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County Fair Time
by Sandi


WARNING: The following story is rated NC/17, due to graphic sexual content. Methos and Duncan do the county fair. They also do each other, so if slash is not your cup of tea, you need to exit the ride, please. Otherwise, read on.

This hasn't been beta'd, so I apologize in advance for any errors. I'm new at this, but our boys had such fun at the Highland Games, that I decided to take them out again. My thanks to Methosgrrl (actually, she told me to tell you it's not her fault) and the Preverts, who have created a monster.

Duncan and Methos belong to Rysher, for a few more months at least, after which they'll be ALL OURS!!!! I will make no money off this or probably any other project.

Methos took in his surroundings, wrinkling his aristocratic nose in distaste. "MacLeod--tell me again---why am I here?"

Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod flashed his lover an exasperated look, "Methos, will you stop whining? It won't be that bad!"

"Not that bad???" squeaked the world's oldest immortal. "It's a county fair!" A shudder swept through the lean body. "Duncan-think! Think tobacco-spitting contests! Think sideshows with bearded ladies! Think children running amouk! Think hog-calling, for Gods' sake!"

"Well, what was I supposed to do?", the Scot tried to reason with him. "I asked my students to research 18th century England. So what do they do? Challenge me to research one of their local customs! How could I have gotten out of it?"

Methos responded with a pointed look, "How about 'Just Say No'?"

Duncan tried another angle. Gazing around the fairgrounds, he said, "Ah, come on, Methos! I happen to think it's kind of quaint!"

"Quaint?? Quaint?? Mac, I don't do quaint!"

The Highlander sighed, knowing he'd have to think of a way to placate Methos to keep him satisfied for the day. He certainly didn't want to wander around here by himself, and he wouldn't put it past Methos to disappear and leave him on his own. Time for drastic measures he thought. Stepping close to the tall, slender body he knew so well, he slid an arm around his shoulders and pulled him close. "Tell you what, love. You do this for me, and I promise we'll go by that new bookstore you've been wanting to visit. Afterwards, we'll spend the night in the loft, buried in books, beer, and each other." Mac let his fingers wander into the soft silky hair at the nape of his lover's neck, knowing exactly which buttons to push.

Methos stretched his neck against Duncan's warm fingers, and seemed to consider his proposition. "Let's see....books, beer, and sex? Now that I can do! All right, I'll do this county fair thing, but we're going to hurry!"

Mac laughed as he moved off towards the fairgrounds, and couldn't resist tossing a smug comment over his shoulder, "God, Methos, you're easy!"

He didn't see the older immortal narrow his eyes as he watched the Highlander saunter away, or hear his softly spoken promise. "Easy? Easy? Oh, Mac, you'll pay for that before this day is over--I promise you!"

To the surprise of both immortals, the day turned out to be rather interesting.....

Methos developed an engrossing conversation with a fortune teller who, as she read his palm, kept going on and on about a long, long, long life and many wives....

Duncan couldn't resist showing off his strength on the midway. He stepped up, hefted the huge mallet in his capable hands, and swung it effortlessly. The bell clanged loudly, the girls in the crowd oooh'd and aaaah'd, Mac preened, and Methos just rolled his eyes heavenward. Duncan's expression was priceless when he received his prize---a bright, shiny, plastic sword!!......

"Oh, look, MacLeod! This looks interesting!" Methos pointed towards a long building marked "Livestock Exhibit #1--Sheep and Goats", then fell into a fit of helpless laughter as the Highlander stormed away in a huff.....

He wasn't laughing a few moments later as he spied Mac trying to enter his name into the "Pretty Legs" contest.....

The day passed quickly, and soon they were headed through the midway towards the parking lot. Methos was idly thinking about the evening ahead when he noticed the last ride at the end of the midway, before the exit gate. Immediately, the tiny corner of his mind that was devoted to evil opened up, and he had a plan. With an innocent smile, he called out, "Oh, Mac, wait! Here's something we forgot!"

As the Scot turned to him with a questioning glance, Methos pointed to the sign over the ride which read "Haunted Tunnel." Duncan took in the ghosts, vampires, and assorted other monsters painted on the outside of the building, and watched as the dark opening of the tunnel disgorged cars filled with riders--some laughing, but some screaming and a little pale.

He cleared his throat with a Scottish "harummph". "Uh, that's okay, I think I've gotten enough research for my paper. Anyway, It's getting late. You want to get to the bookstore before they close, don't you?"

At the look on the younger man's face, understanding dawned on Methos, and he hooted with laughter, "MacLeod, you're afraid!"

"I am not!" the Highlander declared with righteous indignation.

"Are too!" Methos taunted.

"Am not!" Duncan retorted as he stomped up to the ticket booth---which was exactly what Methos had known he'd do.

They settled themselves into the car and it began to move along the track towards the dark opening of the tunnel. Duncan was still muttering, "This is ridiculous! We're wasting time! What can I learn in here that will be worth anything?"

Methos' thigh brushed against his partner's, and he smiled at how tense Duncan was. "Oh, I don't know, you may be surprised!"

As they passed beyond the opening of the tunnel, they were suddenly engulfed in total darkness. Methos held his hand up in front of his face and wasn't surprised when he couldn't make it out at all. Eerie sounds of maniacal laughter and bloodcurdling screams erupted all around them from hidden speakers as the car traversed the gauntlet of neon, three dimensional, ghastly apparitions designed to scare the daylights out of those daring enough to brave the ride.

Methos grinned. Mac hadn't uttered a sound or moved a muscle since the darkness had enveloped them. This is priceless he thought the world's bravest Highland warrior, petrified by the Haunted Tunnel! He decided it was time to push his plan one step further.

"Get out, Mac!" he yelled suddenly, giving the younger man a shove.

"What?? Are you crazy?? What do you mean, 'Get Out"!

Leaving the Scot sputtering, Methos agilely leaped from the car, disappearing into the darkness behind a mural which depicted a particularly horrifying quillotine scene. An instant later, Duncan followed, cursing in very vivid Gaelic, trying to make his way in the black void. He was brought up short in front of the guillotine mural, gasping in fright before he could stop himself. He cringed when he heard laughter behind the wall, and stumbled through the darkness towards the sound, intent on doing grave bodily harm to a certain wise-ass Englishman.

He made his way into the bowels of the building, tripping over electrical wiring and dodging whining motors, trying to orient himself. The monstrous noises receded, but he almost wished he could hear them again. The silence made his skin crawl.

A moment later, he yelped and jumped at least a foot in the air when he heard a movement directly behind him. An arm shot out of the darkness and he felt himself hauled back against a tightly muscled chest which, to his immense relief, he recognized immediately. He froze as he felt warm breath stir against his ear, and heard the softly accented whisper, "Easy, love. This won't hurt a bit."

Duncan stood stock still as Methos' tongue flicked across his ear. The ancient immortal began a timeless dance of seduction learned throughout many centuries. His teeth nipped at Mac's earlobe, then his lips traveled lower to slide softly, tantalizingly, across the back of his neck. He smiled as he felt a tremor run through the Higlander's body. Holding his lover against him with one slender arm, his other hand splayed across Duncan's broad chest, and brushed across his nipples, feeling them tighten at his touch. He could feel the rapid pounding of the heart beneath his hand, and slooooowly drug his palm across the flat expanse of muscled stomach. He heard a sharp intake of breath from Duncan as his hand covered the straining bulge at the juncture of his thighs, and he squeezed gently.

Mac bit back a moan and pressed back against his partner, feeling Methos' stiff cock push against his ass for a brief second--before Methos pulled back slightly.

"Not yet," he whispered in a silky voice. Duncan held his breath as the older man continued to work his magic. He closed his eyes, and let his senses guide him. He felt the total and complete blackness all around them. Dimly he heard the eerie echoes of the monstrous sounds of the tunnel, and the screams of the excited riders. Those sensations mingled with closer ones...the scent that was essentially Methos...the sound of his breath in his ear, more shallow now....the pressure of his hand gently but relentlessly massaging his throbbing cock.

He released the breath that he hadn't realized he was holding when Methos opened his pants and finally... sweet Gods, finally....freed his straining erection. Long, slender fingers enclosed him, traveling up and down the hardened shaft, massaging his aching balls. Duncan let out a choked gasp, "Methos, for Gods sake!...I...."

The ancient immortal felt his own control slide closer to the edge as Duncan pressed back against him once more. Carefully, he lowered him to the wooden floor, where they frantically rid themselves of their clothing and came together in a surge of unbridled passion. Their lips met, tongues devouring each other hungrily.

With one last ounce of reserve, Methos pulled back from his lover and paused. He smiled triumphantly in the darkness as he heard Duncan growl, "Enough of this game, Methos! I want you NOW!" Quickly, he turned Duncan onto his stomach. Mac caught his hand, placing the fingers inside his mouth, and tongueing them into moistness. Methos trailed those same fingers down Duncan's spine until they reached the tight opening. He slowly inserted one and paused....then added another....then a third....he waited as he felt Duncan tense, then relax. He removed his fingers, and, holding the Scot's hips still with one hand, entered his lover with one swift thrust. Duncan inhaled sharply, then immediately began to move himself, as if he couldn't get close enough to Methos.

Realizing that both of them were approaching the point of no return, Methos moved his hand from Duncan's hip to encircle his cock. Mac's hand immediately came down to cover his, and Methos began pumping to match the rhythm of his own body . He drove into his lover, hearing nothing except the pounding of his own heart and Duncan's gasps and moans. Suddenly, he felt a shudder go through Mac as he came, spilling his warm seed over their hands. Seconds later, he felt his own release, as he cried out to a deity from ages past.

Long moments later, after the tremors passed, and breath returned to normal depths, and hearts slowed, Methos whispered into Duncan's ear one last time-- "Not easy, Mac........just gooooood!"

This is the end of this tale.

Hope you think of this and smile, next time you're at the fair!


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