Poems from the Edge
by Devo


With Ellen's permission, of course (g), in tribute to her amazing story.  

In the changing light of the Edge, someone recites from the front of the room.  Someone, or a series of someones.  The poems are read from prepared material, or perhaps they are impromptu, inspired in the moment by the one the speaker regards.  Perhaps she or he is looking at the man in the cage.  Or the couple on the couch. Or the man who wields a whip. Or the one who takes it.


or perhaps she or he
is looking at you.

can you face
the mirror that you see? 


lust contains me in bonds too
fragile to hold unless,
willing, i succumb

constrained i writhe
and yet careful lest
my struggles are too

awefully successful
and i find myself,
in unwanted victory,



come, tender skin
come heartbeat, come flutter
you stoke him quietly, carefully

his heat sears you more than you
let him know
he is too rapidly breathing in
your musk

you hold him tight, more tightly
than he discerns
and he, not knowing
thinks himself
here of his own

but you are wily
and you know him well
not too fast, not too slow
soon, he will expose his naked
soul, will deliver himself entire
to your embrace
and to the lust that hides
your burning, clever rage

or did you think
your rage (at life or rather,
for it) had lost its bitter burning?
no, the years have
tamed you
but they have not
set you free

and only in the edge you've
brought him to
as he trembles there,
can you, blessed in the chrism of
his trust,

love is the final secret that
undoes us all

your sweat entices, sweet
your come caresses, caro
your blood brings me to my knees, bro
you dick decks me, doc
your asshole assassinates, ace
your kisses quicken, querido
your eyes elevate my bones to life,
my old old bones to this too sorry life.

when you enter me, girlfriend
when your dick scrapes my scrotum
when you push your dripping wet dick
past the prissy tangles of our talk
when you give my ass pain

oh, sweet pain!

i am yours
then, and ever
divine slut for your pain
let me have it
again and again

was it sweetness you were expecting?
this is the real deal
dripping driving quick succumbing come
come cucumber quumquat coney island hot dogging
tramp, slick with salty acerbic wisdom and wit and withholding nothing,
bring it
on, baby!  bring it all on