Fun and Games NC-17 DM/M, sexual content
Mac and Methos add a new event to the traditional Highland Games.

County Fair Time NC-17 DM/M, sexual content
A sequel to Fun and Games. Another fun romp, this time on the midway!

Honky-Tonkin' NC-17 DM/M, sexual content
Mac and Methos at a Country-Western bar.

The "Other" Game NC-17 DM/M, sexual content
Mac shows Methos a new way to look at American football.

Trial by Fire NC-17 DM/M adult themes, sexual content
Samhain is a night for endings, and Mac and Methos lay a few old ghosts of thier own to rest.

Faerie Tales with Taselby NC-17 DM/M, graphic m/m sex
Methos displays his talent as a storyteller.

The Banquet with 'Tilla NC-17 DM/M, sexual content
The impossible slash? Mac and Methos find time for one another at a dull banquet.

Connected NC-17 M/K
Kronos polishes his blade. So does Methos.

Reflection NC-17 M/K
This is sort of a companion piece to "Connected". Bordeaux at the Sub base, before Duncan came along and pissed us off.

Eliminate the Negative NC-17, M/K
This is a missing scene from "Not 2 Be". I thank whatever gods possessed the writers to give us a last glimpse of my favorite incarnation of Methos--the one with the leather pants and major attitude.

A Little Night Music NC-17 M/K
Who says Kronos isn't romantic?