Slip into Joy NC-17 DM/M
Even when two people want the same things, fear can be a powerful obstacle to love.

Forms of Friendship R DM/M
A wooded stream, an unknown challenger, and the helping hand of a friend.

Lighthouses PG-13 DM/M, implied m/m sex
Methos reflects on the past, both immediate and far-flung.

A Question of Silence PG-13 for a touch of UST DM/M
A brief tag for "Not to Be."

Fate & Chance Cycle

A Heart For Any Fate NC-17 DM/M
A month after The Modern Prometheus, Mac and Methos begin a slow courtship, searching for something deeper than friendship between them.

Simple Gifts R DM/M
Gifts given and received, and sometimes the perfect one is the one you least expect.

Sheathing Fate NC-17 DM/M
What happens when an Immortal loses his Quickening but not his head?

The Shield Brothers Arc

Brotherhood NC-17 DM/M, Violence. Rape-partially described and referred to and M/M sex
After Bordeaux, Duncan and Methos try to pick up the pieces.

Harm's Way NC-17 DM/M
Meeting again in Paris, Duncan and Methos face challenges both personal and Immortal.

SoulSword PG-13 DM/M
Duncan and Methos share bittersweet memories of a common friend.

With My Shield NC-17 DM/M
More challenges and unresolved issues confront Duncan and Methos.

Walk in the Park NC-17 DM/M
A perfect morning, a beautiful park, some quiet conversation and a whole new spin on the term "public display of affection."

Reading Between the Lines NC-17 DM/M
Life is all about the choices you make. Methos' knowledge about the Gathering prompts him to make wrenching choices of his own in an attempt to spare Duncan.

Crosses to Bear NC-17 DM/M Extreme Violence & Sexual Assault, Torture, Rape, Language, Male/Male Sex
The darker parts of Methos' past have always been troubling for Duncan, but his own reaction to new revelations and threats proves near-impossible for him to handle.

Storm Front NC-17 DM/M Extreme Violence; Sexual Situations (Male/Male Sex) Language.
Events set in motion in Reading Between the Lines and Crosses to Bear come to a head. Oaths are kept, ancient secrets are revealed, and bitter choices are forced on Duncan, Methos, and everyone involved.

This Sword Unbroken NC-17/R Sexual Situations (Male/Male Sex) Language
More than twenty years later, Duncan is making his peace with the events in Storm Front when Tray comes into his Immortality with disturbing and unforseen results.
Taselby's note: Maygra says this installment is still unfinished, though all the major parts of the story are there. There is no word from her on when she will get back to it.