The following links will take you directly to stories recommended by the members of MBB and ROG-L that involve the death of a major character. This certainly isn't for everyone, and we ask only that you proceed with caution and, as always, be aware of your own limits.

When possible, story descriptions, ratings, and content warnings have been taken from the author's websites. The stories are listed in no particular order. I'm just tired of alphabetizing.

Millennium by Sylvia Volk
Not Rated
Imagine the usual disclaimers. Imagine the usual warnings, and more; this is a death story. Imagine the Watchers, Methos and MacLeod, and the Gathering. Imagine being Cassandra.
Taselby: This one kept me up past midnight to finish it, and then kept me from sleeping most of the rest of the night. Chilling and heartbreaking, for all that it doesn't linger on the "death" part of deathfic.

One Thousand by Amand-r
Not Rated, DM/M
THIS IS A GATHERING STORY. It may not be pretty. I ain't telling. But you have been warned. Oh, this is slash. No major sex, just a little slap and tickle...

Only Love by Maxine Mayer
NC-17, DM/M implied m/m relationship, implied m/m sex
After "Archangel" the Oldest Immortal receives tangible proof of Duncan's love. So when Duncan asks Methos for the only gift he wants, how can Methos refuse? A very sad and reverent death story. With Joe.

The Book of Lost Days, by Taselby
R, DM/M, mature themes, suggested violence, suggested m/m sex
It's a night of hard truths and missed chances as Methos has MacLeod over for dinner.

Lost in the Loving: Farewelling the Bard Beloved, by Carson Kearns
Not Rated, DM/M
Duncan and Methos come to terms with Joe's mortality

Vespers by Kamil
PG-13 for violence and adult themes
Duncan considers the events of the past week and wonders what might have been.

Softly Away by jam-wired
PG-13, DM/M
A first kiss between Methos and Duncan with a twist at the end.

Requiem by Merrie Gail
Not Rated
"In the end, there can be only one."

In the After-Silence, by Ysanne
Not Rated
What would happen if the two last Immortals who survived the Gathering were friends?

What the Thunder Said by Jennifer Campbell
PG-13, D, M, J
A tale of the Gathering and what happens after.

The Prize by Moonbeam
A Methos-centered End of the Game story.

The Morning After by Douglas Hathaway
This is a sequel to Moonbeam's story, "The Prize," and while not a death story in itself, I cannot imagine linking her story without this one. Go, read, and take some tissues with you.

Pathways by Shelly Wright
This is the sequel to the trilogy,"Bittersweet Surrender," "Power Play," and "Life's Lessons." This is also the last in this particular 'universe.' It doesn't quite fit into any one category, being a relatively gen story (except for mild Duncan/Methos flashbacks),and a crossover story (with the Quantum Leap universe). And . . . it contains the death of a major character. (yes,I live to be difficult) Please consider all of the above before reading this story.

No Tomorrow by Lauren Adams
Short story written for a title challenge on the hlwc list. Rated PG-13/R for language and references to m/m sex.

Lost by Ladonna King
Taselby: An AU "NTB" Methos story. This one is a rare bird, a death story with a happy ending. No, I'm not joking. I usually look for a little more gut-wrenching in a death fic, but this one satisfied in unexpected ways.

Untitled by Illuferret
Not Rated
Short and unexpectedly painful. I remembered bits of this one years after I'd originally read it.

Heart-Shaped Box by Ladonna King
R, implied DM/M
A year after NTB, Methos gets an unexpected--and unwelcome--visitor on his doorstep.
(Taselby:More eloquent pain from Ladonna. Vivid, violent, creepy and completely shattering, this one hit all my buttons.)

Storm Front by Maygra de Rhema
Begins post Revelations 6:8 with the Shield Brothers Arc and continues over about a three year future span, concluding with Storm Front. This series contains graphic sex and violence so please heed all warnings. I listed this one last on purpose. This story deals with big plot and bigger ideas, and you really do need to read all of it to get the full impact of the ending. When you hear people joke about being "Maygra Rats," this is the story arc they're talking about.

Shield Brothers

Harm's Way
With My Shield
Walk in the Park
Reading Between the Lines
Crosses to Bear

Storm Front

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six (the actual death part)
This Sword Unbroken

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