Sanctuary NC-17 DM/M mature themes, sexual content
Good old-fashioned comfortfic. The movie is over, Connor is dead, Duncan is in need of some serious TLC and Methos is all by his lonesome in that big, empty house...

Gift of the Raven NC-17 DM/M, mature themes, sexual content
Immediately following the episode Not to Be, Duncan seeks out Methos and vows to finally tell him some painful truths. Includes an appearance by Amanda. (It should probably be noted that I wrote this before I'd seen Highlander: The Raven so it's not completely canonical.)

Dead Weight PG DM/M mature themes
A vignette written in response to a challenge on HLWC-L. Duncan and Methos kibbitzing at Joe's wedding reception.

Live Wire NC-17 DM/M mature themes, sexual content
The sequel to Dead Weight, proving that sometimes even I do sequels. Duncan tells what happened the morning after Joe's wedding.

Matter & Antimatter NC-17 DM/M mature themes, sexual content
Takes place during and immediately following the episode The Modern Prometheus. Originally published in
Indigo Boys 5.

Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark:

Duet NC-17 DM/M sexual situations
The boys said they needed to get some, and quick. My brain wasn't up to a real story, so instead they got this post-Chivalry smut bit. (Taselby's note: Killa has undersold herself on this one. Lyrical in its beauty, and stunning in intensity, this one is a true classic. An absolute must-read.)

Nocturne PG-13 DM/M mature themes
The sequel to Duet. Oh, dear... I should have known better than to claim PWP with the first one. A lonely Duncan reaches out to a grieving Methos in the wake of Alexa's death.

Intermezzo NC-17 DM/M
The sequel to Nocturne. These guys are really getting out of hand! Jacob Galati's murder and the shakeup at Watcher HQ bring an end to the peaceful status quo between the boys.

Cambiata NC-17 DM/M
The sequel to Intermezzo. Post-Valkyrie, it's Methos' turn to give Duncan what he needs - but he may get more than he bargained for in return.

Variation in D Minor NC-17 DM/M
(Taselby's note, because Killa can clearly no longer be trusted not to undersell her fic: As potent and sweet as 100 Proof schnapps, she can call it "costume slutdom" and slightly-AU all she wants. It packs a wallop. A version of how it should have been post-CaH/R6:8)

Full of Grace NC-17 DM/M mature themes, sexual content
First published in
FuturesWithout End II, a Duncan/Methos slash zine. What happens when a man's greatest fear and his greatest need are one and the same? Sometimes a leap of faith is the only solution.

Photographic Manipulation essay

Darkest Hour NC-17 DM/M, M/A, A/Nick. Work In Progress
Several months after Not to Be, Methos receives a late night call from Joe Dawson. Has someone finally gotten the best of Duncan MacLeod? Or is there more going on? Methos' faith and courage are tested to the limits as he fights to learn the truth about MacLeod's fate.