Maxine's Note: I rate all my stories NC-17 for mature themes as well as occasional graphic depiction of sex between two men (m/m slash). All my "Highlander"/Methos stories pair Duncan MacLeod with Methos, although sometimes simply as friends (sometimes called pre-slash, sometimes called "get a clue!"). In addition to the characters from the series itself, I’ve created several recurring Original Male Immortals including the following whose physical appearance is based on these actors: Lance Henriksen (Erasmus Minor, sometimes called Edward Rasmussen); Leonardo DiCaprio (Quentin of York, sometimes called Leonardo); Antonio Banderas (Lamartin, sometimes called Antonio). However, you can be sure that none of these "mirror characters" take over a story to the exclusion of Methos and Mac!

Excerpt from Duncan MacLeod's Journal NC-17 D/M
Duncan considers what his life represents to his friends. 3/29/97

Duncan's Methos NC-17 D/M
Mac’s thoughts and feelings about Methos from their first meeting until after "Revelation 6:8." This is a short series of journal-like think-pieces. 3/30/97

Kronos' Methos NC-17 D/M
Kronos’ thoughts and feelings about Methos, similar in style to Duncan’s Methos. 4/2/97

Adam Pierson's Dead NC-17 D/M
Methos believes Mac will never forgive his past crimes as a Horseman, so he decides to start a new life with the Tunnel Community (X-over with "Beauty & the Beast the Series") under New York City and says goodbye to Joe. But empathic Vincent has another interpretation of Methos’ future. 5/15/97

Showtime! NC-17 D/M
Methos returns to Seacouver and he’s ready to face Mac and the future. A "first time" story. 5/18/97

In the Mirror NC-17 D/M
For a long time after his Dark Quickening, Duncan is haunted by what he sees in the mirror. Can Methos help? 5/29/97

To Be One Flesh NC-17 D/M
Methos’ unrealistic expectations could destroy his and Duncan’s love. With Joe. 9/14/97

Sonata NC-17 D/M
A real "first time" story, set in Paris after Revelations 6:8. Very romantic. 9/21/97

Only Love NC-17 D/M
Warning – Death of Major Character
After Archangel, the Oldest Immortal receives tangible proof of Duncan’s love. So when Duncan asks Methos for the only gift he wants, how can Methos refuse? A very sad and reverent death story. With Joe. 9/28/97

A Few Questions NC-17 D/M
Will friendship survive "Comes A Horseman," "Revelations 6:8," and "The Modern Prometheus" – or are there too many questions for Mac and Methos to answer? 12/13/97

Sweet Sorrow NC-17 D/M
Byron is dead and Methos mourns – in Quentin and Lamartin’s chateau in Switzerland. But Lamartin’s "take" on the poet’s demise isn’t what his friends expect. So Methos asks Mac to help save the Old Immortal. With Richie, Amanda and Joe. 12/20/97

Immortal Angel NC-17 D/M
Richie is dead but he’s trapped all alone in a special in-between place until twenty years in the future when he finds out what "they" want him to do, so he can get into Heaven. With Mac, Methos, Joe, Darius, Tessa and Fitz. A sweet story about the Young Immortal hunk! 12/24/97

The Minimalist NC-17 D/M
This is the first of my two "takes" on what might happen between Methos and Mac when – twenty years in the future – their best friend Joe Dawson dies. Only in this story, I copped out – Joe doesn’t die! With Anne Lindsey. (See also my other "take" in "The Together Rate.") 12/26/97

The Together Rate NC-17 D/M
Warning – Death of Major Character!
Joe Dawson’s death twenty years in the future grieves Mac and Methos deeply. But it looks as if Methos will stand by Mac – until they get to Paris and Mac second-guesses his beloved friend. With Anne Lindsey. (This is my second "take" on this subject – see also "The Minimalist" for a slightly different angle and Methos’ better appreciation of Anne.) 12/28/97

Dancing Through The Night NC-17 D/M
Events in Bordeaux trigger the worst in Methos. He sets out to avenge himself for what Mac did to him at the time of Mac’s Dark Quickening. The Oldest Immortal is at his best – at least Mac thinks so – in this explicit love story. 1/1/98

The Long Walk NC-17 D/M
Inspired by Maygra de Rhema’s wonderful novella "Sheathing Fate," this story takes off from the theme of the "fall-out" from Methos’ brush with Mortality. He’s shared his Spirit with Mac – now Mac must live with it. With Joe. 1/9/98

Truths NC-17 D/M
Mac searches for the truth about Methos – only to discover the truth about himself. A long hard angst-ridden exploration of several "Highlander" episodes. In the end, only Methos’ wit and wits can save MacLeod. (See also sequel, "Going the Distance.") 2/8/98

Going the Distance NC-17 D/M
Is it possible for two strong-willed – not to say, bull-headed – Immortals to find happiness as lovers, together, in one flat? Methos thinks not. Mac hopes so. Joe saves the day! (This is a sequel to my story "Truths.") 3/1/98

A Question of Speaking NC-17 D/M
(Inspired by Maygra de Rhema's piece, "A Question of Silence," which was in turn inspired by the Highlander episode, "Not To Be") 6/21/98

Sore of Heart NC-17 D/M
After a walking tour with Methos, Mac is sore of heart. 7/26/98

Living the Dream NC-17 D/M
Domesticity isn’t easy. 7/31/98

Mostly There NC-17 D/M
Not quite idle chit-chat. 8/16/98

The Archangel Series
Between 5th & 6th Seasons, I wracked my brain to figure out how Mac would defeat the Demon! In this universe, based on the series as shown – but with a twist – Methos goes hands-on and Mac is NOT alone….

Where Nobody Can See NC-17 D/M
Methos helps Mac defeat the Demon – at a price. With Joe, Amanda and Connor. 6/3/97

Luxembourg Gardens 6/15/97 NC-17 D/M
The price seems too high to Methos and Amanda – and they decide NOT to pay it! With Joe and Anne Lindsey, an unwilling participant in dangerous schemes.

Initiating Auto-Destruct Sequence Methos 1 NC-17 D/M
Again, Methos is unwilling to pay the price – as he promised when he helped Mac defeat the Demon. This is a story about suicide, so be warned. With original character Erasmus Minor. 6/24/97

The Death of Kings NC-17 D/M
Now, Methos is punished for betraying the promise he made to help Mac defeat the Demon. With Joe, original characters Quentin, Lamartin, Sergey (casting – Nicholas Lea – another HL role for him!) and Amanda. 6/29/97

The Call NC-17 D/M
Duncan is having disturbing dreams as he travels with Sergey – apart from Methos. When he realizes what the dreams mean, Mac asks the Oldest Immortal to join him – in more ways than one! Another "first time" story. 7/13/97

Certain Stories with Amanda

Lovesick NC-17 D/M
Around the time of Kalas’ threat we learn that Methos has been watching MacLeod for a long time. He’s also known Amanda for a long time! Flashbacks with Amanda, Rebecca and Darius. 4/27/97

Seaside NC-17 D/M
A mood piece with Methos and Amanda, spanning most of the 20th Century. With Darius. 8/2/97

Antonio NC-17 D/M
My only story told in Amanda’s voice. Out dancing in Spanish Harlem she meets a very sexy Immortal and becomes a pawn in Methos’ game to help Mac defeat the Demon and save an Immortal’s life. With more than one special twist! With Joe. (See also sequel, "The Age of Chivalry.") 8/16/97

The Age of Chivalry NC-17 D/M
Will Amanda survive her despair when Mac and Methos become lovers? We find out in this follow-up story to "Antonio." (This is a sequel to "Antonio.") 8/30/97

A lighter tale – one of my pre-Christmas stories. 12/7/97

Immortal Brothers Stories

A Quickening of Friends NC-17 D/M
After the Double Quickening, Mac and Methos are "bonded" in a special way – or are they? A determined Immortal intends to find out for sure! With Joe and Amanda and an early incarnation of Erasmus Minor. 3/14/97

The Spaces Between My Worlds NC-17 D/M
Methos believes Mac is ready to "move up" from Green Boy to Old Immortal – he asks his friends, original characters Quentin and Lamartin, to help. With Joe, Amanda and Connor. 3/24/97

The Princes of the Universe NC-17 D/M
After "Revelations 6:8" EVERYONE is after Methos’ head. Can Mac, Joe, Amanda, Richie and lots of other friends save the Oldest Immortal? Nice interplay between Methos and Richie! 4/8/97

Precious Cargo NC-17 D/M
Does Methos belong to a secret Society? Mac thinks so! Another meeting with original characters Quentin and Lamartin and many secrets revealed. 4/20/97

Nice Guys NC-17 D/M
The Double Quickening really throws Methos for a loop. Quentin, Lamartin and Mac go the distance to save the Oldest Immortal from living death and we learn more about Methos’ not-so-distant past. 5/6/97

The Over-The-Hill Gang Adventures & Revelations NC-17 D/M
In a lighter vein, Mac and Methos join Quentin and Lamartin in a dangerous adventure, and once again Duncan is shocked when he learns more about his beloved friend. 7/23/97

A Fine Horseman NC-17 D/M
Methos sets Mac and Lamartin straight about his sexuality in this serious Post-"Revelation 6:8" story. 8/9/97

Rough Stuff NC-17 D/M
Erasmus Minor’s wife dies and Methos joins him in Sweden to help the Old Immortal get past his grief. But why has Methos left Mac alone to fight the Demon? More about Methos’ past. Another – very different – "take" on Methos’ sexuality. 10/11/97

A Bit of Wild Remains NC-17 D/M
Duncan MacLeod has stopped carrying his sword! Methos calls in a special Old Immortal this time – a surprise for everyone – to help him change Duncan’s mind! In the process, we learn a lot more about Methos! 10/19/97

Missing You NC-17 D/M
Methos drops out of sight for more than ten years and nobody can find him – not even Mac, not even with Joe’s help. When the Immortals catch up with each other again, will they be willing to face the truth about their love? Or will Mac’s rage destroy the Oldest Immortal forever? (See also sequel "Men in Gray Flannel.") 11/1/97

Men in Gray Flannel NC-17 D/M
After four years "pushing a pencil" Methos is bored out of his skull with his new life as a businessman – so he strays. Mac’s reaction teaches Methos the truth about love. (This is a sequel to "Missing You.") 11/21/97

Leonardo NC-17 D/M
Mac, Methos and Erasmus come to Quentin’s aid one winter when Quen sinks to new depths in the city of New York after losing Lamartin because of Methos’ scheme (in my story "Antonio"). Action and Immortal love set fifteen or so years in the future. (For background, see my story "Antonio.") (See also sequel "Kisses.") 12/6/97

School for New Guys NC-17 D/M
Quentin sets Methos a task for their secret Society and Methos learns something about Immortals he did not want to know. Methos schemes with Mac to change the course of the Game by changing Quentin’s mind. A lighter, less "angst-ridden" tale. With Joe. 1/25/98

The Ice Prince NC-17 D/M
Bonus Story! After only two years apart from each other – thanks to Methos’ scheme (in "Antonio") – Quentin is miserable and Lamartin is suicidal! So Quentin devises a plot of his own to get Lamartin back. Flashbacks to Methos’ past with Quentin and Lamartin. With Mac, Methos, Erasmus Minor, Joe, Richie and an original character, Nadia Rosenthal, a very special Watcher! (For background, see also my story "Antonio.") 3/2/98

Alternate Universe

Matthew NC-17 D/M
An AU which considers what might happen if guys who closely resemble Duncan MacLeod and Methos become Immortal in the 20th Century – ramifications, speculations, and so forth. 5/12/98

Love Never Fails NC-17 D/M
An AU based in a future which is dark and difficult for Immortals and Pre-Immortals. 7/3/98