Ashlyn's note: The stories on this page reflect my view and interpretation of the Highlander universe. I didn't invent these characters (more's the pity), I only take them out to play. The stories are loosely grouped as arcs, or at least with others they relate to. Within the groupings, it's probably best to read them in the order listed, but not necessary. The dates following the titles indicate when they were added to the arc.

The Fabric of Our Lives NC-17 DM/M
Originally published in Futures Without End 3. A slice of life, up-close and long-distance.

The Post-Horseman Stories
This is a series of stories that all relate to the events of or the emotions raised by the "Comes A Horseman/Revelation 6:8" episode arc.

Musings II (02/97) PG
Duncan MacLeod attempts to sort out his feelings after Revelation 6:8

After Hours (03/97) PG
After Revelation 6:8, Methos goes back to Seacouver to talk to his friend Joe Dawson

Nightmares (04/97) PG
Joe tries to help Methos rid himself of the nightmares brought on by the events in Bordeaux

Juxtaposition (05/97) PG
Duncan MacLeod revives after an accident and finds he is one of the Horsemen. Is he dreaming or is this real?

The "Friends" Story Arc
This is a series of stories that explores the deepening relationship between Duncan MacLeod and Methos and its joys and difficulties for both of them. WARNING Many of these stories contain graphic homoerotic sex. Not for those under 18 or who don't care for that sort of thing.

Musings (02/97) PG
Duncan MacLoed contemplates events during Chivalry

The Color of Thought (05/99) R
Duncan MacLeod and Methos shortly after the episode Chivalry

Friends Are Worth It (02/97) NC17 DM/M
Methos and MacLeod explore the beginnings of a more intense relationship and what it really means to them both

A Matter of Research (03/97) NC17 DM/M
A vignette with Duncan, Methos, a shower and a book of ancient sex practices

Joe Don't Do No Slash (06/97) NC17 DM/M
Methos returns home after returning the book of ancient sex practices to Joe

Even Horses Have Birthdays (08/97) NC17 DM/M
New Year's Day and a birthday party start Duncan thinking about his real feelings for Methos

A Warrior's Quest (09/97) PG
Duncan MacLeod, with Methos' help, searches for answers and a renewal of friendship after Archangel

Friendship Regained (12/97) NC17 DM/M
After more than a year apart, MacLeod searches for Methos in hopes of a reconciliation

Birthday -- His (12/97) NC17 DM/M
MacLeod and Methos celebrate the Winter Solstice

Swords at Sunset NC-17 DM/M
Our entry in the Swords At Sunset contest. Maygra de Rhema and I had a great time writing this and hope you enjoy reading it!!
Winner of the Crystal Dragon Award from the HL Quill Club Librarian for lyricism, neatness and just general all around magic.

Personal Journal of Joe Dawson (10/96) PG
The private journal of the Watcher during the events of Judgement Day and One Minute to Midnight

Duncan and the Immortal Valet Service (11/96) PG
One answer to the questions "What do they do with the swords?" and "Who takes care of the dead bodies?"

Methos/Rhinoceros (04/97) PG
Methos wakes up and finds something a little different.
Inspired by a comment made on rog-l

Kidnapped? (10/97) PG
A list challenge. Kidnap Joe. Anything was allowed, except angst

At the Movies (10/97) PG
A list challenge. We were given two quotes that had to be included in the scene, and one of them had to be the last line

The Friendly Skies (12/97) NC17 DM/M
Just a little bit of sweet sex that the boys shared with me as we sat in the first class cabin of an airliner

Fractured Fairies or The Great Manipulation (11/99) PG
An odd tale that was written one night on ICQ. We wish we could say we were under the influence of controlled substances at the time, but ...