For a Good Time Call...
by Suze


My very first PWP!!! I'm so excited I could spit.

It all started because Ellen wanted a D/M sex scene with no touching, and then last night Killa woke my Amanda muse see? It's never my fault!

This one is for Killa, who understands how special Amanda muses are. <g>

They're not mine, and I don't get paid. Sure enjoy it though.

NC-17 for explicit M/M sex.


"So, when is the antique sex-machine coming home?"

"Next week."

"Another whole week without sex? Will you make it? No wonder you're in such a piss-awful mood."

"Thanks for the comforting thoughts. Tell me Amanda, did you call just to make me feel worse?" Duncan stretched out on the bed and settled the phone more comfortably against his shoulder. Amanda was in a mood to chat, and he knew better than to try to stop her. Besides, he didn't have anything more important to do, and it might take his mind off the bed. The large, cold, empty bed. Methos had been out of town for a week already, and Amanda was right--he might not make it through another one.

"Of course not, hon. Shall I kiss it and make it better?"

"Thanks for the offer, Amanda. Not that it does me any good since you're five-hundred miles away."

"Do you really think I'd let a little thing like that stop me from comforting my very best friend in the whole world? I'm here for you, Duncan. You know that."

"I know, love. And I appreciate it. It just doesn't help much when I'm here alone and Methos is on the other side of the world." Damn it, this wasn't helping. Couldn't they talk about something besides Methos? Anything? Just thinking about his absent lover was making Duncan's action deprived cock stir inside his loose sweatpants.

"And you're getting hard just thinking about the old guy, aren't you?"

"You know me far too well, Amanda," Duncan snickered. Outside of Methos, there was nobody like Amanda for lifting his...spirits.

"You've got that right. You're thinking about him right now, aren't you? And the Mighty Snake is stirring in his lonely den. Poor ole Snake."


"Well-- I'm right, aren't I? You can't lie to me about this, Duncan. The Amazing Amanda sees all and knows all. And what I don't know, I can guess."

"Some guess!"

"True. I can hear it in your voice. When you get excited it gets all low and throaty. And your burr gets deeper. Does that make Methos as hot as it makes me?"

"Talking about what makes Methos hot really isn't helping, Amanda. Let's talk about the weather. You know--cold, snow, ice..."

"Close your eyes."


"Close your eyes, Duncan."


"Just trust me."

"Famous last words. Amanda..."

"What could it hurt? Just do it, Duncan."

"Okay, fine. My eyes are closed. Now what?"

"Picture Methos."

"Amanda, I thought you were trying to help! This isn't..."

"Shut up and do it, Duncan! I can help, I'm very good at this."

"Fine. Anything to shut you up. My eyes are closed and I'm thinking about Methos."

"Not 'think about' Methos, 'picture' Methos. He's standing by the bed. Tall, lean. Probably sneering."


"Sorry. Tall, lean. Smiling that shy little Adam Pierson grin. Better?"

"Uhmm...I love that little grin. He looks at me like that when he wants something. He knows I can't resist it. It makes him look so sweet."

"Sweet, huh? My goodness, lust really is blind!  Okay, it's a stretch, but I can do sweet. He's wearing those old, faded jeans, Duncan. The ones with the holes in the knees. They hug his tight little ass beautifully, don't they? They cling to his legs and you can see every strong muscle in those long, spreadable thighs. And his shirt is white, and too big, like it always is. It's silk, one of yours, made for a broader man. It hangs off those deceptive shoulders and the loose cuffs trail over his slender, delicate looking wrists. They don't look strong enough to hold a sword, do they? And that out of control hair falling over his forehead ...when he looks up at you from under those long lashes and grins, he looks about eighteen, doesn't he Duncan? Sweet, shy, virginal..."

"Virginal? Are we talking about the same Methos?"

"Work with me here, Duncan. This is Adam. You can't fool Amanda. I know what Methos' first impression feels like, and I know what turns you on. The first time you saw him, you wanted to throw him to the floor and jump on him didn't you?"

"Amanda, I'm not going to..."

"Didn't you?"


"So did I. We shouldn't have waited so long. One of us should have just gone ahead and done it. It would have made all of our lives a lot less complicated."

"I'm curious, why didn't you?"

"Because I saw the way you two looked at each other. Believe me, love, when you're in the room, Methos wouldn't notice if Cindy Crawford stripped naked and danced on the table top."

"Really? No, he'd notice. Methos isn't gay, Amanda. He likes women."

"I know. But he loves you, Duncan. You know that don't you?"

"He's never said it."

"And have you ever said it to him?"

"No. We just kind of...avoid the subject."

"Men. What would you two do without me?"

"True. If it hadn't been for you...have I ever thanked you for that?"

"Methos did."


"How do you think?"


"Don't worry about it. Methos and I understand each other. He likes my company in bed, especially when you're there too-- but he loves you, Duncan. Take my word for it. And close your eyes again."

"How'd you know...?"

"I know you. Back to Methos...tight jeans, loose shirt, shy, sweet, virginal Adam Pierson grin. Remember?"

"I remember."

"And he's barefoot. Those long, elegant feet look cold, Duncan. you'll have to warm him up. He hates to be cold, doesn't he?"

"Yes. He hates it."

"So help him, love. Kneel down and take one of those beautiful feet in your hands and run your fingers over it, warm it. Gently, remember he's ticklish. Let him rest his hands on your shoulders. Now run the ends of your fingers under the hem of his jeans, over his ankle. Kiss the top of his foot, run your tongue down to his toes, and take one in your mouth. He likes that, doesn't he? You can feel him starting to tremble, can't you?"


"Now stand up, Duncan. Move your hands to his chest and unbutton that loose shirt, slowly. Just the top two buttons. You can see all of his neck now-- that long, delicious curve just begs to be kissed and licked, doesn't it? So kiss it, Duncan. Start at that luscious spot in the hollow of his collar bone and run your tongue up the side of his exquisite neck, over that delectable soft skin. Find that tender spot just under his ear and suck on it, gently. You're making him crazy, love. His breathing is getting uneven, and he's starting to squirm against you. He's pressing that long, slender body against yours, trying to get closer. Help him Duncan, he's got too many clothes on. He can't feel you."

"Uhmmm...the buttons..."

"Yes, the buttons. They're keeping you from touching him, aren't they? Pull them loose, Duncan. Just grab the edges of his shirt and rip. Tear it off of him."

"Oh God..."

"Yes. You can see his chest now. That smooth, ivory skin, those small, tight, pink nipples. Do you want to suck them Duncan? You can. He wants you to, Duncan. Yes, that's right, just like that. They're so sensitive, aren't they? They're getting tighter and tighter as you play with them, aren't they? Lick them Duncan. Pull one into your mouth and suck it. He tastes wonderful, doesn't he? The really old ones have such a wonderful flavor. Hot and spicy--and no one else tastes like Methos, do they? Now nibble on it, and then lick again. Softly, gently. Now bite it. Hard. He's moaning now, Duncan. You're making sweet, innocent Adam so hot. He wants you, he's moving against you, rubbing his hard cock against yours through your clothes. Can you feel it?"


"The jeans, Duncan. Move your hands down to his jeans and run your fingers under the waist. Can you feel him? You can touch his belly with your finger tips, can't you? Warm, soft, smooth Adam. And he's all yours, Duncan. Kneel in front of him. Wrap your arms around him and pull him close. Rub your face against his jeans. Can you smell him? God, he smells like sex, doesn't he. Hot, wonderful, sensuous, melting sex. "

"Oohh...the jeans, Amanda. The damn jeans!""

"I know love. They're in the way, aren't they? He'll take them off, Duncan. Just for you. Those long fingers play with the snap, teasing you just a little, then he opens it and runs his hand over the cloth, lowering the zipper. He opens the edges and pulls them back so you can see him. And you can see him now, can't you? He never wears underwear when he knows you're home, does he? He wants to be ready for you whenever you want to take him. Do you want to take him, Duncan?"


"Soon, Duncan. Soon."

"You'd better hurry, Amanda..."

"Patience love. He's kicking off the jeans now. Standing in front of you, naked and shy. His skin almost glows, doesn't it? That long, elegant body is so tempting, so lovely and bewitching. And it was made for sex. But he keeps it well hidden under those ragged clothes. No one gets to see him but you, Duncan. No one else knows just how hot and beguiling and captivating he is. Just you, Duncan. Only you."

"Yesss...mine...only me..."

"He's touching himself now. Running his hands down his chest, over that smooth, lustrous skin, into the soft, sparse hairs that start beneath his navel. Tracing the hair down to where it thickens around his cock. His hard, hot, swollen cock. Can you imagine how he feels, touching himself in front of you? Displaying himself just for you? He's looking up at you under his lashes again. Smiling at you. Sweet, shy, innocent Adam."

"God, Amanda, get on with it!"

"Touch his cock, Duncan. Hold it in your hand and feel how heavy it is, how ready. He's hot, love. Can you see how hot he is? Can you smell him now? The tip is red and shiny, isn't it? Leaking sweet precum for you. You did this to him, Duncan. You made him this hot for you. You walked into shy, innocent Adam Pierson's life and made him want to kneel down and spread his legs, just for you. Go to him and lick his cock, Duncan. Touch him with your tongue, then take him in your mouth and listen to him moan. Suck him. Suck him hard. Run your hand over his balls and squeeze them, Duncan. Gently, love. Gently."


"Do you want to take him to the bed now, Duncan? Do it. Pick him up and throw him onto the sheets. Look at that long, slender body-- pale and white against your dark green sheets. Go to him, Duncan. Cover him with your heavy, hard body and press him down against the mattress. Hold him down, love. He'll squirm and rub against you, but he won't fight you--he wants this as much as you do, you know he does. He wants you to over-power him and show him how strong you are. He loves your strength, Duncan. All his life he's been the tall one, the strong one. He likes it that you make him feel small. And helpless. And owned. You do own him Duncan. He's yours, he belongs only to you. He was born for you to fuck, and he's waited through pain and fire for five thousand years, waiting for you to come for him, waiting for you to claim him. It's time, love. He's waited long enough."

"Oh goddamn it...Methos..."

"Make him ready, Duncan. Spread his soft cheeks and lick him, tease him. Push your tongue into him and wet him, love. Then your fingers. Just one for now. Gently, tenderly. Do you feel how tight he is? How hot? Nothing else feels like that, does it? Another finger now, love. Stretch him. Your cock is so big, Duncan, you have to prepare him slowly. Can you feel the glans? Touch it, press it. He's groaning now, Duncan. He's begging you, pleading for you to fuck him."

"Oh, shit..."

"Yes, Duncan. Take him. Now. Push those long legs up to his chest and put your cock against his ass. You're more than ready, aren't you love? You can't stand it anymore. You have to fuck him, Duncan. Right now. And on his back like this so you can see him. You can watch him, love. Watch those beautiful gold-green eyes darken with passion. Watch the hot flush rise over his chest and move up his neck. Watch the tiny beads of sweat gather above his upper lip. Lick them off. Yesss. Now kiss him, Duncan. Then watch those delicate lips open-- listen to his little gasp as you push slowly into his tight, hot ass. Feel it close around your aching cock. Feel it hold you, grip you, caress you."


"He's moving now, Duncan. Wriggling, squirming. Trying to pull you even further inside his body. It  hurts him and he loves it. He loves your body, your mouth, your hands, your cock. He wants to feel you pounding into him, tearing him open. Possessing him. Fuck him hard. Fuck him like you own him, Duncan, because you do. He's yours. Anything you want, anything you need, he'll do it."

"Oh God, pleeeease...

"Can you feel him pushing back? He arches off the bed when you pull out, and his long hard cock presses against your stomach every time you move back into him. He's hot, hard--he aches, love-- that beautiful, wonderful ache. He needs to come, Duncan. And he won't until you do. He's screaming for you, begging you again. He needs it, Duncan. Fuck him harder, faster. More, love. Shove into him, Duncan, all the way. Make him come. Now."



"Amanda? You still there?"

"Yes, love. I'm still here."

"Thanks, Amanda."

"Anytime, Duncan."     

 The End