Popsicle NC-17 DM/M, graphic m/m sex
A heatwave and a box of popsicles...

Heat Index NC-17 DM/M, graphic m/m sex
A sequel to Popsicle. MacLeod's air conditioner is still broken, and the heat index is climbing...

A Kiss to Build a Dream On... NC-17 Methos/F, sexual content
Kimberly thought she was spending her birthday alone, never knowing she'd be spending it with a certain beer-loving grad student.

Command Performance PG-13 language, implied m/m relationship, general silliness
Merry heard about Kimberly's birthday adventure, and was quick to demand equal time.

The Comfort of Touch NC-17 DM/M, m/m sex
Dinner and a quiet evening were all MacLeod had planned, until the events took a sudden turn.

Faerie Tales with Sandi NC-17 DM/M, graphic m/m sex
Methos displays his talent as a storyteller.

Of Sound Mind and Body... with Lillian Wolfe R language, adult themes, violence, suggested m/m relationship
A fun afternoon at a wine festival with MacLeod turns into a week of misery as Methos comes down with an illness of unknown origin.

Sorrow PG, adult themes
After events in Revelation 6:8, Methos reflects on his and MacLeod's friendship.

Waiting for the Phone PG, adult themes
During an evening at Joe's, Methos thinks about the past and the nature of change.

Su Casa G
Revenge can be sweet, especially when the beer is cold.

Sedimental Journey R violence, language, adult themes.
A chance encounter with a young turk of an Immortal leaves Methos morbid and unanchored. Restlessly wandering, he finds himself at Mac's door, hoping to find some way to anchor himself in the warmth and security of the familiar.

Conjugal Visits NC-17 NEW
Even if Duncan left this minute, just stood up and walked over the south pass, he'd never make it to a decent campsite by nightfall...

Standard Disclaimer Nonsense Essay


The Stonecutters NC-17 DM/M, adult themes, graphic m/m sex
Some stones have stood for a thousand years, but MacLeod and Methos' friendship hinges on a single night.

A Roof Against the Rain NC-17 DM/M, adult themes, graphic m/m sex
A sequel to The Stonecutters. What was simple the night before is more complicated in the light of day.


The Book of Lost Days R DM/M, mature themes, suggested violence, suggested m/m sex
It's a night of hard truths and missed chances as Methos has MacLeod over for dinner.

The Calm That Comes NC-17, mature themes, graphic violence
Sequel to The Book of Lost Days.

The Cause & Consequence Arc
"Causa latet, vis est notissima." --Ovid
The cause is hidden, its force is very well known.

The Causes Remain NC-17 DM/M, Methos/F, graphic violence including rape and torture, language, adult themes, graphic sexual content including m/f and m/m sex
Just as Methos and Macleod are putting the pieces of their friendship back together, a strange Immortal arrives with a challenge and revelations about Methos' past. Who is Seireadan, and how will his information affect them?

Ghosts and Faeries NC-17 Methos/F, violence, m/f sex.
A missing scene from The Causes Remain. Methos had died in the ambush. Coming back to life was difficult in more ways than one, especially with a witness.

Twilight Kingdoms NC-17 DM/M, violence, graphic m/m sex, unpopular ideas
Ehren, an old friend of MacLeod's and knight of the first Crusade is visiting, and makes surprising demands. Demands Methos isn't certain he wants to meet. A direct sequel to The Causes Remain.

Lingering Scars with elynross NC-17 DM/M, Methos/F, violence, language, adult themes, and sexual content
Nine months after reuniting in Paris, unspoken fears and unresolved issues are threatening to drive them apart. Can Duncan and Methos overcome their own misgivings and injured pride long enough to work things out? Sequel to The Causes Remain and Twilight Kingdoms.