame was fun.

Heartless Bitches International
This is like the "tough chick" homepage. They say on their page that HBI "is NOT about Man-Hating. We don't discriminate against stupidity, arrogance, irresponsibility, bloated egos, or immaturity on the basis of gender." Now that's a policy I can agree with.

Despair, Inc
Home of the Demotivational Posters, the Pessimist's Mug, and other such anti-HHJJ accessories.

Japanese Engrish
You have to wonder about people with this much free time.

The Misanthropic Bitch
The genuine article, please accept no imitation. Smart, mean, and funny as hell. She hates everything. Take your sense of humor and your tolerance with you when you go here. You'll need lots of both.

The Faux Misanthropic Bitch
This is the pale imitation of the original. Kinda sweet, as a tribute, but really, Jennifer needs to hone her bitchy edge to razor sharpness with many more years of bitter disappointment and marginalization before she's ready to play in the big leagues.

Links to Historical Sites

A glimpse inside Ladonna King's links page. Lots of history and research links, and other things from weird to wonderful.

Gateway to Art History: I The Ancient World
Historical, anthropological, scientific... all kinds of nifty goodies here.
Polish and Slavic paganism. A little history, a little current practice, a few recipes.

Gay Events in History
Oh, just because.

Historical Background on Fellatio
Do you honestly have to ask?

Incidents of Travel and Adventure
Jewish history in the wild west.
I think of this site as history in the making. Serious stuff, and some breathtaking photos.

American Revolution Charts and Maps
Great for flashbacks... hint.

American Memory
Searchable historic collections from the Library of Congress

Minotaur's Sex Tips for Slash Writers
Lavishly illustrated, and not for the squeamish. He even includes a form to submit your questions.
All manner of information from the same twisted minds that brought us the Death Test.'s Online Translator
Sure, there's no substitute for a native speaker, but when it's 3 am and Methos insists that he's not whispering endearments in English, what are you going to do?

Latin Dictionary/Gramma Aid

Latin Lexicon

National Geographic
More than maps.

Urban Legends Reference Pages
This is a fun site, and very useful. The next time you're tempted to pass on one of those "Send this to all the women you know" emails, check it out first.

Voices & Verses
Poems and quotes. Not too much that's really useful, and the format makes it hard to find what you're looking for. Still, there is the occasional gem.

Scientific American
Do the research, whydontcha?

Yahoo! Reference:Quotations
A list of sites to find quotes at.

Galaxy: Quotations
Yeah, yeah. More quotes. What can I say?

Fear Quotes
Quotes about fear. Really, what did you expect?

The Phobia List
A list of the technical names of common, and not-so-common fears.

Dr. Sky Astronomy and Aeronautics
The sky really is falling, Chicken Little, and Dr. Sky can tell you why.

Just accept that the mythology fixation ties in with my obsessive love of quotes, and let's leave it at that. Ok?

Bulfinch's Mythology

Encyclopedia Mythica

Myths and Legends

Gods and Goddesses
An encyclopedia of western signs and ideograms. Or, further proof of Taselby's weird and obsessive nature.
Because loading up the CD is just too damn much work.

Electric Library
Books online. It's a library... honestly, what did you expect? Also many many links to online newspapers.

WARNING: The following link will take you to a page of story recommendations compiled by the members of ROG-L and MBB. All of the stories on the list involve the death of a major character in the Highlander universe, and some of these stories were posted to the author's website without this warning. If you prefer to remain unspoiled, don't go look. If you go look and spoil yourself, don't complain. You were warned.

Further, some of these stories will contain adult content including violence and m/m sex. Heed all warnings you encounter. Yeah, I know, but some things bear repeating. Often.

Death Fic Recommendations

Submit your site to the MBB for linking. Go on, you know you want to.

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The MBB gets all giddy over Methos, Peter Wingfield, and Highlander sites, fanfiction, pics, sounds, and recommendations of what to read, but we also love history, languages, online translators & dictionaries, writers' reference and research tools, and strange little quirky things like "Make Your Own Evil Plan," and other bright, shiny objects that attract our attention.

We reserve the right to link or not link any submitted site at our discretion (because we're picky), as well as to write our own link descriptions (because we're control freaks). We're weird, but fun at parties.

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