Never Run From Anything Immortal NC-17 DM/M
Duncan rounds up a posse to help him lasso Methos. My very first story, included here as a beta exercise for first time writers.  Step carefully and don't trip over the POV shifts.

A Fly On The Wall  R
Ever wish you could eavesdrop on Immortals? A conversation for four voices.

Rewind, Fast Forward, Play  NC-17 DM/M
One Stop Shopping! More than eight obligatory HL fic cliches in just one story.  Roses, chocolates, diamonds, Beer of the Week Club, and the ubiquitous teddy bear reference.  Plus a kiss, a cuddle and a Duncan pounce.

Tempting Fate  NC-17 DM/M
A first time story, a psychological comedy, a bedroom farce--with beer and just a touch of deus ex machina for flavor.

Please Don't Pet the Methos NC-17 DM/M
Set post Not To Be. Duncan comes back to Methos, sure of what he wants, but Mac is in for a surprise.

Friends in Low Places NC-17 DM/M PWP
Duncan learns a few things about Methos, and loses more than a few dollars. Very hot pwp where Methos is in control.

This Little Piggy Stayed Home NC-17 M/A
Some things surpass rational explanation. This story,  for one. Methos, Amanda, a blanket,  a football game...

With Friends Like These NC-17 DM/M/A
Methos and Amanda teach Mac a little lesson in self discipline.

The Devil You Know NC-17 DM/M/A
The sequel to With Friends Like These. Duncan gets his revenge.

Passion, Once Removed NC-17 DM/M/A
Lyrical, poetic, and utterly breathtaking in its intensity. Truly beautiful.

Lay Down With Demons R DM/M
Every D/M writer has to write a post-Horsemen reconciliation story eventually, it's required by the union. This is mine. Extreme angst alert!

Peeling the Grapes of Wrath NC-17 DM/M
A lost wager, a forfeit, and a bunch of grapes. Don't let the premise fool you, this one runs the gamut from fluffy to heart-wrenching intensity.

World Enough NC-17 DM/M/Gregor
A slightly different view of Duncan and Methos' relationship, as told by a third party.

The Cat and Mouse Series
Watch Methos plot and scheme. Watch Amanda egg him on. Watch Duncan pounce. I just love it when Duncan pounces, especially when Methos forgets to duck.

Building a Better Mousetrap NC-17 M/A, M/DM/A
Methos conspires to get into Duncan's bed, but he didn't count on Amanda having a brain! Part one of The Cat and Mouse series.

Baiting the Trap NC-17 DM/M/A
The second tale of the adventures of Methos, Mac and Amanda. Lots and lots of sex, more intrigue, and powerplay.

Belling the Cat, Chapter One NC-17 DM/M/A
Duncan pounces, Methos ponders, and Amanda leaves a lasting impression. Sorry, this part is mostly D/M sex. I'm sure we'll get to more of the actual story later. Eventually. elyn will probably insist on a plot sooner or later. But I'm making no promises.

Belling the Cat, Chapter Two NC-17 DM/M/A
Duncan turns Methos into an oozing puddle of warm goo. Just kidding. Well, actually.... Oh, yeah, before I forget: Angst Alert! And no, Olympia, I'm not going to hurt him. Jeeeez. How can she stand there holding a crowbar covered with Methos' blood, and complain that I'm hurting him? Some people....

The Live Wire Series
Two tin cans, a piece of string, and Amanda doing her X-rated Dear Abby imitation.

For a Good Time Call... NC-17 PWP

See Methos Run NC-17 PWP

Coming Home NC-17 PWP

Top Ten Lines TPTB Will Never Let Methos Say To Duncan

The Muse Closet Rated G to NC-17
Suze writes: No one ever warns you about the dangers involved in being a slash writer. One day I lived alone, happy and snug in my little cave--just me and two spoiled cats. Then I stumbled on my very first HL slash. Within a week I had a Methos Muse living in my bedroom closet. Then I began to learn what spoiled really means. Now with their own index.

Pure Propaganda Essay