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The mailform is temporarily unavailable. Please direct your inquiries as follows:

website administration
If you're not sure where to send a letter, send it here. All questions & comments about the website, the fiction archive, story and link submissions should come here. Please read the submission policy first!

complaints about policy
so you read the fiction policy and you want to give me a piece of your mind? If you're sure you can spare it, send it here.

submit a news item
got a hot tidbit for MBB News or Brigade Intelligence? Let us know!

mailing list questions
yes, Virginia, there is a mailing list. If you want more information before you join or are already a member and need assistance, just ask.


If for whatever reason you have trouble using the form provided (and let's face it, it was really just an excuse to make a pretty page) please send all administrative correspondence to Barring that, try leaning out the window and shouting very loudly. Who knows, you might get lucky. But be patient if you need an in-depth reply. I usually get to everyone, but I do have a life. Items of note for MBB News or Brigade intelligence can be sent to RuaMor directly,

Letters of comment on any of the art, fiction, essays or filk can be sent directly to the creative types responsible. If you cannot find a mail link, or the mail link is inoperable, feedback can be sent to MBB. Please include the author's name and the name of the piece you are commenting on to ensure proper delivery.

Guidelines for submitting your work to the MBB archive can be found here. Questions regarding submissions and other policies should be directed to the administrative address.

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