For Friendship's Sake G
A lighthearted Christmas tale that happens the holiday season after Alexa's death. Alone in Paris, it looks like it will be a lonely holiday for Methos, but his friends have other ideas.

A Slip In Time G
Another story challenge, but you can figure out what this one was. During a discussion of the theoretical possibily of time travel, Methos offers an unusual challenge to MacLeod.

Like A Moth To A Flame G
Filling in the gap in the story between "Methos" and "Finale," this is a bit of speculation of what might have happened. Now published on the web from a fanzine.

Deeper Truths PG13, mature themes and m/m sexual situations.
A story challenge issued  by Taselby. Methos lets a truth or two slip during a drink fest with MacLeod. A short vignette.

Such Fragile Things R hurt/comfort and m/m sexual content
The sequel to Deeper Truths. It's Christmastime again. As Duncan MacLeod and Joe Dawson meet  to wish each other well on Christmas Eve, Duncan makes a wish to see a friend long absent -- Methos.  Does Duncan get his wish?

Willows Bend R hurt/comfort and m/m sexual content
The sequel to Such Fragile Things. Even though Methos left Duncan on Christmas night, he didn't leave Paris. There are still people to see and he forces himself to visit. But the past decade or so haven't been gentle with the old man and former friends are hard to face. Can Methos come to terms with Duncan's desire for a relationship?

No Fool PG13, mature themes, violence and m/f sexual content.
Set between Revelations 6:8 and Forgive Us Our Trepasses, this story begins as MacLeod and Methos try to restore some of their friendship.  At the same time, Methos meets an old flame who is not quite the same girl he remembered. Just published on the web on 04-11-99 from a fanzine. 

Old Acquaintances PG-13 mild sexual content
It's almost New Year's at the Turn to the 21st Century and MacLeod has talked an unwilling Methos into celebrating at a ski lodge in the Alps. A simple little vignette with sexual implications.

Of Sound Mind and Body... with Taselby R language, adult themes, violence, suggested m/m relationship
A fun afternoon at a wine festival with MacLeod turns into a week of misery as Methos comes down with an illness of unknown origin.

All Things Being Equal R m/m sexual content
Sequel to Of Sound Mind and Body, wherein all, or most, is revealed...

The Demons Trilogy
All three segments are now complete. Each reads independently of the other although they make more sense in sequence. They are set between the events in "Archangel" and "Indiscretions."

Demons At The Gate R, violence and sexual content
Following "Archangel" MacLeod has left Paris and Methos finds himself confronted with his own demons. Resorting to drastic measures to exorcise them, he encounters surprising results. Features Methos, Amanda and Joe Dawson.

Demons On Demand R, violence and sexual content
Unable to wait in Paris for MacLeod to return, Methos sets out to the Far East to find his friend. His journey takes him on a path he never anticipated and finds him still confronting his demons. Features Methos, Amanda and a guest appearance from Joe Dawson.

Demons At Bay R, violence and sexual content
MacLeod has returned to Paris. At last deciding it's time to confront the Highlander, Methos also returns but finds more problems than he expected to encounter. Features Methos, MacLeod, Amanda and Joe Dawson.

Kindred Spirits R, violence and sexual content. Now Complete!
Begins where "Not To Be" ends.  Feeling adrift after MacLeod's celebration on the barge, Methos sets out to tie one on and ends up fighting for his life. Features Methos, MacLeod, Amanda, Joe Dawson and Miles Montgomery.

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