Revenant with MacGeorge R-ish DM/M Drama /Horror Violence Now Complete!
The Immortal Benny Carbasa disappeared two years ago. When Watcher Clare Winge discovers him in a coma in an asylum near Paris, she goes to Adam Pierson for help. Only a few short months have passed since the Watcher tribunal, and Methos uses Clare's information as a reason to seek out Duncan, to try to re-knit their relationship, while trying to figure out what happened to Benny with Clare's help.

Blood Ties with Maygra de Rhema
This story is currently unavailable
NC-17 DM/M Drama/Horror, Crossover Violence Work in Progress
It's a bad idea to mix vampires and Immortals, or blood and the power of a Quickening. VC cossover with Lestat, Louis, Methos and MacLeod, set in the Deadly Allies universe.

Elemental Desires Trilogy NC-17 DM/M
An irresistible force, an immovable object: how many times have we read this story? This is basically the "slash novelizations" of a bunch of episodes, running from "Methos" through "Finale".

1: Winds of Circumstance NC-17 Drama/Episode-based
Set during the episode "Methos." Mac meets Methos and Methos meets MacLeod.

2: Gulf of Desire NC-17 Drama/Episode-based
Covers "Take back the Night", "Testimony" and "Mortal Sins." What did Mac and Methos do between "Winds of Circumstance" and the episode "Finale"?

3: Pinnacle of Common Sense NC-17 Drama/Episode-based
Covers "Finale"

Breathing Sorrows NC-17 DM/M Drama, Hurt/Comfort Violence Rape
Lies written in ink can never disguise facts written in blood. Blood debts must be repaid in kind. The longer the delay, the greater the interest.

The Games We Play NC-17 Drama/Horror, Violence, Rape
Kronos' quickening overwhelms Duncan, and Methos must deal with the consequences.

Days Falling Backward NC-17 DM/M Drama/First-Time
Post-CAH reconciliation story, as well as being a Methos flashback story. Time flows like water in this story, so just go with it, as I can't really explain the plot.

Shattered Souls Trilogy
How can you build a relationship if you can't really talk about it?
Three post-episode vignettes: one post-TMP, one Post-Armageddon, and the last one post-NTB.

1: Silence Breaks the Heart R Drama/Missing Scene
Methos has a hard time dealing with Byron's death, and Mac extends a peace offering...

2: Nourish the Body NC-17 Drama/Missing Scene
Sometime after "Armageddon", a battered Methos returns to Paris...and MacLeod

3: Warmth of the Sun NC-17 Drama/Missing Scene
Mac disappeared at the end of "Not to Be", and Methos finds him again...

Courting Disaster NC-17-ish DM/M First-Time/Vignette
The furnace in the loft gives out.

Whispers NC-17 DM/M PWP
Moonlight and a deserted beach...

Days of Beer and Dandelions PG-13 Comedy/Crossover
Some of Methos' mysterious past is revealed when he and Duncan spend a quiet evening at home, watching TV.

The Good Doctor NC-17 Drama/Horror Methos, Richie. Disturbing Imagery and Implied Violence
Richie fled the states after Duncan's Dark Quickening, only to find more trouble. With MacLeod missing -- or at least unreachable -- Methos tracks down what happened to Mac's student, and tries to put the pieces back together, until his own needs get in the way. I mean it about the warning -- this will be a disturbing story for some.

Hearth and Home with Andrea Drummond NC-17 Wallow/Romance Methos/Joe
Set immediately following the events of "The Modern Prometheus", Methos reflects on the differences between his relationship with Duncan and his relationship with Joe.

Like Chocolate for Strawberries PG-13 DM/M Wallow/Romance
Duncan and Methos need a little magic to set their relationship right.

Masque NC-17 DM/M Drama/Gothic Horror/Angst Adult Themes
In the early 1800s, Duncan MacLeod and Brian Cullen ('Courage') get caught in a storm, and take refuge at a nearby estate where they each run into mysterious strangers.

Snippet: Odd Ideas G DM/M Vignette/Romance
Methos finds a box on the nightstand

Snippet: Raindrops on Roses PG-ish DM/M
A post-Endgame vignette.

Stop Me if You've Heard this One Before... G Gen Missing Scene/Vignette Duncan, Darius
A missing scene from the episode "Methos". The beer. The Immortal. Is there a connection?

Under the Influence R Satire/Parody AKA: the "Gay Quickening" story.
The effects of a quickening can be unpredictable at best. Methos' expert opinion is required when MacLeod undergoes a rather unique transformation.

The Apology R Satire/Parody, implied slash DM/M
Uh, sometimes something occurs to you and you just have to run with it.--Rache) Duncan apologizes.

The Simple Answer DM/M
In which a room is painted and some music is played, but not a lot happens.