After Archangel NC-17 M/J sexual content
A little medicinal comfort on the bleak night following Richie's death. We all need such therapy.

It's Probably Me
Loyalty, trust, need, love, sacrifice... JiM weaves a lovely and compelling tapestry from these common threads.

It's Probably Me PG-13, violence, sexual situations
Did you ever wonder what happened to the Watcher database CD left in Don Salzer's store at the end of 'Finale 2'? Joe and MacLeod and Richie find out.

It's Probably Me 2: Methos NC-17 DM/M sexual content
The sequel to IPM. Deliciously erotic, romantic, titillating, sexy -- um, while I get the thesaurus out, you can go read the story.

It's Probably Me 3: Leaving NC-17 DM/M, J/ofc sexual content
The last piece of this trilogy gives a wonderful denouement.

Sorrow PG DM/M
Aptly titled, lush and angsty

What Do You Want From Me PG DM/M
A sequel to "Sorrow" which brings Duncan and Methos together for some painful truths and decision-making.

Brought to Heel with Piper NC-17 DM/M violence, sexual content
One of the original "Swords at Sunset" contest entries, this "codpiece-ripper" features Duncan and Methos on a pirate ship. Methos does wonderful, terrible things.