Vespers PG-13 for violence and adult themes
Duncan considers the events of the past week and wonders what might have been.

Obeisance NC-17 DM/M, graphic m/m sex
A Highlander/Star Trek: Voyager xover; set in ZorroRojo's Just a Guy AU. Obeisance is a Duncan/Methos moment from the end of Consequences 6. Just a bit of mindless smut. <g>

Acquainted with the Night R DM/M
Written for the Poetry Wheel Challenge. Duncan thinks about his life, and Methos' place in it.

Toeing the Line NC-17 DM/M
This strange little thing came about as a result of a thread about Methos' sexual history...or the lack thereof on the Duncan-Methos list. It's, ahh, kind of unusual.

Thoughts on Endgame essay