Still Falls the Rain PG
Forgive me, I seem to be obsessed with Richie's death. Set after 2BN2B; Mac hasn't unpacked all his baggage from the events of Archangel. Methos helps.

Intimations of Destiny G
This is a very brief vignette involving Richie, taking place not terribly long after Tessa's death. Slightly bittersweet when you remember the events of Archangel. This was written in response to a long-ago challenge on the HLWC loop.

Pathways Through Darkness G
This is an episode-based expansion of "Deliverance", a kind of 'novelization' if you will. Very Methos-intensive, angst-ridden, but also kind of warm-and-fuzzy... Read it. You'll see. =) Includes: Mac, Methos, mention of Richie, Darius, Sean Burns, Joe Dawson.

Last Call PG
A funny little story about how we get from the Highlander Movie (there IS only one!) to the Highlander Series. Includes: Methos, Duncan, Connor, and Joe.

Behind the Scenes: Archangel PG - 13 implied homoerotica
Something fun that I wrote to make me feel better about the Travesty of the Episode that Should Never Have Been. This one is for Highlander Irregulars everywhere! Includes: Methos, Duncan, Richie, Amanda, and Joe.

PWP/MerrySue NC-17 DM/M
This is what happens when Jim and Blair are held hostage by the Evil Wench Maygra, their very lives dependent upon Merry's production of a D/M PWP. Beware! Humor abounds.

Highlander Anonymous PG-13 DM/M
This is a shamefully self-indulgent Mary Sue on the part of myself and my fic-sibs, Maygra de Rhema and MacGeorge. Or it would be shameful, if any of the three of us were capable of shame.=) We had a huge amount of fun writing this fantasy "Archangel Fix". Hope you like it! Includes: Methos, Merry, Mac, Maygra, MacGeorge, Richie,and Joe.

Strawberry Surprise R DM/M
My answer to the ROG - L Strawberry Challenge! Sweet, not too slashy, but it's there. Includes: Methos, Duncan, and a Little Friend.

Resolution PG-13 for possible perception of m/m Unresolved Sexual Tension
Here for continuity with Intervention and Completion. Thistakes place an indeterminate length of time after the events of Revelations6:8 and focuses on the resolution of the "friendship issue" between Duncan and Methos. Resolution stands alone as a story, but also serves as the beginning of a three part arc. Part three, Completion, is still in production. Very much character-driven rather than plot-driven; if you're looking for action, you might want to give this one a miss. Includes: Duncan, Methos, Joe, Amanda, and Richie.

Intervention NC-17 DM/M
Intervention begins where Resolution ends, and finds Mac reacting to a side of Methos he's never seen before. Includes: Duncan, Methos, Joe, Amanda, Richie,Cassandra (ick).

Premature Capitulation NC-17 DM/M
This would fall under the heading of "Be careful what you wish for."