Perfect Harmony
by Cassidy Collins and Sals


"What are you doing, Old Man?"

"Shhhhh. What does it look like, Highlander? I'm listening."

"Who's in there?"

"SALS and Penny."

"Oh no....not Clones United. What's happening?"

"Well I can hear a lot of giggling and the sound of clicking. I bet they're on the computer again."

"That doesn't sound good. Have they said anything?"

"I think it's something to do with what they were talking about in the car."

"Do you mean when we nearly had that accident?"

"Yeah - when Penny was waving her thumbs about rather than driving."

"So what are they saying now?"

"Shhh. I can hear something. It's Penny."

"What's she saying?"

"Something about `we've got another twitching cock'. Hang on, now SALS is asking something."


"Gods the woman's perverted. She's asking `how many different words are there for cock?'"

"Oh no, I knew it! They're writing!"

"Come on, Mac, we've got to get in there and stop them."

"Quick Methos - get over there and hit delete!"

"Sorry boys, you're too late. We've already sent it!!!!"

Once upon a time there were two sweet, unblemished, little girls who went to the theatre to see Grease. This was the result of their adventure.

Standard disclaimers apply - you know the rest.

Warning, despite their innocence this is a work of SLASH (D/M) fiction rated NC-17. If this squicks you out then please leave and do not flame our virtuous heroines.

Thump, thump, thump. The rhythm of the bass reverberated through the building and echoed around the dojo as it had for the last hour. Whatever music Methos was listening to it was certainly loud. Casting a baleful glance in the direction of the loft, Duncan collected his sword and towel from where they rested on a bench. He threw the towel over one shoulder, leaving the end draped loosely down his sweat slicked golden skin and moved across the dojo to the elevator.

Thump, thump, thump. The bass line continued unabated and Duncan felt the vibration in the metal under his bare feet. Closing the gate he pushed the button to start the mechanism and reached up to remove the silver clasp from his hair.

Thump, thump, thump. By the time the loft came into view the noise level blasting from the stereo was almost painful and Duncan had to wonder how Methos could stand the volume. He looked around the loft in search of his lover, but there was no immediate sign of the oldest immortal.

His search came to an abrupt halt as he approached the bathroom. From behind the door he heard his quarry start singing...loudly...very loudly. Duncan opened the bathroom door quietly, so as not to disturb its occupant. Totally oblivious to his partner's presence Methos was singing along with the song playing on the stereo.

"I got chills. They're multiplyin'."

Duncan eased through the doorway and into the bathroom. The older immortal was standing in the shower with his back to the door. Steam filled the enclosed space blurring the outline of his sleek frame and as he sang he swayed in time with the music. Each movement brought a brief, ghost like vision of his skin through the mist...soft skin which appeared almost translucent in its wet state despite the heat of the water.

"And I'm losin' control." As he sang Methos turned very slightly, still unaware of his audience.

Duncan couldn't help smiling at the enchanting sight before him. In his left hand Methos held a loofah, which he was using as a microphone. His right hand was slowly easing across the water slicked skin of his torso, moving steadily from his neck to play first with one tightening nipple then the second.

"`Cause the power you're supplyin'....." The wandering hand continued its slow progress, leaving the now erect nipples and travelling steadily over the flat stomach muscles.

Duncan continued watching, fascinated by the obvious enjoyment his friend was getting from such a simple act. He'd always known that Methos had a deep love for music but had rarely seen the older man so relaxed or uninhibited. In fact, it was one of the few occasions Methos had sung in Duncan's presence and the younger man felt reluctant to break the mood.

"'s electrifyin'"

Duncan gasped. The gyrating movement that Methos had used to accompany that last line sent a surge of lust straight through him. He felt his heart rate jump and was suddenly glad that he wore only loose sweats as blood rushed to his heated groin and his cock twitched appreciatively.

"You better shape up, `cause I need a man..." Methos' hand slid the last few inches to his rapidly hardening shaft. Long slim fingers caressed the red tinged skin beneath their touch before slipping lower to tease the soft pouch below.

Duncan froze; the words triggering an even more desperate need as Methos visibly became more excited before him. Only by a major feat of willpower did he manage to remain silent as he watched his lover's unintentionally erotic display continue. One more serpentine twist of the slim hips and Duncan couldn't remain a spectator any longer. All thoughts of simply observing were lost to his now almost unbearable desire. Silently he slipped his sweats down his muscled legs and stepped out of them releasing his turgid cock from its confinement.

"....who can keep me satisfied." The oldest immortal continued caressing himself, his hand closing around his now rigid member, beginning a slow movement along its length. He started to turn at a slight sound behind him but stopped as a velvety baritone whispered hoarsely against his ear.

"Well, we'll have to see what we can do about that won't we my love?"

Strong hands drew Methos' arms up and his lax fingers lost their grasp upon his erstwhile microphone. Struggling to slow his rapid heartbeat the older man sighed as he felt his arms crossed and his hands placed palm down against the slick tile of the shower stall. Shifting his position subtly Methos widened the spread of his legs and leant his forehead to rest on his hands. Torrents of water streamed down the well defined muscles of his back and he moaned softly as he leant more fully into the hot spray.

Moving slowly Duncan ran his hands down the firm lines of his lover's arms tracing the rivulets of water that cascaded off the silken skin. As his fingers reached the nape of Methos' neck the Scot bent forward and nuzzled gently at the sensitive skin bared before him. Smiling at the moan of pleasure that escaped the older man he continued to nip and lick a path to Methos' ear. This action drew even more appreciative groans and the Highlander flicked his tongue inside the delicate curve before sucking the succulent lobe firmly into his mouth. This stimulation generated increasingly more urgent cries from his lover and these sounds coupled with the sensuous slide of Methos' buttocks across the Scot's now tumid shaft caused his breathing to quicken sharply.

Straightening once again, Duncan released the tender flesh and kneaded his fingers into the firm muscles of Methos' broad shoulders. Bringing his hands to the centre of the older man's shoulder blades the Scot began to trace the outline of his lover's spine. Moving his thumbs in circular patterns he allowed his hands to journey southward in a maddeningly lazy path. Throughout this careful attention the compliant form before him moaned and arced towards his touch.

"Patience, Old Man," Duncan growled into his panting lover's ear. "I know exactly what you need and I'm going to make sure that you get it."

Reaching the pale skin of his lover's firm cheeks the Highlander cupped each in a broad golden hand and squeezed firmly.

"Yes." The sound that Methos made was almost a hiss and his weeping cock quivered at the stimulation.

Feeling his own shaft throbbing in excitement Duncan exhaled slowly and bit lightly at his lover's neck.

"Not much longer now, my love. Remember - you're the one that I want."

The Scot reached for the nearest bottle on the shelf above the shower and squirted a large amount of slippery gel onto his fingers. Running one finger lightly along the cleft of Methos' cheeks the Highlander smiled at the relieved sigh his partner gave. Feeling his need fanned by the sight of his lover spread before him Duncan pressed forward with a slick digit and breached the entrance to Methos' body. He felt the immediate, familiar squeeze of muscle and then relaxation as the tight passage welcomed him. Moving quickly now he began to stretch the hot channel and added another gel coated finger that grazed lightly across the sensitive gland at the centre of his lover.


Methos' voice was harsh with passion and his body pushed backward trying to gain further stimulation.

Duncan felt his control slipping as his desire continued to mount. He rapidly coated his aching cock with gel and then positioned the head at the entrance to his lover's body.

With a sharp thrust he was seated within the incredible heat that was Methos. The Highlander never failed to marvel at the intensity of feeling that his ancient lover generated within him. Loving Methos was unlike anything he had ever was simply.....indescribable. Remaining still he waited until he heard his lover's breathing begin to even out. As he felt the older man start to move on his cock Duncan pressed his tanned fingers into the milky flesh of his partner's hips and began to guide their union.

The two immortals moved in perfect synchronicity. The burning heat and tremendous sensation surrounding his shaft caused Duncan to thrust with ever greater urgency. The force and speed of their motion increased rapidly and soon both men were fighting to muster any shred of control.

Methos was breathing hard now and the Scot could feel the older man's legs beginning to tremble. Hooking a strong arm around his lover Duncan pulled Methos back firmly against his chest. This caused the angle of penetration to alter slightly and on the Scot's next deep thrust Methos screamed hoarsely as his untouched shaft exploded shooting creamy fluid against the wall.

The powerful contractions around his cock and the intense stimulation of both seeing and hearing his lover's orgasm finally caused Duncan to lose it. With a loud howl he buried himself within the searing passage one more time and pumped hot seed deep inside the older man.

As both immortals began to breathe more easily and the shaking in their legs subsided Duncan pressed a gentle kiss to his lover's shoulder.

Turning to look at the younger man Methos grinned wickedly.

"Now that's what I call "Greased Lightnin'."


The End