by Beren

Duncan and Methos are at yet another formal party, this one a charity benefit. The charity is hosting a "Casino Night" where all the winnings (and "losings") are donated.

Methos has been trying to cause a little quiet trouble all night. As much as he loves to see Duncan in a tux, he hates this sort of thing with a passion. He has been whispering occasional indecent comments and suggestions in Duncan's ear, usually punctuated by nipping his earlobe behind his hand. And he has "accidentally" brushed against him too many times for it to be anything but on purpose. All of this has caused Duncan to be in a more or less constant state of arousal (a fact not missed by some of the sharper-eyed ladies).

Methos and Duncan are sitting in one of the curved booths set up for small games of cards along the outside edge of the room. The tables, covered by floor-length tablecloths, are set at least six inches too high. They have been playing cards with an attractive young woman who has left them alone momentarily while she makes a phone call. Duncan picks up the deck and begins to shuffle idly.

"What's your pleasure, MacLeod? A little blackjack while we wait perhaps?" Methos asks with a knowing smirk as Duncan tries to adjust himself unobtrusively.

Suddenly Methos knows exactly how to liven up the dull night. Glancing around to be sure no one watching, he quickly ducks under the tablecloth.

Duncan gapes at the spot where Methos had been sitting, and then quickly controls his expression as he sees their female companion returning.

"Where is your friend?"

"He had to take care of something," Duncan replies a little vaguely. Methos smiles under the table, and raises the tablecloth to give himself access. Duncan feels him tugging at the fasteners of his pants and has to suppress a grin.

"Perhaps a little '21'," she asks, "until he returns?"

"Certainly," he smiles, and begins to deal.

Methos quietly unzips Duncan's pants, and eases his erect cock out of its confinement. He lightly strokes it with his fingertips before taking a firm grip and pumping strongly.

"I'll take another card."

"Here you are. Dealer also takes a card."

As they continue play, Duncan begins to have a harder and harder time controlling his reactions to Methos' expert manipulations. Methos suddenly draws the head of Duncan's cock into his mouth, his hand continuing its steady rhythm.

Duncan brings his hand to his mouth, and pretends to clear his throat to cover a gasp. Methos sucks greedily at his cock, licking with his tongue and scraping with his teeth.

The hot, wet mouth, the moist friction, and the hard teeth are driving Duncan to distraction. His face becomes flushed, and his card-playing companion leans across the table to touch his hand.

"Are you feeling all right?"

At this moment Methos sucks very hard. Duncan hunches forward and is unable to stifle a groan.

"Actually no," he manages to get out. "Could I trouble you for a glass of water?"

"Of course," she pats his hand. "You just hold on, I'll be right back." She leaves.

Duncan covers his face with his hands, trembling slightly, and moans softly. Methos has kept up his onslaught throughout, and Duncan is teetering on the brink. Methos pumps his hand furiously and sucks harder.

Duncan pants as he comes, trying desperately to be inconspicuous, biting back the cry of release crowding up his throat.

Methos slips back up into his seat moments later, having neatly replaced Duncan into his pants. Their female companion returns with the water.

"Your friend was feeling ill."

"He looks like he's feeling better now," Methos says, his eyes dancing. "But perhaps I should take him home... you just never know when he'll have a relapse."

The End