Lessons NC-17 M/ofc
An unabashedly kinky Methos finds a kindred spirit at Joe's one night and takes her home for some adventures in BDSM. A peek into the mind of an S&M Master with 5000 years of historical perspective.

Beginner's Lessons NC-17 DM/M/ofc
Duncan discovers that Methos has a new slave, and is curious enough to let Methos taunt him into joining in on the fun. The Old Guy has things to teach that the Highlander never imagined...

Everything NC-17 M/Kronos
A brief foray into the realm of slash. Kronos talks Methos into joining the Horsemen, using a lot of pain and a little persuasion. Methos turns the tables at the end, but who can say how long that will last?

The Methos & Delphyne Stories (NC-17, Methos/ofc):

A conflicted Methos, dissatisfied with his life as a Horseman but not yet ready to make the final break, runs into another immortal who sees his potential to be so much more. Caught between hatred and hope, he must decide whether to kill her and prove her wrong, or to keep her and find out if she's right.

Leaving Kronos
Having taken Delphyne as a slave, Methos decides he is not willing to share her with Kronos. He decides to leave the Horsemen for good, taking her with him. Will his feelings for her turn to hatred now that he is on the run?

An Immortal victim of the Horsemen hunts down Methos and uses Delphyne to force him into a showdown. Unable to convince the man that her Master has changed, Delphyne must watch Methos struggle between his own self condemnation and his desire to live.

Methos finds that he is not the only one with a past to atone for as Delphyne's catches up with her. Now it is his turn to help her struggle against inner demons.

Welcome Home
A present day Delphyne shows up on Methos' doorstep, unsure of her welcome after 2000 years apart. As a psychotherapist, she has discovered that the physician cannot always heal herself, and so she turns to the one person who may be able to help her in coming to terms with a piece of her past.