In Between 43k
Bluestreak, Adult for violence and other bad things
Until now, the lines in Bluestreak's head have always been clear.

Stargate SG-1

Local Wine 92k
J/D, Adult for graphic m/m sex
co-written with Princess of G
Two steps forward, one step back. Maybe there wasn't a name for what this was, but when Jack showed up at his door, Daniel always let him in. Always.

Scientific Method 35k
J/D, Adult (whoa, way ADULT) for graphic m/m sex
co-written with Synecdochic
Daniel wants to test a hypothesis. Jack is his research subject.

Canon for a Minor Key 40k
J/D, Adult for graphic m/m sex
written for Inyron for the 2006 J/D Ficathon
Jack is still refining his avoidance technique. Daniel isn't helping him.

Not Quite Shakespeare 6k
Slice of life snippet, written for Maharetr. The prompt was "laughter."
The Wall-O-Porn.

Kimchi Snippet 5k
They may have to resort to cannibalism.

Icing on the Cake 7k
Mitchell, Teal'c
Snippet for Deani Bean. The prompt was "cupcakes."
Teal'c's logic is not like our Earth logic.

Jigsaw 8k
Post CotG, written for Minxy
Daniel can't sleep.

East of Omaha 42k
cover by Tripoli!
J/D, Adult for m/m sex
written for Destina for the 2005 J/D Ficathon
Vegetables, bad beer, and killer robot movies.

Level with the Shore 38k
cover by Tripoli!
J/D, Mature themes
Daniel was talking, but in Jack’s head it was Carter’s voice he heard carefully triaging the ship. Carter would describe it all with big words and balanced equations, quoting cold numbers and dead scientists as if that somehow made it more palatable...


Down 48k
Archangel/Iceman, Adult for m/m sex
Nothing is all right, but maybe just for tonight they can pretend.

Driftwood 4k
Iceman, gen
Bobby is collecting things.

Harry Potter

Hourglass 3k
A duet on homecoming...



The Stonecutters 61k
Adult DM/M, adult themes, graphic m/m sex
Some stones have stood for a thousand years, but MacLeod and Methos' friendship hinges on a single night.

A Roof Against the Rain 58k
Adult DM/M, adult themes, graphic m/m sex
A sequel to The Stonecutters. What was simple the night before is more complicated in the light of day.


The Book of Lost Days 58k
R DM/M, mature themes, suggested violence, suggested m/m sex
It's a night of hard truths and missed chances as Methos has MacLeod over for dinner.

The Calm That Comes 24k
Adult, mature themes, graphic violence, language, and other awful things.
Sequel to The Book of Lost Days.

Cause & Consequence
"Causa latet, vis est notissima." --Ovid
The cause is hidden, its force is very well known.

The Causes Remain 215k, in parts
Adult DM/M, Methos/F, graphic violence including rape and torture, language, adult themes, graphic sexual content including m/f and m/m sex
Just as Methos and Macleod are putting the pieces of their friendship back together, a strange Immortal arrives with a challenge and revelations about Methos' past. Who is Seireadan, and how will his information affect them?

part one | part two

Ghosts and Faeries 18k
Adult Methos/F, violence, m/f sex.
A missing scene from The Causes Remain.
Methos had died in the ambush. Coming back to life was difficult in more ways than one, especially with a witness.

Twilight Kingdoms 214k, in parts
Adult DM/M, violence, graphic m/m sex, unpopular ideas
Ehren, an old friend of MacLeod's and knight of the first Crusade is visiting, and makes surprising demands. Demands Methos isn't certain he wants to meet. A direct sequel to The Causes Remain.

part one | part two

Lingering Scars 322k, in parts
with elynross Adult DM/M, Methos/F, violence, language, adult themes, and sexual content
Nine months after reuniting in Paris, unspoken fears and unresolved issues are threatening to drive them apart. Can Duncan and Methos overcome their own misgivings and injured pride long enough to work things out? Sequel to The Causes Remain and Twilight Kingdoms.

part one | part two | part three

Conjugal Visits 132k
Adult DM/M, m/m sex, mature themes, violence
Even if Duncan left this minute, just stood up and walked over the south pass, he'd never make it to a decent campsite by nightfall...

House Lights 12k
Sequel to
Conjugal Visits.
Nothing is as easy as it used to be.

Sedimental Journey 69k
R violence, language, adult themes
A chance encounter with a young turk of an Immortal leaves Methos morbid and unanchored. Restlessly wandering, he finds himself at Mac's door, hoping to find some way to anchor himself in the warmth and security of the familiar.

The Comfort of Touch 39k
Adult DM/M, m/m sex
Dinner and a quiet evening were all MacLeod had planned, until the events took a sudden turn.

Faerie Tales 33k
with Sandi Adult DM/M, graphic m/m sex
Methos displays his talent as a storyteller.

Of Sound Mind and Body... 153k
with Lillian Wolfe R language, adult themes, violence, suggested m/m relationship
A fun afternoon at a wine festival with MacLeod turns into a week of misery as Methos comes down with an illness of unknown origin.

Sorrow 14k
PG, adult themes
After events in Revelation 6:8, Methos reflects on his and MacLeod's friendship.

Waiting for the Phone 9k
PG, adult themes
During an evening at Joe's, Methos thinks about the past and the nature of change.

Su Casa 11k
Revenge can be sweet, especially when the beer is cold.

Popsicle 23k
Adult DM/M, graphic m/m sex
A heatwave and a box of popsicles...

Heat Index 24k
Adult DM/M, graphic m/m sex
A sequel to Popsicle. MacLeod's air conditioner is still broken, and the heat index is climbing...

A Kiss to Build a Dream On... 32k
Adult Methos/F, sexual content
Kimberly thought she was spending her birthday alone, never knowing she'd be spending it with a certain beer-loving grad student.

Command Performance 20k
PG-13 language, implied m/m relationship, general silliness
Merry heard about Kimberly's birthday adventure, and was quick to demand equal time.


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