Perchance to Dream NC-17 for sexual content DM/M
After O'Rourke's death, after the party, Amanda gets Mac's love, Joe gets his friendship, and what does Methos get? The answer may be much more than he ever thought he could have..

Hope Chest NC-17 DM/M sexual content
An introspective Duncan inspects the memories of his past and discovers the unexpected possibilities of his future when he opens his Hope Chest.

Poem inspired by elynross' Hope Chest, written by Devo

Darwin's Sonata NC-17 for sexual violence DM/RR
Joe saved Richie from Mac the first time, but who'll save him now?

Synecdoche for Piano and G String PG-13 DM/M mature themes
When you've spent a very long life keeping people at a safe distance, it can be hard to let them in, even when you want to.

Lessons in Futility with Luminosity
A Parody of Highlander Fanfic Cliches.

Hold Fast to Dreams PG-13
What do you do when something you didn't know you wanted has already slipped through your fingers?

Over the Edge NC-17 DM/M sexual content
Duncan has no idea how far he'll go until Methos decides to show him.

Erotica from the Edge
Poems inspired by elynross' Over the Edge, written by Devo

The Tell-tale Heart NC-17 DM/M, M/omc, mature themes, sexual content
Methos is a patient man, but even his patience has limits. Valentine's Day and the appearance of a handsome stranger coincide to provide a sorely needed distraction, forcing MacLeod to decide just what he is willing to risk. First appeared in Futures Without End II.

Beautiful Friendship NC-17 DM/M sexual content
An old acquaintance, a much older friend.... sometimes what we think we want turns out to be something we never expected....

Creature of Destiny PG-13 mature themes
Even the strong falter when the provocation is great enough. Duncan struggles with the life that Fate has dealt him, coming to some unexpected conclusions.

Once Upon A Time
A series of slightly skewed fairy tales.

Bone White


Little Boy Blue

Sleeping Beauty

The Rog Prince

Handsome and Great One

Psyched and Love (Death)

Jack the Giant Killer

The Twelve Dancing Princes

Beauty's Beast

Everlasting Life G
Methos' remembrances of a short, bittersweet moment in his life, and a woman he'll never forget.

Lingering Scars with Taselby NC-17 DM/M, Methos/F, violence, language, adult themes, and sexual content
Nine months after reuniting in Paris, unspoken fears and unresolved issues are threatening to drive them apart. Can Duncan and Methos overcome their own misgivings and injured pride long enough to work things out? Sequel to The Causes Remain and Twilight Kingdoms by Taselby.