by Sals


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Duncan woke slowly. Despite the early morning sun shining through the window the air was chilly and he was glad of the protection provided by both the quilts and his pillow...a warm pillow that moved slightly as his still sleeping lover breathed. Duncan nuzzled the pale skin, inhaling the familiar but undeniably male scent of the one who shared his bed and his life...Methos.

Gradually he let himself become more aware of his surroundings. He was cradled in the older immortal's arms with his head resting on the almost hairless skin over his lover's steadily beating heart. Their long legs were intertwined. One bronzed arm lay behind him, fingers linked with Methos' while the other stretched out over the other man's chest reaching up to touch the side of his face. Opening his eyes Duncan looked up and couldn't help smiling. His lover was still deeply asleep with his head turned into Duncan's large hand. The contrast between their skin colour making him look unbelievably young and so innocent, just like Adam Pierson appeared to the outside world.

Suddenly Duncan found himself remembering a different look on that familiar face...the one he'd worn the previous night. The night when Methos had asked for and Duncan had given his total and unconditional surrender. Gone was the graduate student Adam, and for the first time Duncan felt he'd truly met the enigma that was Methos. Never before had he let another take control in such a way, and never before had he suffered such agonising ecstasy. Memories flooded his mind and phantom aches ran through his long since healed immortal frame. His cock filled in response to those erotic images prodding the older immortal's hip.

"Not again. Don't you ever sleep?" Methos mumbled groggily.

"I slept well last night" Duncan laughed.

"Yeah, I'm not surprised" Methos replied "I seem to remember having to carry you to bed."

Duncan didn't reply and looked away for a moment feeling the heat of a blush spreading slowly up his neck. Embarrassed he looked back at his still unmoving partner, only to find Methos watching him closely. A slight frown crossed the older immortal's face.

"Do you regret it?" he asked quietly.

"No" Duncan replied firmly "It's just...just...I've always..."

"You've always been the strong one, the one in control" Methos spoke calmly, despite the fear suddenly coursing through him. Had he asked too much? Had he pushed the younger man too far? He had to know. He couldn't bear the thought of losing his Highlander...not now. His Highlander? When had that happened? When had he come to think of Duncan as belonging to him, or anyone for that matter? Duncan was, and always would be his own man. What had happened the night before wouldn't and couldn't change that.

Taking a deep breath to try and calm his racing heart Methos spoke again. "Last night doesn't change who you are, Highlander. You don't always have to be the strong one, the one in control. It doesn't make you any less you."

"I know...but..." The Scot stared at his own arm refusing to meet Methos' gaze.

"But nothing" the older man insisted. "You are Duncan MacLeod of the clan MacLeod...and you always will be. I don't need you to give that up. All I ask is that you spare a little of your love for me."

Duncan looked up and green gold eyes met his coffee brown gaze. What he saw there almost broke his heart. Methos' eyes, so expressive and open, had always been the windows to his soul. Duncan would've needed to be blind to miss the pain and sorrow in them. What had he done to hurt the old man so badly? Feeling stupid he thought back and listened to his own conscience. Abruptly he saw everything differently...from his lover's point of view.

Last night, instead of making him suffer for the miserable time they'd spent at the benefit dinner, Methos had shown him a whole new world...and the sex had been great. Hell no, the sex had been incredible. And what had it cost him? Nothing, except giving up control to the person he loved more than anyone else. It all came down to one He'd trusted Methos last night so why did he doubt that choice now. It didn't make sense and a rush of guilt ran through him. Suddenly he knew exactly what he'd done and realised just how much hurt his fears must've caused...and he knew what he needed to do to make amends.

What had Methos asked? Spare a little love for him? Duncan could hardly believe that he'd put his lover in a position where he had to ask it. In 400 years he'd never felt the same way about any other man, and very few women. Those that had got into his soul were all long since dead. There was no one alive he loved more than this cynical oldest immortal. All he had to do now was prove it, and he knew a perfect way.

"Spare a little love?" he asked quietly, "I think we can do better than that."

Duncan watched as emotions flashed through the older man's eyes...pain and fear giving way to hope.

"Better?" Methos asked cautiously. "In what way?"

"Better in that I can spare much more than a little love for you" Duncan smiled lazily, letting his awakening lust show in his rapidly darkening gaze. "I have immeasurable love for you...will you let me show you?"

Methos almost gasped aloud as he took in the hunger his lover was radiating. The previous night, watching the younger man's total surrender and revelling in his trust, he'd realised that he loved this Scot like no other before him. Now as he looked at his chosen partner he saw that love reflected back. Was it possible that Duncan felt the same way about him? And if so, could they live with that? The dangers to both of them, if their relationship became known to other immortals, were all too obvious. And yet, the sheer pleasure of being loved by the Highlander made all the risks seem worthwhile. Methos knew his choice was already made. He would take his chances and take whatever measure of love Duncan could give. Speaking of choices...

"Methos" his lover prompted a little uncertainly. "Will you let me love you?"

Methos knew what was really happening. Duncan wanted and was asking him for his trust, as he had requested the younger man's hours earlier. Slowly, so slowly, totally aware of the parallels with both their initial meeting and the previous night, Methos inclined his head, just once.

Relief flooded through Duncan. For a long moment, as he'd watched the various expressions cross Methos' face, he'd thought that the older man was going to refuse his request, or at least make some excuse, but then he'd acquiesced with that graceful nod. The imagery wasn't lost on Duncan...he knew that by giving his permission in that manner, the same gesture he himself had used, Methos was giving both his assent and his trust. He didn't intend to waste it. Indeed, he planned to worship the older man's body, to make him feel more loved than at any other time in his long life.

Carefully he climbed to his knees, moving until he was settled against the older immortal's side. Picking up Methos' right hand he began, gently rubbing his thumb over and around each one of Methos' long, slender fingers.

"I love your fingers..." he whispered "so strong and supple, yet capable of such tender touches." Raising the hand further he brought it to his mouth. "It feels so good when you run them through my hair." One by one he took each finger into the hot depths, sucking gently, grazing along the skin with his teeth and running his tongue around and around the tip. Releasing the last finger he turned the hand over and pressed his closed lips to the centre of the palm.

"I love your hands..." he continued his monologue "so skilful and hardworking, yet infinitely gentle. Capable of bringing both life and death...each callus a momento." Tenderly he licked his way across the outstretched palm, taking special care not to miss a spot. "These hands, your hands, hands that last night tortured me so exquisitely, then showed me ecstasy. " Using his tongue he followed the long lifeline, until he reached Methos' wrist.

"I love your wrists...slender and graceful, yet strong enough to wield a sword." Duncan held Methos' wrist in his fingers, stroking the pulse point with his thumb. "Your pulse beats so strongly here." He leant down, pressing another kiss to the skin above the pulsing vein, feeling it race against his pursed lips. Moving on he licked and nibbled his way up the tender flesh of Methos' forearm to the inside of his elbow.

"I love your arms...tempered, not muscle-bound. I love it when they hold me...comfort me...protect me." Again he continued his steady progress, flicking his tongue lightly along Methos' inner arm. He stopped once, biting down harder, leaving a vivid red mark on the pale skin. The older man gasped, but said nothing and made no attempt to pull his arm away. Gently Duncan licked the rapidly fading mark, easing the sting, before turning to nuzzle deep into Methos' underarm.

"I love your scent...clean and spicy, yet oh so masculine. It always reminds me of sunshine and heat..." Duncan drew his tongue slowly across that ticklish area, mercilessly teasing, feeling the older man squirm and stifle a giggle, "...but mostly of sex." Slowly he moved to straddle Methos' waist, careful to place most of his weight on his knees. Once settled he returned his attentions to his task, resuming where he had left off, with Methos' shoulder.

"I love your shoulders...broad and well proportioned...yet strong enough to carry the weight of the world." As Duncan spoke he gently massaged the muscles between shoulder and neck feeling the tension easing away under his skilled hands. "I love wrapping my arms around them." Once again he felt an undeniable urge to bite, to leave his mark, however briefly, on the soft skin. He leaned forward and began kissing and nipping his way to the hollow of Methos' throat.

"I love your elegant, so graceful...yet ultimately vulnerable" Duncan began a slow progression of lick, kiss then suck, leaving a trail of red marks behind, like a necklace on the pale skin. This elicited a quiet moan from his lover and he arched his head back to allow better access. "I still can't believe that you trust me...that you let me do this...and I wonder what I did to deserve such an honour." Duncan continued his lazy progress until he reached the older immortal's ear.

"I love your perfect and neat." Duncan trailed his tongue around the edge of the ear, stopping to bite gently on the lobe. "Every time I see them, I want to lick them and play with them." Duncan tugged a little harder on the lobe before moving up and darting his tongue into the dark central channel causing Methos to gasp and writhe beneath him. Satisfied with this reaction Duncan continued nuzzling his way onto his lover's forehead. Gently he pressed kisses to the older man's temples, raising his hands to stroke the close trimmed hair.

"I love your hair. It feels like velvet to my touch." Carefully he grasped the back of Methos' head twisting the short stands about his fingers. "I love to hold it when you kneel and take me in your mouth." Duncan felt the older man tense and released one hand sitting back to look into his lover's eyes. "What's wrong?" Duncan could see the raw need in those glazed orbs. Slowly he reached down to stroke his own hard flesh watching his partner trying to wriggle to reach it. "Is this what you want, old man?" Methos didn't speak, but Duncan could read the affirmative in the frantic look that the older man gave him. "Not yet. I still haven't finished proving how much I love you. We'll have plenty of time for that later. Now close your eyes...and feel my love." With a final pleading look Methos obeyed the Highlander's request, relaxing back into the pillow and closing his eyes. Duncan leaned forward again, and gently brushed his lips across each closed lid.

"I love your open and expressive...sometimes green and sometimes gold. I love to watch them dance with joy, or darken with passion." Slowly Duncan moved down to rub noses with Methos.

"I love your nose..." Methos pulled back slightly and would have spoken, but Duncan was ready for him. He put a finger over his lover's lips and continued to speak. "...I know you don't like it, but I do. It's part of you and I wouldn't change it for anything." He gave the much-maligned appendage a lingering kiss and a final lick before sliding lower and running his tongue slowly over his lover's sensuous lips.

"I love your hot and welcoming." He brushed a quick kiss over the soft lips. "I love to feel your lips against feel them open to my slip my tongue into those waiting depths..." each description was punctuated as he carried out the action being described. " taste you...I love to kiss you, until we're gasping for air." Duncan slid one hand behind Methos' head and lifted it until their lips met. The kiss, which started gently, rapidly deepened, becoming almost too intense. Two tongues met and duelled for supremacy, probing and tasting as they slid against each other. For long minutes the world was forgotten, nothing mattering except the pleasure and sensations being generated. Eventually it had to end, even immortals needing to breathe. Duncan was the first to pull away, leaving his lover panting. He looked down into Methos' wide-open, wild looking eyes and seeing his swollen lips he smiled wickedly.

"There's another place I love to feel your mouth." He sat back letting the older immortal see his tumid shaft. "See how it wants you. Would you like to touch it, to taste it? Do you know how wild you make me when you run your tongue round it and suck it...when you take it deep in your throat? Is that what you want now?"


Methos moaned and reached out with both hands. He wanted...needed to touch the Highlander's cock, to tease it, to taste the fluid leaking from its enlarged tip.

"No!" Duncan grabbed the older man's arms, stretching them out and pinning them to the bed with his own. "I'm not finished yet."

"Mac...Duncan...please" Methos managed to gasp.

"Not yet." Taking pity on his mate, Duncan moved their arms until he had the older man's pinned by his side. Lifting his hips Duncan slid slowly backwards until he was lying full length above Methos, his legs spread, straddling his lover's and their cocks resting together between their overheated groins. "Better?" he whispered.

"Mmm" Methos couldn't seem to make his mouth form any words. He raised his hips thrusting against his lover, trying to find the friction he so desperately craved. Fluid leaking from their swollen cocks left streaks on their skin, adding moist slickness to the sliding sensation. Duncan let him, content for the moment to enjoy the sheer pleasure of it. Soon, though, it became too much, pushing him close to the edge and he had to pull away, sitting back up onto the older man's thighs until he'd regained his control. Below him Methos groaned in frustration and bucked, straining to recapture the lost stimulation.

His own desires reined in Duncan resumed his slow seduction. He pushed Methos' arms further down on to the bed before releasing them, indicating that the older man wasn't to move them. Then he leaned forward and carefully pinched his lover's right nipple between his finger and thumb. Lazily he rolled the sensitive teat, feeling it shiver to erectness at his touch. Switching his attention to the opposite nipple he bent down and flicked it with his tongue, watching as it too began to swell. Almost immediately he took it between his teeth using his tongue to circle the quivering little pebble.

"I love your sensitive and responsive. I love the way they harden to my touch." Carefully, keeping the taut little nub between his lips he turned his head to rest his ear on the older man's chest. "I particularly love playing with this one...I can hear your heart from here." For several seconds he continued teasing the tightly beaded nipple, alternating swift licks with hard sucking, until his lover was unable to restrain himself and arched up against him. Feeling this response Duncan relented a little and released the straining flesh. Slowly he moved his attentions lower, ensuring that he didn't miss a spot of the almost hairless skin beneath him.

"I love your lean, yet strong and muscular." Duncan slid his hands over the flat chest to inch down each side of the older man's sides and his roving tongue moved southwards, following the lean lines of the flat abdomen until it reached the sensitive naval waiting there. He slipped it inside to tease the ticklish flesh within feeling his lover arch against him once more. "I love the way it tapers down to your waist." Giving the tortured hollow a final nuzzle, Duncan sat up and looked at his partner.

Methos lay in the same position he had been placed, but the strain of maintaining it was beginning to show. Every muscle was tense, his body arched and his hands held in tight fists at his side. He'd thrown his head back and closed his eyes. If Duncan hadn't known better he might've thought that the expression on his lover's face was one of pain rather than pleasure. Deciding to give a brief respite to allow Methos to regain some of his weakening control he slid backwards until he sat almost on the older man's ankles. This done he returned his attentions to his adoration.

"I love your narrow." Carefully avoiding the straining erection he ran his hands over the ivory skin tracing the lines of the hard bone. "I love to feel them move against me" he continued. His voice dropped to a seductive whisper as he added "And I love to hold them when I thrust into you." Beneath him he felt the older man groan and flex the aforementioned pelvis and he leaned down to kiss the point of the solid bone. Slowly he began to trail his tongue along the outside of Methos' right hip continuing on down the outside of his leg. At the same time he ran the tip of one finger along the same path on the older man's left leg mimicking the actions of his tongue.

"I love your thighs...not overly large, yet so powerful. I love to feel them wrapped round my neck and shoulders when I'm sucking you off."

Methos gasped aloud. The Highlander rarely used such crude comments, especially in the bedroom. He wondered briefly if the younger immortal was aware just how much that turned him on. What was he thinking? Of course he did! He knew exactly what effect his words were having and what he was doing. Methos had soon realised his intentions, and if Duncan wanted to talk him to orgasm, with his own version of phone sex then who was he to stop him. After all it wasn't as if he wasn't enjoying the experience.

Gods! What next? The Highlander had continued his motions moving lower down his legs. Twin sensations, the hot, exquisite wetness that cooled rapidly and the warm silky caress, so similar in their actions and yet so different in their feel continued. The contrast tantalised his senses, raising his arousal to a level he had rarely achieved and could barely stand. The tormenting tongue reached lower and he heard his lover whisper something about loving his calves. Then the younger immortal reached his feet and lifting one licked once along the instep. All coherent thought left him as, making a sound suspiciously like a rapidly suppressed giggle, he practically reared off the bed, the tickling almost too much for his over-stressed senses.

Duncan watched this reaction with amusement, well aware of the moment the older man lost the ability to think rationally. Lazily he licked the surprisingly tender skin again before sucking one long toe into his mouth. Releasing it briefly he continued his narrative.

"I love your long and slender, like your hands. Feet that have worked hard for five millennia." He took one sensitive toe into his mouth and sucked before continuing, "I wonder how far they have walked, and through how many countries." Placing a final kiss on the end of the toe he'd just sucked he moved to the next, repeating the pattern. At the same time his other hand traced over the pressure points of the other foot, massaging each in turn until he felt the older man gradually start to relax into his ministrations. An evil smile crossed his face as he sat up. It was time to up the ante and finish this. His own level of arousal was becoming harder to control and he wanted Methos more than he'd ever done before. Gently he put one hand behind his lover's knee and pushed up until he could place the foot flat on the bed. He repeated this with the other leg, spreading them wide apart, opening his lover to him, then moved to kneel between them. He watched as Methos unclenched his fists and placed his hands flat on the bed at his sides, using them to lever himself up slightly and spreading his legs even wider apart, willingly offering himself to the younger man.

Duncan gasped and felt his own aching shaft twitch at this overtly sexual display. The level of trust this, the oldest of the immortals, was offering him was more than he'd ever dared to hope or even dream. Suddenly he was acutely aware of what the relationship meant to him and how much he loved this unplanned and unexpected partner. He would never have believed that he could love another man this way. Yet, here they were and he couldn't remember a time he'd seen a more erotic sight than the incredible masculinity displayed so invitingly before him. Taking a deep breath and gathering what little shreds of control he still possessed, Duncan began his slow progress towards his goal.

A kiss, a quick flick of tongue and then a light nip on the inside of Methos' ankle elicited a soft moan from the older man. Rather pleased with this reaction Duncan echoed the process on the opposite ankle, receiving an even greater response. A third repeat of the process a little higher than the first and his lover whimpered aloud. Duncan continued the pattern, each time moving further towards his lover's centre of need until he reached and teased the back of one raised knee.

"I love your legs..." he managed in a hoarse whisper, " taut and muscular, hardened over five thousand years. I love to stroke them and squeeze feel the muscles contract and relax under my touch...And I love it when you wrap them round me and crush us together...pull me deeper...deeper than I ever thought possible."

Returning to his previous cycle of actions Duncan continued upwards to the top of one long leg, where he broke the pattern, running his tongue slowly along the crease. He watched as his lover's rigid flesh jumped in anticipation and a little fluid leaked out. Leaning closer he blew a gentle stream of warm air across the head causing his lover to shiver and moan before unhurriedly drawing his tongue upwards from the base. When he reached the edge of the protective hood he began swirling his tongue in lazy circles, gradually moving closer and closer to the sensitive tip. Methos moaned again and arched higher, trying to increase this maddeningly insufficient stimulation but to no avail...Duncan simply placed his powerful hands on his hips and held him still as he continued the delicious torment.

Eventually this wasn't enough. Leaving one hand in place to maintain the restraint, Duncan used the other to ease the foreskin back, away from the hot, swollen head of his lover's engorged shaft and flicked his tongue across the exposed tip tasting the sweet liquid seeping from it. Methos moaned loudly and made a grab for his partner's hands. The Highlander let him, briefly squeezing each hand before placing them palm up at the older man's sides. Before Methos could protest Duncan lifted his ass and drew the errant hands inwards to rest underneath. Carefully he lowered the older immortal back down ending with one of his own hands flat on top of each of Methos' and the backs of his hands under one firm buttock apiece. Now he had control again. Methos couldn't move his hands unless he let him and by propping himself up on his elbows he had unhindered access to his lover's manhood. For a few seconds he held the position, watching the pulse throb through the straining shaft in front of him. Then he moved forward and in one smooth motion took the entire length deep into his throat.

Methos couldn't help himself. As the burning heat of the Scot's mouth engulfed his aching member he screamed aloud, the sound breaking off into a strangled sob. His lover gave him no respite, continuing the delicious torment sucking and licking his rigid cock mercilessly. Occasionally he gently scraped his teeth backward along the turgid shaft and flicked his tongue into the sensitive slit at its tip before plunging back down its length. Methos felt his entire world contract until there was nothing left except the burning heat in his loins and the incredible sensations being generated there. He tried to move, to raise his hips higher and drive his engorged flesh further and deeper, but he could gain no leverage and found himself unable. He growled his frustration, a growl that was rapidly replaced by short harsh pants.

Duncan watched Methos carefully as he continued his ministrations, enjoying the total abandon with which his partner responded and at the same time monitoring his level of arousal. Each time he felt the older man approaching orgasm he would slow his movements, holding back his lover's release and drawing out the pleasure as long as possible. Above him he could hear Methos' irregular, rasping pants interspersed with incoherent sounds that might once have been words. With a final hard suck he pulled his head back, releasing the full, throbbing erection which now stood upright in its nest of tight curls.

"I love your long and so thick. I love to feel it throb in my mouth... and thrust deep into my throat. And I love to taste take all that you have...I never want to waste a drop." He reached out and trailed the tip of his tongue slowly from the leaking head to the thick base, and continued down to the swollen sacs behind. Gently he rolled the full, heavy balls, taking first one then the other into his mouth, feeling them tighten even further as they drew up preparing to release their load.

"Please...please" he heard Methos beg huskily, the words barely audible above his laboured breathing. "More...I need more...please...Duncan."

It was the younger immortal's turn to gasp now. His partner rarely used his given name, saving it for really important times...the life threatening, or life changing ones...or on those all too rare occasions when he relaxed five thousand years of control and allowed himself to just feel. The Scot knew how hard Methos found that and was almost totally awed that he trusted him to that extent. Determined to prove himself worthy of that trust, he gave the heavy sac a last long lick and eased backwards. He pulled his hands out from under the older man, moved them to the slim hips and lifted, allowing him his first sight of his goal. Before he could reach for a pillow to support his lover, Methos made that unnecessary. The older immortal placed one hand beneath each of his buttocks and locked his elbows to support his weight. Once balanced he used his long fingers to pull the firm mounds as far apart as possible, opening his most secret of places to his lover.

Duncan watched this alluring display in amazement. He'd long since discovered that, when he wished to, the oldest immortal could make seduction into an art form, but this went beyond even that. Despite having seen numerous exotic dancers and sex shows in his 400 years Duncan had never experienced anything more erotic than the sight of his lover holding himself open and ready for him. He gulped hard, forcing down his own immediate reaction, determined to finish the game he'd started.

Removing his own hands from their position he pulled back onto his knees, wanting to see his partner's exhibition from all angles. Whilst upright he took the opportunity to retrieve a bottle of oil from its place in the bedside cabinet drawer and opened it. The scent of sandalwood filled the room and Methos moaned...the familiar aroma a promise of what was to follow. Carefully placing the bottle within easy reach Duncan lay back down between the older man's outstretched legs and touched a single fingertip to the sensitive spot behind his straining balls. Slowly, very slowly he drew the finger down to the puckered opening below, circling it and teasing it with light stroking motions but never trying to enter the portal.

"I love your hot and so tight. I love being inside you, riding you...feeling it contract around me...squeezing me." Duncan's skilled tongue replaced the finger teasing his lover's entrance, feeling it flex as the older man tried to increase the stimulation.

"Do you want me?" he managed to ask hoarsely. "Do you want me inside you...taking you...filling you?"

"Please...Mac...please" Methos begged, desperation evident in every word at the apparently never ending torment. His whole body was taut, straining upward, craving the release so long denied.

"Do you need me?" Duncan whispered as he continued tantalising the sensitive rosebud.

"Oh Gods...yes...yes...YES!" Methos managed a hoarse shout as Duncan finally slipped his probing tongue past the tight ring of muscle into his hot core. He bucked uncontrollably against the long awaited intruder pulling himself even further open in a vain attempt to increase the depth of penetration.

Duncan grabbed the older man's hips, holding him still whilst he continued pleasuring him, enjoying the keening sounds emerging from his frantic partner. Determined to ensure that Methos felt no discomfort from their union, he persisted until he felt the muscles relaxing. Then with a last lingering kiss to this his lover's tender aperture he pulled back to retrieve the bottle of oil.

"No...don't stop...please...don't stop..."

"Soon. I just need to..." Duncan replied as he poured the fragrant oil into his hands.

"Damn it, Mac...Take me...Take me...Now."

"Soon love...soon. I promise." Duncan used one slippery finger to spread the oil around his lover's entrance, preparing the way.

" close"

"I know baby, I know. Not long now." Carefully he inserted the probing finger into the older man's heat and twisted it gently, lubricating and stretching the hot channel.

"More...Gods Mac...I need more." Methos cried out in protest as Duncan withdrew the single digit, only to feel it replaced with two.

Gradually Duncan eased his fingers into the now slick depths, seeking the sensitive gland he knew lay within. Finding it and brushing over it he was rewarded as his lover arched backward moaning wildly. Refusing to be hurried he added another finger, continuing his patient finger fucking until he was certain his lover was ready for him. At the same time with his free hand he oiled his own engorged flesh feeling it pulse wildly at his touch.

Knowing his increasingly fragile hold on control was waning he removed his fingers. Swiftly he lifted his partner's legs, bringing them up to rest the calves on his shoulders. As he placed his straining shaft at his lover's eager entrance he felt Methos cross his ankles behind his neck.

"Now Mac...take me, now." Methos snaked his hands round his tormentor's hips grabbing the firm mounds and pulling as he tried to force the Scot to move. Finally the Highlander gave him what he so desperately required and, inch by incredible inch, buried the entire length of his engorged cock.

"Ohh yeesss" Methos hissed.

For several seconds Duncan held himself still, simply enjoying the feeling of being held deep inside his lover's tight sheath. All too soon this wasn't enough and slowly, so slowly, he began to move.

Holding his partner's hips for support he rocked gently back, pressed forward, then repeated the motions. Each time he eased out until only the head of his straining shaft remained cocooned in the heat that was Methos and he felt the oiled skin of his erection cool in the still chilly air only to thrust back into those fiery depths. He threw his head back and closed his eyes, reveling in the awesome feelings that almost overwhelmed him as he slowly and deliciously fucked the incredible immortal beneath him. Never, even in his wildest fantasies had he imagined this...never dreamt that he could feel so much passion for another man. He felt his control start to slip and knew that he wouldn't last much longer.

Opening his eyes he looked down and met his lover's dark gaze, seeing raw need evident in their depths.

"Please Mac" Methos whispered hoarsely "Please, finish it." Holding the Highlander's ass and forcing him even deeper, he deliberately tightened his gluteal muscles knowing that this would drive the younger man wild.

Duncan gasped aloud as he felt the burning channel clamp down on his swollen steel. Aroused beyond any form of restraint, his self-control failing, he released his grip on the narrow hips. Leaning froward he placed his hands on either side of his lover's head, trapping his partner's aching shaft between their stomachs.

"Are you ready, old man?" he asked roughly as he thrust his rigid sex into the pliant form below.

"Yes!" Methos managed a reply as the first thrust pounded into him. "Yes...more...oh please...harder"

Duncan quickly found a rhythm, driving his turgid flesh into the dark, willing passage over and over again, each thrust punctuated with Methos' pleas for more. The older man's cock wept, smearing their bellies with his excitement, as Duncan rode him faster and harder than he'd ever dared before.

Suddenly he was there, right there. Duncan felt his balls draw up, tightening in preparation, and with his last vestiges of control he fought to hold off his climax, determined to wait, to bring his lover with him.

"Do you want it?" he growled into the older man's ear.

"Yes Duncan...Oh yes" Methos gasped knowing he was close.

"Do you want me?" Duncan snarled. That was all it took.

"Now love, now!" Methos managed to croak as the long awaited climax ripped through him. He threw his head back, mouth open in a silent scream as his wanton body took control and his pulsating manhood covered their bellies with semen.

Seeing Methos' ecstasy and feeling the violent contractions around his straining sex Duncan abandoned himself to pleasure and exploded, flooding his lover with his molten seed, the passionate storm taking away his last coherent thoughts. The world around them ceased to exist as his soul reached out to join its mate in euphoric delirium.

For an indeterminate time neither immortal moved, oblivious to anything except the other, as the aftershocks of their mutual pleasure rippled through them. Eventually Duncan became aware of the tremors running through his lover's over-stressed legs. Carefully he withdrew his softening member and lay down beside Methos, gently pulling him into his arms and causing the older man to groan softly.

"Methos? Are you all right?" he asked worriedly, remembering the unrestrained passion they had shared.

"Mmm...I will be" the older man mumbled.

"Oh God, love. I'm sorry. I hurt you. I never meant..." Methos silenced him with a finger on his lips.

"You didn't"

"You're sure?" the younger man sounded uncertain.

"Yes...I'm sure."

"Good." Duncan fell silent, but Methos knew that there was still something he wanted to say.

"Was there something else?" he asked softly.

"There's something I have to know?" Duncan said hesitantly.


"Was that good enough?" Duncan murmured.

"What? The sex?" Methos sounded confused.

"No. Not exactly," Duncan tried to explain. "Last night you asked me if I belonged to you. Now I need to know...did I earn you? Did I earn the right to call you mine?"

Finally Methos understood and he relaxed into his lover's arms. Meeting the younger man's eyes he answered carefully determined to convince him of his sincerity.

"Yes, you earned that right!"

"Then you are mine?" he still sounded uncertain.

"I am." Methos reached out and took his partner's hand squeezing it gently.

"Always?" New hope and love shone in the younger man's eyes as he asked for his lover's promise.

"Yours, Duncan." Methos answered truthfully. "Forever yours."

The End