by Chelle

Disclaimer: Not mine. Not a single one of them. Which is unfortunate for all concerned.

Notes: I wrote this in response to a challenge on another list. The story had to be less than 150 words long, and have a particular opening sentence.

Qui-Gon deep throated his padawan.

"Methos. I thought you said you needed to borrow my computer for research," Duncan said from immediately behind him.

"This is research. I'm studying the phenomenon of fan fiction."

"You're reading porn."

"Yes, but it's well-written porn."

"That makes all the difference."

Methos sighed. "You gotta envy that Obi-Wan. Those Jedi Masters have some serious muscle control."

Duncan shook his head. "It's not that hard. You've been deep throated before."

Methos shook his head.

"You haven't?" Duncan asked. "Seriously?"


Duncan reached past him and closed the lid on the laptop. Then he spun the desk chair so that it was facing him and dropped gracefully to his knees.

"Mac, what are you-" Methos broke of as it became readily apparent exactlywhat Duncan was doing. He tangled his hands in Duncan's hair. "Christ, MacLeod, do you have a lightsaber, too?"


The End