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If you don't know the drill at this point, you're probably in the wrong place. But we all must begin somewhere. Heaven help you if it's here. This site contains and links to material of an adult nature, including, but not limited to slash in all its wonderful shades and vagaries [if you don't know what slash is, refer back to the first sentence]; erotic and explicit content of the male/male, male/female, female/female, and multiple partners varieties; the depiction of violence, including sexual violence; angst; a really apalling lack of warnings about these sorts of things; and the occasional sexy comedic romp.

We blame those on Sandi, whether she wrote them or not. It saves paperwork.

If you are not of age in your corner of reality or the nature of this material is offensive to you, please leave. By staying and accessing these pages you're agreeing that you are an adult and can act like it if you see something you'd rather not have. I know what's here way better than you do. Flames about content will only get your letter passed around my circle of friends, who are all much smarter and meaner than I am, and mocked. You've been warned.

They're all exceptionally good at mocking. Trust me.

After all that, if you still want to send me a piece of your mind, and you think you can spare it, send it to Thank you.

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