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In Between 43k
Bluestreak, Adult for violence and other bad things
Until now, the lines in Bluestreak's head have always been clear.


Down 48k
by Taselby
Archangel/Iceman, Adult for m/m sex
Nothing is all right, but maybe just for tonight they can pretend.

Driftwood 4k
by Taselby
Iceman, gen
Bobby is collecting things.

The Phantom Menace

Dawn Breaks
by zee
Q/O vignette. Angst, AU
This is a very short piece. It's my attempt at writing a mirror story. In my head it's set after TPM but since Qui-Gon never died in my little world <g> he's definitely alive in this story. However, there is nothing in the story that forces you to buy into my self delusion, as it truly could take place anytime.

by zee
Q/O first time. PWP.
This story is a response to the M_A Keeper's Challenge, an on-list challenge to write a short story using an item for which you claimed Keeper status. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, a "Keeper" is basically a person who, well, keeps that item on behalf of our lovely fictional boyz. <g> One of the items I claimed was very simple. It was Qui-Gon speaking the word "Padawan" to Obi-Wan. Thus, this story was written specifically to feature that item, as the list challenge dictated. It was deliberately written as a "claiming" story in the spirit of all the claiming of items that took place on list.

by zee
Q/O first time. Angst.
Qui-Gon & Obi-Wan are stranded on a planet, bad things happen and their relationship changes. This is set a number of years before Phantom Menace and thus a younger Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon are featured.

by zee
Q/O vignette
A sensual vignette written as a gift for a friend.


Worth It
by Sig
A response to the 100 word "romantic" drabble challenge on Nummy Treats. This is my first posted S/X stuff. Chipless Spike.

by Sig
My second response to the 100 word drabble challenge. Chipless Spike.

The Sentinel

by Sandi
J/B, PG-13
Blair gets an owwie. Jim keeps a vigil.

Port in a Storm
by Sandi
J/B, Adult
Jim rides out a storm. Well, actually, Blair does the riding.

Harry Potter

Hourglass 3k
by Taselby
A duet on homecoming...

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