Before You Join MBB
(read it all, it's important, and your future happiness may depend on it)

The Methos Boxer Brigade is a diverse group of people with a common love of Methos and actor Peter Wingfield. Discussion typically roams all over Highlander, Peter Wingfield's other roles, speculation on character motivations and relationships, history, personal events in the lives of list members, and flat-out gutter level drooling.

Let's just say it now-- there will be slash fiction and slash discussion on the list. If you can't handle the subject matter like an adult, don't bother subscribing. (If you don't know what slash is, go here.) MBB is slash-friendly. It's also het and gen friendly. If something isn't your cup of kink, that's fine, just pass it by. (And if you're just determined to launch into the "why Duncan and Methos would never do that" debate, you better have a very thick skin and more compelling arguments than Duncan supposedly being Catholic and never being shown in a same-sex relationship on the show. Keep it rational, polite, and interesting, and I'll let you talk until your tongue falls out.)

Membership is mostly unrestricted. If you comport yourself as an adult, you will be treated as such. Act like a pissy brat and I'll kick you off. This doesn't mean you have to "play nice" and agree with each other all the time, it just means that you can't whine about differences of taste or opinion, and you can't make personal attacks on list. Please defend your position, and defend it vigorously, but don't come crying to me if someone blows a hole in your pet theories. And for the love of woad, don't snivel to me that Betty Lou is mean and attacking you because she doesn't like tweed sportcoats, and you just said that you think tweed outerwear is the coolest thing since peanut butter lube. Get over it.

For anything short of bloodshed, I'm just going to reach for popcorn and enjoy the show. But if the other list admin, 'Chele, or I say it's time to stop a discussion, it needs to stop.

What is OK (not necessarily in order): any discussion relating to Methos, Peter Wingfield's career, Highlander (characters, events in the episodes, wild speculation about why a character might have done something, etc), PW's other roles (Stargate, Queen of Swords, Noah's Ark, etc), charity fundraisers you're planning, convention announcements, requests for copies of epsodes, requests for historical info, discussion of historical tidbits, and pretty much anything that can eventually be tied back to Methos or PW.

Fiction: Fanfiction is allowed and even encouraged on-list. All types of fic are welcome, as long as Methos is in it. Gen, het, slash, AU, whatever. Note: fiction featuring other PW characters is welcome on-list, but will be ineligible for the MBB archive.

AUTHORS: Please make sure you have appropriate headers on your fiction so that readers can pass over what they don't want to see. This means RATING, PAIRING, and any EXTREME CONTENT warnings, and ANYTHING ELSE READERS NEED TO KNOW. Exceptions are made where such warnings would be a major plot spoiler. Note that there is no mandatory warning enforced on deathfic.

READERS: Please make sure you READ THE HEADERS and pass over fiction that appears too extreme for you. You have a delete key. Use it. We're all grownups here (or that's the rumor), so there is no one to blame but yourself if you get in over your head.

What is NOT OK: discussion and speculation about PW's personal life, (ahem) vital statistics, or other private information. If he said it in a public chat, a con Q&A, said it to you personally in the middle of a crowded room, or let it be posted to his official fanclub site, it's fair game. If your sister's best friend's cousin met PW's old college roomie and he told her... No, sorry. Keep it off the list. And it's worth repeating: personal attacks are NOT acceptable. Go after someone's arguments full bore, that's fine, but if you can't defend your own position without resorting to "your mother wears army boots" or an equivalent insult, it's time to stop.

Basically, be a grown-up, use your brain and some common sense, and don't take it personally if someone disagrees with you. That's about all.

Now, if you're still willing to sign on the dotted line and enlist, come on over and grab a cold one.