The Cookie Story NC-17 DM/M
This is a WIP that takes place almost a year after TB/NTB. Duncan returns to Seacouver to tie up a few loose ends.

Standing Still NC-17 DM/M
Peace of mind is found in unexpected places.

Fearless Heart NC-17 DM/M
Looking back gives Duncan the courage to move forward.

The Methos Suicides NC-17 DM/M
Hysterical, biting, and pure Chelle.

Eyes on the Prize NC-17 DM/M
Gratuitous, and I do mean gratuitous, use of fanfic clichés. This one came about because Suze suggested I needed a new obsession...

Be Not Coy NC-17 DM/M
A little after dinner conversation, souls bared, friendships saved... All this and they do dishes, too.

A Simple Question NC-17 DM/M
A post-TB/NTB story in which Duncan asks Methos a simple question.

What Methos Won't Do For... NC-17 DM/M
Kamil calls this one a romantic comedy. I like that description.

Prelude NC-17 DM/M
This story contains fantasy sequences in which an underage character has sex with an adult. The scenes are written as fantasy, but if this is a squick for you please skip this one.
Methos gets his hands on a copy of Blade of the MacLeods.

Want, Need, and Things in Between G DM/M
Warning, contains spoilers for the movie. It's not quite tea and sympathy in the aftermath of Highlander:Endgame.

In Darkness, Truth NC-17 DM/M
Duncan and Methos explore friendship, risk, loss, and a slowly growing intimacy in this understated romance.

The Gift NC-17 DM/M
This is a direct sequel to Kamil's delightfully improbable story "Toeing the Line." Methos loses the other half of his virginity.

The Morning After NC-17 DM/M
No matter how old you get, mornings after never seem to get less awkward. Duncan and Methos find a unique solution to the problem.

If You Give a Duncan a Methos PG-13 DM/M
A parody of the children's book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

Two Men and a Television NC-17 DM/M
Duncan and Methos watch cable television. Could reactions like this be why the V-Chip was invented? <G>

Challenge Story NC-17 DM/M
150 words. I like to think of it as fic concentrate.

You Asked NC-17 DM/M
Methos asks. Duncan answers.

The Price of Admission NC-17 DM/M
Duncan asks Methos to do something, then finds out what it will cost him.