by Sals


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This story is one of a pair of PWPs...the other is set the morning after this one.

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Methos lay sprawled on the couch listening to the sounds of his lover showering. The Highlander had offered to share, but had found himself turned down rather abruptly by the older man. They'd spent the night at a benefit organised by one of Duncan's friends, a formal event requiring dinner jackets and bow ties. Methos still wasn't quite sure why he'd agreed to accompany Duncan, but he'd regretted it all evening. Even the beer had been awful. By the time they'd returned to the loft he'd sunk into a major sulk. The younger immortal had tried every trick he knew to break his lover's mood, eventually promising to do anything to make it up to him later.

Now the oldest immortal was considering what he wanted. He could ask Duncan for an expensive present or to wait on him hand and foot but neither of those options really excited him. No, whatever payment he extracted from the Highlander had to be memorable and something special. Methos let his thoughts drift considering various possibilities. Inevitably though his mind soon returned to its favourite subject. Before he even realised it Methos was picturing his lover, his long, wet hair hanging around his shoulders, as torrents of water flowed over naked, golden skin.

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard the water in the shower stop. Suddenly he knew exactly what form his recompense would take. Duncan had promised him anything he wanted and he intended to take that promise in its most literal sense.

Moving silently Methos crossed to the bathroom, opened the door and slipped inside. He was just in time to see his younger lover turn and open the shower door. Grinning Methos held out his hand and pulled the still wet body towards him. He took a fresh towel from the rack and carefully began rubbing the tanned skin dry.

"Methos?" Duncan sounded confused. "I thought I was going to take care of you tonight."

"You are!" Methos' spoke directly into Duncan's ear, the warm air wafting across the moist earlobe causing the Scot to shiver. "You're going to do everything I tell you to...and nothing else."

Duncan swallowed hard. Never before had Methos used that tone of voice with him. His heart rate jumped, and the first stirrings of arousal made itself felt in his groin.

"Nothing?" Duncan was surprised to find his voice only a hoarse whisper.

"Nothing!" Methos confirmed in a louder commanding tone. "For the next few hours you will obey me in every way. Do you agree?"

Duncan didn't answer and Methos reached out to turn his head until he could look into his eyes. Green gold eyes met and held his mate's gaze without flinching, waiting patiently for his lover to make his choice. As Methos watched he saw indecision, uncertainty and not a little fear in those deep brown pools. Duncan's wish to please his lover was being balanced against suspending his naturally dominant nature. Methos knew that if his plan was to work he needed Duncan's total and complete surrender. When it seemed that no decision was forthcoming from the younger man he realised that perhaps he hadn't asked the correct question. There was, after all, only one question that really needed answering.

"It's a simple choice, Duncan" he spoke quietly. "Do you trust me?"

Once Methos had stated the question in that form Duncan realised that there was no alternative. The decision was already made and had been from the moment he'd accepted Methos' past and invited the oldest immortal back into his life as both friend and lover. Slowly, very slowly he inclined his head, just once.

Methos almost gasped aloud, that single movement revealing the true depth of trust that this most honourable of all the immortals had for the one who had been Death. He felt his heart fill with love for his Highland Warrior. Taking a deep breath he finished drying his partner and then threw the damp towel into the laundry basket.

"Stay there" he commanded as he crossed behind his lover and retrieved a small bottle of scented oil from the bathroom cabinet, checking as his did so that it was of the edible variety. Turning back to face the other man he stopped, almost awed at the image he saw before him. Duncan stood exactly where he had left him, facing away from him, with his damp hair hanging loosely about his broad shoulders. Methos watched a small drop of water slip free of the dark tresses and roll down the golden skin of his back. When it reached the slim waist it seemed to pause, as if making sure that it had the full attention of the observer, before continuing its slow progress downwards to disappear between the firm buttocks.

The eroticism of this simple vision was overwhelming and Methos couldn't prevent his own body reacting. He could feel his heart beating hard...so hard that it felt like it was trying to burst out of its confinement. The blood raced through him, heating and flushing his normally pale skin. Every nerve felt like it was on fire and even breathing seemed an unnecessary effort.

Fighting his own body, Methos forced his arousal down. If he wanted his plans to work he was going to have to be in full control at all times. Once he'd bridled his rebellious libido he stepped around his motionless captive. Carefully he removed the cork stopper from the glass bottle and the scent of sandalwood filled the air. He poured a small amount of oil into his palm before gently he reaching out and taking one of the Highlander's large hands in his own slim fingers. Tenderly he stroked his way from the base to the tip of each finger spreading a thin coat of glistening oil. When each digit was covered Methos moved on to the palms, his fingertips sliding gently over the calluses formed by years of sword practice. Slowly and steadily he continued his task, working upwards until the whole limb was coated.

He then switched to the opposite side of his partner and repeated the process, oiling the Scot's other arm. Releasing this second arm Methos glanced around the room considering possible locations. His searching gaze stopped on the open door. Taking one of the large hands in his own and retrieving the bottle of oil, he led his quiescent partner over to the doorway turning him to stand in front of him facing into the bathroom. Lifting the unresisting hand he raised it high and brought it to rest near the top of the wooden frame. Then he lifted Duncan's other arm positioning it on the other side of the frame. He leaned forward, bringing his mouth close to the Scot's ear.

"Do not move" he growled quietly.

Duncan could barely believe what was happening. How had he got himself into this position and what was he going to do about it? Never before had he voluntarily given anyone his body and his will in such a way. What was it about this enigmatic immortal that he had such power over him.

He felt movement behind him and wondered what the older man planned to do next. He felt his long hair lifted and a kiss being placed on the nape of his neck before the fingers returned, rubbing more oil over his neck, shoulders and upper back. As the oil spread Duncan became more and more aware of his body's reaction. Each caress of his lover's hands spread slippery warmth and his skin, already tingling from the warm water of his shower, seemed to be heating of its own accord. Every nerve ending felt super sensitive and the calluses on the older immortal's hands simply added to the tactile pleasure of the moment. Muscles in his back contracted and relaxed at their passing without his conscious control.

Slowly the hands swept lower spreading oil over his firm buttocks. On the next pass one long finger slipped quickly in and out of the dark crevice between them. This action, so casual, almost as if accidental, was Duncan's undoing. He gasped, the convulsive movement almost over balancing him, and grabbed the doorframe tightly in both hands to stay upright. His legs trembled for a second or two and threatened to buckle before he could control them. He felt his semi-erect cock swell and fill with blood.

A second slippery finger followed the first, gliding over his most responsive portal. Unconsciously he eased he feet outwards, widening his stance to increase the ease of access. He was dimly aware of a quiet chuckle before the probing fingers again crossed his ass and slid forwards to tease the sensitive skin below it.

"Methos...please," Duncan pleaded, not really sure what he was asking for but knowing he needed more.

Abruptly the soft caresses ceased and he felt the older immortal move to stand behind him.

"I said you will do nothing unless I order it," Methos growled into his ear, "and that includes talking."

A small sound of frustration escaped the younger man's lips until he resolutely clamped them shut determined to obey his tormentor's orders.

"Good. That's more like it," Methos murmured as he returned to kneeling behind Duncan. He was amazed at how well his Highland Warrior was taking to this new role. He'd hoped that perhaps the proud Scot might be able to give up some part of his control to him, but this total surrender was way beyond even his dreams. Careful to keep his touch as neutral as possible he quickly finished oiling the back of Duncan's legs.

A final appraising look and Methos was content that this first part of his preparation was complete. He squeezed back into the bathroom past Duncan's legs and stood to survey his captive. The Highlander stood tall, with his arms braced above his head, his head flung back and his eyes closed. His skin was flushed and his breath was coming in short gasps. Continuing his slow study Methos' eyes followed the dark hair down the flat stomach muscles to his lover's groin. Duncan's thick cock was hard and weeping, the purple colour of the head becoming visible behind the protective hood. Unable to resist Methos leaned down and blew a gentle stream of air across the weeping tip. He was rewarded with a sharp twitch of the swollen member and an appreciative moan. Slowly he leaned forward and ran his tongue along the prominent vein from base to tip. This time the moan was louder. Duncan's cock jumped violently and this was followed by an involuntary thrust of the slim hips towards the teasing mouth.

Methos chuckled even as his own body reacted to the erotic sight before him. So far things were going exactly to his plan and now it was time for stage two. Slowly he stood and stepped away from the younger man.

"Look at me, Highlander" he commanded. "Open your eyes and look at me."

It took several seconds, but eventually Duncan forced his eyes open and he managed to focus his gaze on the oldest immortal. Methos stood in the middle of the bathroom staring with undisguised lust at the form before him. He was still wearing the shirt and trousers that he'd worn to the benefit, although he'd removed his jacket and footwear. As the younger man watched he reached into his pocket and removed a small leather strap.

Suddenly Duncan became aware of his own nudity and vulnerability and he could feel each beat of his racing heart as if it throbbed in his now rigid member. Looking into those green gold eyes he met not the familiar gaze of his lover, but the sharp looks of a hunter closing in on its prey. To his surprise he wasn't frightened by this realisation. Indeed his own level of arousal crept even higher and his cock hardened to a degree he wouldn't have believed possible before this night. A desperate moan escaped him before he could prevent it.

"What's wrong?" Methos asked. He stepped forward taking the shaft of Duncan's penis in his long fingers, trailing the length of leather across the tip. "Can't you wait? Is this too much for you?" He asked as he squeezed and pulled the silken rod. "I think you could use a little help."

Swiftly he took the leather, wrapped it tightly round the base of Duncan's erection and tied it off carefully with a slipknot. "That should keep you nicely" he murmured to himself.

Duncan made no attempt to stop the whimper that escaped him. Never had he felt so desperate for release, and yet, never had he wanted so much to delay it. He still didn't know what Methos was planning but if what had gone before was anything to judge by it would be worth the wait.

Methos picked up the bottle and resumed his oiling of the Highlander's body. Taking pity on his extremely aroused lover he started with his feet and legs carefully avoiding his groin as he did so. Once this was finished he pushed each leg sideways encouraging Duncan to move until he had one foot braced in each bottom corner of the doorway.

Satisfied he stood up again and studied his captive. What he saw almost made him come then and there and he had to clamp down hard on his arousal again. At some point Duncan had reached his arms even further upwards until they were pressed into the upper corners of the doorjamb. His Highlander was standing spread-eagled in the doorway, his head thrown backwards, long hair cascading behind him, and his eyes closed, awaiting his fate.

Regaining control of his burning hunger, Methos stepped forward. His gaze was drawn to the hollow of Duncan's neck, so trustingly offered, and Methos just couldn't help himself...he had to taste it...he had to. Carefully leaning closer he licked the sensitive skin of this, an immortal's, most vulnerable spot, tasting the essence that was so much part of his lover. As Duncan moaned loudly and leaned his head even further back, exposing every inch of tender skin, Methos felt the vibration in the end of his teasing tongue. Understanding Duncan's unspoken plea Methos kissed and licked a path along the exposed neckline. He stopped briefly to give special attention to the point where Duncan's racing pulse could be felt throbbing under the skin, before continuing his meticulous progress towards the Highlander's ear. Softly he sucked on the lobe then ran his tongue over each ridge before slipping it briefly into the dark interior. Withdrawing it again he blew air over the damp skin causing Duncan to shiver. Rather pleased with this response, Methos returned to the hollow of this elegant neck and repeated his actions until he reached the opposite ear, eliciting an even more vigorous shiver and another moan.

Shifting his attentions again, Methos poured more oil into his palms and began to cover Duncan's broad shoulders and chest. With his hands he gently massaged the well-developed pectorals, feeling the powerful muscles contract and relax under his touch. Slowly he began to move his fingers in a circling motion one hand on either side of the firm chest. He let his hands drift gradually inwards towards the swollen nipples until finally he brushed across them with just the tip of a finger. He was rewarded with a loud gasp as the Highlander arched his body towards him trying to increase the stimulation. Always happy to oblige, Methos grasped one slippery nub and began rolling it between his oily fingers, where it soon became even harder than before. Satisfied with this reaction, Methos turned his attention to the other nipple. Slowly he leaned forward and ran the tip of his tongue over the protruding nub. His mouth was filled with the taste of his Highlander's skin, this time combined with that of the oil. Carefully he closed his lips and used his tongue and teeth, nipping gently, causing the nub to harden painfully. Above him he heard the Highlander whimper and a shudder ran through the powerful body.

Releasing both nipples Methos continued spreading the oil downward over the flat stomach muscles. He paused briefly to circle and probe the neat hollow in the Scot's abdomen before following the arrow of dark hair down to his main target.

Settling down onto his knees Methos looked at the sight before him. The Highlander's cock was swollen and weeping, its purple tip now clearly seen as it protruded from its sheltering fleshy cowl and precum dripped freely from it. Around the base of the shaft the leather strap remained tightly tied.

For a moment Methos froze, fighting his body's need for immediate release and unable to truly believe what he was seeing. Duncan MacLeod of the clan MacLeod...lady-killer...the very name was synonymous with rampant heterosexuality...and yet...and yet, the great lover had accepted him, Methos, male in every way, as his lover. And it hadn't been a one off event brought about by an alcoholic haze. Duncan MacLeod had seduced him, deliberately, with determination he'd rarely seen before. Their first time had been slow and delicious, neither asking more than the other could give. Later they'd tried the rougher, more demanding side of sex, but never once had either lost sight of the other's needs. Tonight...tonight Duncan had given control of his body to his lover in a way Methos hadn't even dreamed possible. When he had started this he really didn't expect the Highlander's total submission...at best he'd hoped for a partial surrender. Once again the younger immortal had amazed him with the level of trust he offered. His own arousal back under tight control and determined to prove himself worthy of such trust Methos returned his attention to pleasuring his lover.

Using one finger Methos collected some of the fluid leaking from the tip of the weeping cock, his touch causing it to jump. Bringing his hand to his mouth he licked the finger clean, savouring the bittersweet taste of his lover. It wasn't enough. Leaning forward he ran his tongue from the base to the tip, pausing when he got there to tease the slit at its head. Above him he heard the Highlander gasp, his breath now coming in shallow pants. Taking pity on his captive, he relaxed his throat muscles and took in as much of his rigid cock as possible. He closed his lips tightly, feeling the Highlander's pulse throbbing in the swollen shaft.

Duncan groaned aloud and flexed his powerful hips trying to push even further into the warmth of his tormentor's mouth. Never before had he been so painfully aroused. Every one of Methos' touches sent another wave of desire through his tortured body. His entire world had shrunk to just the feel of those talented hands and mouth on his skin. Another strong suck on his cock set the room spinning again and he had to lock his knees and cling to the doorframe to keep from falling. He was close, so close... just one more touch. The leather strap around his shaft held tight, preventing him finding the release he so desperately craved. A final suck and the heat of that wonderful mouth was removed. He cried out his frustration, not caring who heard. A quiet chuckle and several shuffling noises were his only answer. Suddenly he felt a body moving in between his splayed legs. Then he felt the incredible heat of that mouth and the skilful hands return and lost any trace of coherent thought.

Methos had quickly shed his remaining clothes and moved round until he was sitting on his knees behind and under Duncan's legs. From this position the Highlander was completely open to him. Tilting his head back he used the end of his nose to tease the sensitive skin behind the younger man's balls, feeling the muscles underneath clench reflexively. Carefully he took first one then the other testicle into his mouth, sucking gently and running his tongue lovingly around them, continuing the exquisite torture until he felt them begin to draw up preparing to release their load. Freeing them he eased back onto his heels giving his lover a few moments to pull back from the edge. The Highlander's legs were trembling uncontrollably his breathing short laboured pants. His was whimpering continuously, almost incoherent pleas escaping as he lost control of both body and mind under the skilful attention of the oldest immortal.

"Soon Duncan...Soon" Methos whispered, the first words he had spoken for some time. "Be patient, love."

He reached up and took one firm, golden skinned buttock in each hand, easing them even further apart to gaze at his lover's most secret of places. Slowly, reverently he leaned forward and blew across the tight rosebud feeling the muscles under his hands contract in response. He followed up with a single lick along the cleft of Duncan's ass, then blew more air over the newly dampened skin. The Scot gave a strangled moan and, despite his trembling legs, tried to push backwards onto the probing tongue. Responding to this wordless plea, Methos placed his tongue in the centre of the sensitive aperture and eased it past the ring of muscle. His lover moaned again as he was breached so intimately then began squeezing and releasing the probing tongue, trying to increase the depth of penetration. Methos moved his left hand to cup one hipbone, pulling Duncan more firmly back against him at the same time speeding the movements of his tongue. It still wasn't enough. Methos wanted more, his own control was rapidly leaving him and he couldn't wait much longer.

He removed his tongue, ignoring his lover's howl of protest and picked up the bottle of oil. Pulling Duncan's hips slightly backwards he held the bottle just above the cleft of his ass and poured a generous amount over the hot skin, allowing it to run teasingly into the dark crevice. Swiftly he discarded the bottle and ran the tip of one finger slowly along the sensitive skin in front of him, collecting the oil on his finger. When he reached the puckered opening he carefully insinuated just the tip of one finger. Duncan's reaction was immediate...groaning and pushing back on the invader, desperately pleading for more. Methos smiled and gently twisted the finger, lingering as long as he could, enjoying the response of his mate.

Eventually he could delay no more, pulling the single finger out he collected more oil from the slippery skin and steadily, but insistently, inserted two fingers deep into the Highlander's ass. The muscles around his fingers clenched automatically, trying to prevent the intrusion, before beginning to squeeze and relax rhythmically. Gently he started probing deeper searching for that special gland. When he found it and stroked it his lover's reaction almost overwhelmed him. Duncan gasped as a shudder ran through him and would have fallen if not for the sheer willpower keeping his knees locked and the constant support of his lover's hand steadying his hips.

Methos leaned forward again and nibbled at the skin of his mate's butt as he slipped his left hand further round Duncan's hips and grasped his swollen shaft. With his right hand he continued preparing his lover to receive him, scissoring the enclosed fingers, stretching the tight passage. Duncan's moans were constant now as he rocked his powerful hips, first pushing his cock forwards into Methos' firm grip, then backwards against the invading fingers which were causing such ecstatic agony.

Suddenly Methos could wait no longer. He released Duncan's erection, moving his left hand back to the hip to stop the Highlander's movement, leaving the fingers of his other hand seated deep inside the willing body.

"On your hands and knees, Highlander" he growled. "Now!"

Duncan let go of the doorframe and would have fallen but for Methos' supporting hands. Inelegantly he collapsed to his knees, the movement causing him to gasp as the long fingers penetrating him brushed across his prostate. Somehow he found the strength to place his hands and elbows on the floor in front of him raising his ass high, his entire being centered on the devastating feelings that Methos' clever hands were creating.

Methos gulped hard as Duncan fell before him in the ultimate submissive gesture. Never before had the proud Highland Warrior offered himself so totally to his lover and Methos had never felt so deeply in love with him as he did now. Carefully he thrust his fingers into his lover's depths a couple more times before pulling them out and reaching for the bottle of oil to coat his own weeping erection. Leaning over Duncan's back he whispered into his ear.

"Are you ready for me, Highlander? Because I'm going to take you now."

The only response was a whimper as Duncan flexed his hips back pushing against Methos' hard cock. Methos knelt back up behind his mate and pressed the head of his erection to the puckered opening increasing the pressure until the head was pushed through the tight ring of muscle and seated in the incredible heat of his lover. Grabbing his last shreds of control he paused to allow the tight passage to accept his girth then with one steady thrust eased the rest of his not inconsiderable length into the hot channel.

Slowly, deliciously slowly, he began to move, pulling out until only the head of his cock remained sheathed in fiery heat before thrusting back hard, slapping his balls into the Highlander's muscular ass. It wasn't enough though for either of them and he quickly increased the pace as his own arousal reached fever pitch. Duncan moaned constantly and pushed back fiercely against the invader, trying desperately to increase the depth of penetration.

Methos leaned forward, reaching his arms around his lover's chest and pulled back, lifting the Highlander onto his lap. Duncan groaned loudly as the movement pushed his lover's rigid member further inside him than ever before. Quickly he splayed his legs wider to kneel across Methos' lap. Grasping the doorframe on either side of him he leaned into the older immortal's arms his long hair falling back to drape over Methos' left shoulder and back.

Methos began to move again, his powerful leg muscles lifting both of them with each thrust. Knowing his own release was near he slid his hands down the oil slicked chest taking the Highlander's cock in his hand and hearing Duncan groan as his tumescent member was squeezed tightly. Moving one hand down to cup his lover's balls Methos reached the other for the end of the leather tie and pulled. The slipknot sprang free and Duncan screamed out as the sudden release of pressure sent him reeling over the edge and into an intense orgasm. As his lover's seed spilled over his hands and their laps, Methos felt the violent contractions, which wracked through Duncan's entire body. The increased stimulation on his erection was too much for his rapidly failing control, and with a loud growl he followed the fall into bliss pumping his own seed deep into the hot centre of his lover.

Sometime later Methos regained his senses, surprised to find that they were still kneeling in the doorway although his softening cock had slipped free. Duncan was slumped against him, barely conscious, deep tremors running through his exhausted frame, his death grip on the door the only thing holding them upright. Methos reached out and prised the fingers free, carefully lowering his insensate lover to the floor. Struggling to his feet he staggered into the bathroom, returning with a warm washcloth and a towel. Gently he cleaned away the sticky traces of their pleasure throwing the used towel back in the direction of the sink when finished. Slowly he sat down on the floor and pulled Duncan's head into his lap, waiting for the tremors to cease and for him to wake.

Eventually Duncan opened his eyes and met the steady gaze of his lover.

"Did I make it up to you?" he whispered hoarsely.

"Oh, yes" Methos murmured.

"Good. I wondered what you would want," Duncan continued.

"I wanted what I always do...you."

"You have me," Duncan insisted.

"Always?" The oldest immortal sounded unsure, as if he didn't really believe what was being said.

"Always!" Duncan confirmed. "I will be yours...forever."

"Mine," Methos whispered as he bent down to kiss his lover's cheek. "Mine!"


The End