This is a listing of those authors with only one or two stories here at MBB. I sincerely hope that they will someday send more stories my way, but in the meantime, I didn't want them to be lonely.

Devil Child

Competition NC-17, M/Nottingham, DM/M/Nottingham (a HL/Witchblade crossover)
Rivalry at an auction escalates into something more as layers of secrets are revealed.


The Space Between NC-17, DM/M
Post Highlander 4: Endgame melodrama. woowoo. Er, yup, that about sums it up.

Douglas Hathaway

The Morning After PG
This is a sequel to Moonbeam's story, "The Prize," though it stands very nicely on its own. This is not a death story in itself, but rather deals with the aftermath of loss.


Untitled Not Rated
An end of the Gathering vignette with Duncan and Methos.


The Doubtful Guest R, a Highlander/The Sentinel crossover
Inspired by Wombat's MarySue Drinking Game, Methos meets Blair after accepting a teaching position at Rainier University

Strangers In Paris NC-17, M/John Carter (a Highlander/ER crossover)
Dr. John Carter discovers that Paris in the springtime isn't all it's cracked up to be. Then he meets Adam Pierson.


Remembrance R, DM/M
Post-Horsemen Methos gets himself in a bad way, and Duncan helps out.

Julia K

Counting the Cost NC-17, DM/M
Hindsights and dark undercurrents after "The Modern Prometheus."


Throne Chair Fantasy NC-17 Methos/?, sexual content
One of the original boxer-fics, featuring Methos and an unknown partner.


Variations on the 23rd Psalm G
A biblical favorite, as retold by the Four Horsemen

The Krell

The Seduction of the Desert Prince NC-17 DM/M Work In Progress
This story is a collaboration of The Krell, a hive mind composed of elynross, Rachael Sabotini, and Killashandra. They're venturing into hauberk-ripping romance with this one, so guard your virtue! Prurience, lack of plot (well they tried anyway), and lots of pictures within...


This Thing Which Builds Our Dreams R sexual content
A female immortal from Methos' distant past enlists his and MacLeod's aid in a dangerous game of revenge, and turns up the heat in a steamy romance with Joe Dawson.